Trump’s Tweets: A Portrait in Tactical Brilliance

Throughout the rapid unfolding of his meteoric political career, Donald Trump has masterfully utilized the Twitter medium of communication with the deftness and finesse of a concert musician bringing forth melodious strains from his well-tuned instrument. In so doing he has effectively rewritten the play book of what defines and constitutes success in the rough and tumble world of politics.

And...most significantly...he has perfected the Twitter phenomenon as an exquisitely designed means of achieving an end run around the customary gatekeepers who heretofore have served as a barrier of insulation between the American electorate and that elusive yet indispensable commodity called the truth.

It is no exaggeration to say that America has never before witnessed the rise and tenure of a political figure the likes of Donald Trump. He is forceful and powerful...the consummate example of an alpha male who is not afraid to take the bull by the horns and lead forth with single-minded determination.

Of equal significance, however, is the manner in which he connects and resonates with the common, working-class American. Paul Sperry of the New York Post has dubbed him the blue collar billionaire, and those who have enjoyed a long history of employment within his business empire openly testify concerning his magnanimity and decency toward those who are loyal members of his corporate team.


Yes, Donald Trump exhibits that perfect blend of steel and velvet. Those who come after him with fangs bared will be met with a barrage of retaliating blows, the net result of which is designed to pummel the adversary into acquiescence and submission.

According to Dr. Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily (who has known Trump well for close to forty years), the new American president is a seasoned student of the long-term strategies and machinations of the insidious new world order. Dr. Corsi asserts that Donald Trump is a determined foe of the powers that yearn to prostrate America on the sacrificial altar of globalist hegemony. He has, allegedly, bidden his time and awaited the moment of truth that would best lend itself to a counter-assault upon the subversive forces that have worked tirelessly to destroy the American republic envisioned and established by the founding fathers.

According to this school of thought regarding what has shaped and what motivates Trump, he spent considerable time languishing over and contemplating his entry into the presidential sweepstakes. Though his spiritual walk is reportedly in early developmental stages, Trump is purported to be a man who believes in the existence of the divine creator and author of all that was, is, and ever will be. He professes to harbor profound respect for the Christian religion and the words of scripture as contained in the Bible.

And...while it is certainly possible that the entire Trump phenomenon is nothing more than an elaborate ruse being marshalled by the satanic forces of treachery and is equally plausible that God is choosing to work through what, on many levels, would appear to be an unlikely vessel. After all, Trump’s fortune and success have been financed and underwritten by components of the private, global banking cartel, and have to a substantial degree centered upon the gambling, entertainment, and hospitality industries.


Furthermore, Trump himself has long personified the image of a flamboyant man of the world...divorcing and remarrying on multiple occasions and never failing to be in possession of an elegant and beautiful woman. Indeed, he is anything but puritanical in his outward demeanor is reported that he has never smoked, consumed alcohol, or taken drugs. Those of traditional morality and conviction can only hope that the sovereign God of the universe, who raises up powerful men as well as reduces them to utter insignificance, has chosen to work through the personage of Donald Trump as a means of granting hope and opportunity to those who desire to wage war against the satanic forces who seek to dominate and subjugate the earth and all her inhabitants.

Audacious Allegations

Donald Trump doesn’t hesitate to unleash bombshell accusations, opinions, or information. With some semblance of regularity, he manifests a unique talent for catching the world off guard with his piercing and dramatic assertions.

The smoking-gun 28 redacted pages of the 9-11 report, John McCain’s dubious POW track record, the possibility of a comprehensive Muslim ban, the strong leadership virtues of Vladimir Putin, the abject criminality of the Clintons, the questionable national origins of Barak Obama, and...most recently...the likelihood of Trump Tower having been under electronic surveillance by the previous administration...all are examples of his penchant for embracing controversy!

Indeed...Trump knows how to push the buttons of his detractors in a manner that compels them to plunge headlong into a seemingly involuntary expression of unflattering and exaggerated incredulity toward this brash and unorthodox individual who, time and again, not only breaks all the artificially imposed rules of engagement but...simultaneously delights in rubbing his enemies’ faces in their own inability to bring him to heel!


Through the near-magical power of the Twittersphere, the President elicits the predictable, Pavlovian dog response of those who despise truth...inducing them to rage and rant against his statements, opinions, and assertions. And, deliciously...before they can even begin to exhaust or sound the depths of what they perceive to be his latest outrage...he has already moved on to the next opportunity to blindside his loathed and detested foes.

The Mere Tip of the Iceberg

While Trump’s legion of enemies recoil in nauseating disgust over his bold charges and accusations...those who instinctively gravitate toward truth recognize that their politically incorrect champion has merely scratched the surface of any given controversial subject.

The indignant reaction of a media that lies habitually and pathologically is utterly meaningless and inconsequential to those who bask joyously in the reality of the exposure that Trump is making possible for dutifully suppressed truth.


As evil serpents such as Schumer and Pelosi heap irrational condemnation upon Donald Trump...his admirers only become more solidified in their appreciation of his willingness to expose the dastardly nature of those who wage diabolical warfare against all that is good, true, and righteous. Instinctively, they realize that he is merely touching upon surface-level aspects of corruption and malevolence that are deeply entrenched virtually beyond comprehension. Only those who are blind servants of the cause of evil can fail to recognize that the New York senator and the California congresswoman are totally given over to a spirit of wickedness, and an abject, comprehensive hatred of truth and virtue. The more they posture in opposition to Trump’s advocacy of that which is decent and just...the more readily are his supporters able to see and appreciate his willingness to stand in opposition to the insanity that has long threatened our destruction.

The Pure vs. the Defiled

Titus 1:15 states, “Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.”

Yes...we are dealing, essentially, with two distinct groups of people in our nation today. The pure are those who have resisted being drawn into the modern web of satanic deceit and delusion. While they may be in great need of strategic fine-tuning relative to certain aspects of their understanding, they nevertheless embrace the foundational precepts of Western Christian civilization.

The defiled, on the other hand, have rejected both the God of their fathers, as well as his holy law and divinely ordained truth. As the scripture previously cited states, both their mind and their conscience have become defiled. Thus...they have been given over to a spirit of reprobation and delusion and, unknowingly...they are consigned to the role of functioning as vessels of wrath in the unfolding of God’s plan for the destiny of humanity.

Twitter was never intended to function in the positive and effective manner exhibited and employed by Donald Trump. May others follow his example in like courageous and tactically savvy fashion!


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  1. What worries me about Prez trump is his anti-Christ, Judaic Talmudic daughter and son-in-law. They seem to have a diabolic influence over him. Plus, let us not for get all the Goldman Sachs advisers with which he has surrounded himself. Time will show us his "fruits", but time is running out for America.

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