Take Heart…Andy Is Watching

Only days into the new Trump administration the prostituted, controlled, main stream, “fake news” media erroneously reported that the new president had removed the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office. The story was patently false...even though such an action would be completely justified and appropriate in light of the fact that his exalted status has only been made possible through an elaborate cover up of his true character and actions. Most startling, in terms of the phenomenon of suppressed information regarding King is the fact that his ultra-damning FBI file was sealed for fifty years and won’t be made available for inspection until 2024!

wcWhile Donald Trump had, in fact, taken no such action relative to the statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., he did take the prompt step of returning the bust of Winston Churchill to the iconic setting of the Oval Office. Barak Obama had gotten rid of Churchill’s image owing to the fact that he was an emblem of White, European colonialism.

Although Trump steadfastly avoids directly addressing the subject of race and demographics, his restoration of Churchill’s presence in the White House was fraught with profound symbolic connotations. During the hey-day of Churchill and his contemporaries, the Caucasian race was undisputed in its preeminence and dominant status throughout the world. At that time in our recent history, few if any labored under the delusion that all races and cultures were uniform and equal. In fact...it was patently obvious that Western (i.e. Caucasian) civilization was the paramount force for cultural and technological advancement throughout the world. Apart from the benevolence and tutelage of the western Christian nations, the vast majority of the world’s non-white populations would still be living in abject poverty, ignorance, and barbarism.

In the first half of the 20th Century there could be no questioning this reality and, as such, the political leaders of that era were, to the man, undeniable white supremacists when viewed through the prism of contemporary definition.

Of course, even in 2008 it could only be a mulatto with a lily-white mother who would be deemed acceptable as the “first black President.” As Joe Biden clumsily observed in the early days of America’s introduction to Obama...he was “clean” and “articulate.” The undeniable import of this unrehearsed, candid critique was that the junior Illinois Senator exhibited mannerisms that were more reflective of his maternal, Caucasian lineage than the paternal, African characteristics of his biological sire. Even still...it required an absolute stacked deck replete with complete media bias and non-stop favorable propaganda in order for Barak Obama to be catapulted into the White House as America’s first black, affirmative action Chief Executive.

Among the substantial number of whites who voted for Obama, a great majority did so to assuage their own white guilt and to prove once and for all that they were in no way saddled with the dreaded stigma of being a racist. Many of them naively believed that if and when Obama was installed as president, blacks would no longer be able to cry “racism” and “discrimination.” Needless to say, they couldn’t have been more misguided in their ignorant and wishful thinking. Not only did the non-white population not herald the official end of racism in America, but...instead...they proceeded to double down on their expression of grievances and demands!

Tragically...we now live in a fantasy world which requires that obvious truth concerning the touchy and volatile subject of race be constantly suppressed and denied in a never ending, futile attempt to appease the non-white masses who have ridden the coat tails of the Caucasian race into the vastly improved living conditions and circumstances that are now taken for granted in wholesale fashion.


The great, courageous, and noble white men of yesteryear would have never tolerated such outrageous denial of truth and reality. Furthermore...they would surely disown and disinherit those descendants who, in their cowardly forsaking of duty and responsibility, have surrendered the security and future of their posterity to forces hell-bent on the utter destruction of western Christian civilization.

The Resurrection of Old Hickory

On his recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Donald Trump visited the Hermitage and ceremoniously honored America’s seventh President by laying a wreath on his grave. Andrew Jackson acquired his nickname because he was considered by his men to be “tough as old hickory wood” on the battlefield. Indeed...Old Hickory was the embodiment of toughness and resilience. Time and again he exhibited the characteristics of historic, western, Caucasian manhood as he led his people to dramatic victory over those who sought to halt their conquest and dominion of the American land mass.

Among his most controversial actions was the manner in which he dealt with the Cherokee Indians. By modern standards of political correctness, the forced removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma was a travesty of justice and an act of heartless brutality. By Biblical standards, however, Jackson’s Indian policy was measured and far short of the extreme manner in which it is presently viewed and interpreted. Andrew Jackson was a duly constituted military, as well as political, leader of his Christian, European race of people. Those same rugged and principled pioneers had braved immeasurable hardships in their amazing settling of that which was destined to become the great American nation. The Indians were divided and at war and enmity one with another. They were, to a great extent, polytheistic in their religion...worshipping the creation instead of the Creator.

As an overall people, they had failed to build a nation or civilization. Under their occupation and stewardship, the vast American territory remained undeveloped and primitive. White Christian Europeans came to North America and proceeded to take dominion in the tradition of the Israelites of old, as well as their racial ancestors who had established a bastion of civilization and refined culture on the European continent. While at times a formidable adversary, the American Indians ultimately proved to be vastly incapable of measuring up to the prowess and abilities of the European settlers and pioneers.

Andrew Jackson was born into and lived his life in a world that required courage to face possible war-to-the-death each and every day. The Indian tribes were committed to their own self-serving interests, and had no qualms or inhibitions when it came to waging war against and killing the white man. It was a brutal contest for survival and supremacy, and by the sovereign providence and divine will of Almighty God...the white, European, Christian settlers prevailed over all who sought to stave off their forceful conquest and establishment of Christian dominion.

By Biblical standards for warfare, the Caucasian victors had every right to drive their vanquished enemies from the land but, instead, chose to bequeath massive tracts of real estate to the respective Indian tribes that they might seek to preserve their own cultures and heritage. Reservations were carved out and designated by the national government at what ultimately amounted to enormous financial cost to the American nation as a whole. In the long run, policies enacted and administered under the authority of the Bureau of Indian Affairs were destined to fail. In classic fulfillment of the adage that no good deed goes unpunished...it was virtually inevitable that the relative magnanimity of the white, European, Christian victors would come to be mischaracterized and resented by future ignorant generations.

And thus it is that Andrew Jackson is now reviled and despised by those modern inhabitants of America who loathe and detest the methods whereby the nation was established. And...until the election of Trump...Old Hickory was on the verge of being driven to the realm of outer darkness and ignominious shame. This slave-owner and cruel oppressor of the Cherokees was becoming increasingly denounced and marginalized, while simultaneously being removed from the most utilitarian unit of paper currency...the twenty dollar bill. And then...out of nowhere and unexpectedly...there he appeared on the wall behind the majestic desk of the Chief Executive in the Oval Office.


In hanging Jackson’s portrait where this noble and stately racial ancestor could look approvingly over his shoulder during countless auspicious occasions to come, Donald Trump signaled to those with sufficient discernment and acumen that he possesses an understanding and awareness that is both surprising and reassuring.

Which Way Western Man?

While we can know with certainty what Andrew Jackson would do in response to the insidious threats to our present well-being and future survival...it remains to be seen what Donald Trump will endeavor to accomplish toward the reversal of the tidal wave of evil that stands on the verge of effecting our complete destruction as a nation and people.

In the absence of the implementation of extreme policies of reform and restoration...white, Christian America will soon devolve into a memory of a bygone past. Barring the formal adoption and commencement of race-specific policies designed to reverse the demographic realities that are fast leading toward the result of a Caucasian minority on the continent their forefathers conquered...Donald Trump will doubtlessly be the last white male to be elected to the American presidency.

We must brace ourselves for the grim future that awaits us. Meanwhile...let us hope and pray that the conscious choice to restore and elevate Old Hickory to his deserved place of prestige and honor will prick the conscience of our contemporary timid kinsmen, and lead to the restoration of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and fortitude that will prove central and essential to our struggle to survive and prevail against the kingdom of darkness in the challenging days ahead.



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