Defunding Propaganda and Preparing for War

The newly proposed federal budget moves to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CPB originated in 1967 with the passage of the Public Broadcasting Act. This Johnson-era legislation should have never passed given the fact that the Constitution provides no justification whatsoever for its existence.

Today, public broadcasting steals 445 million dollars annually from the American taxpayers. Its leftist media empire features 264 member stations and cranks out an incessant barrage of decidedly liberal programming under the misleading guise of being measured and civil in its demeanor and presentation.


Double Standards Abound

While arguing passionately as to the value and necessity of their existence, the CPB makes no apologies for its thoroughly biased political perspectives and advocacy. Compelling American’s of beliefs and opinions totally at variance with the politics of CPB is of no significance to their leftist mentality. And is undeniable that they would resist unto blood any attempt to extract funds from the federal treasury for the purpose of underwriting conservative programming or journalism.

The 445 million dollar question should be along the lines of why we have ever tolerated the existence of the CPB? The argument shouldn’t be reduced to whether a nation 20 trillion dollars in debt can afford to continue squandering resources on projects that are unrelated to survival and security. Instead the issue should be one of constitutionality. Simply stated...the federal government has no legitimate authority to create and fund a corporation for public broadcasting.

The time is long past due that such extra-constitutional boondoggles be dismantled and laid to rest. The American citizenry and their elected representatives have failed abysmally to enforce the United States Constitution. It is, therefore, high time that corrective measures are embarked upon, and the defunding of the CPB is certainly one of many good starting points.

Countering the Violent Left

Make no mistake about it. The American left is hardened in their devotion to socialistic, Marxist ideology. They believe themselves to be hyper-enlightened in the evolutionary sense...and fancy that theirs is an unassailable mandate that must be attained by any means necessary.

China’s Mao bluntly stated that power grew out of the barrel of a gun. The left will always resort to gunplay and violence...whether it be from police state enforcers or revolutionary shock troops in the street. If it is marshalled in support of their totalitarian cause, political violence will always be rationalized and justified. If it rises up in opposition to their oppressive, anti-liberty agenda...forceful resistance will be consistently decreed as fascist and criminal in nature.

Astonishing Waves of Assassination Advocacy

It has been truly amazing to witness the outpouring of calls for the assassination of Donald Trump since the November 8th presidential election. It is undeniable that parallel calls for the killing of Barack Obama would have been met with an onslaught of heavy-handed governmental response. And yet...a growing chorus of assassination advocates continues to operate with seeming impunity. This reality, of course, underscores the fact that corruption, criminality, and treason permeate to the very core of the federal government.

Indeed...the only hope for cleansing and purifying the nation would be to embark upon the task of cleaning the Augean stables of Washington, D.C. and its far-flung subsidiaries. Quite obviously, any attempt to pursue such action will inevitably be met with a tidal wave of bipartisan opposition.


The political leader who dares to spearhead such a crusade will most assuredly live in the crosshairs of those committed to his destruction. If they can render him impotent through political maneuvering and machinations...such tactics might satiate their vengeful yearnings. Should they conclude that he will overcome their efforts to discredit, prosecute, or impeach...his murder will most certainly be planned and carried out. Only God’s protective hand of intervention will suffice to save his life and make possible the success of his mission.

A Call to Arms

If the American President is an easy mark for revolutionary violence and there any hope for those of lesser political stature?

Such a question remains to be answered...but, in the interim...those in possession of wisdom and motivated by realistic considerations must begin to prepare for the likelihood of the necessity of employing lethal force in defense of liberty and the rule of law. To do anything less will be tantamount to opting for a suicidal course of future direction.



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  1. Until We, the People, become as fanatical as our enemy, our cause will always falter. They Who Must Be Obeyed control most of the political Parties in America and their DemonRat Party takes us 2 steps toward tyranny, while the Repuke Party takes us only 1 step back. Secession or Revolution, now more than ever!

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