The “Wiretapping” of Donald Trump

FBI Director James Comey

FBI Director James Comey

It is most disheartening to observe the extent to which public discourse and dialogue can be consumed and dominated by a subject, debate, or argument that should never exist to begin with. Why would anyone in their right mind even begin to question whether or not the previous administration conducted high-tech surveillance on Candidate Trump? After all...we now (courtesy of Wiki Leaks) know that everyone is under perpetual monitoring and that, according to James Comey, there is no such thing as absolute privacy.

Furthermore...we know with inarguable certainty, that the phenomenon of the police state juggernaut increased exponentially under the illicit reign of Obama. It is also a well-established fact that with his pen, cellphone, and unparalleled, delusional narcissism...the great pretender went to unprecedented lengths in his criminally usurpatious conduct.

The most logical question that should be advanced would be as follows. Can anyone...with a straight face...actually doubt the utter certainty that Obama and his co-conspirators had Trump and his team under electronic surveillance? is a colossal waste of time to even be having the discussion to begin with!

Pathological Deceit

Those who wield ultimate power are dishonest to a fault. They are actually incapable of doing anything other than advancing lies and distortion. Their entire mechanism of control is predicated upon deception and manipulative disinformation.

nsa-cia-fbiThe so-called intelligence community represents the epitome of a world where deception reigns supreme. The NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. are all masters of the lie. It is their absolute stock and trade...inseparably interwoven into the very fabric of their being. truly tragic fashion, these consummate, pathological liars hold the nation and her people in helpless bondage.

You see, they are accountable and answerable to no one! As such, they enjoy and exercise ultimate power. Indeed...they are the contemporary untouchables who, if not toppled from their sneering, condescending pedestal... will continue to lead us to utter and abject destruction.

Truth at Any Cost

If lies and their debilitating consequences are the principal means whereby men are enslaved and controlled, it should stand to reason that unmitigated truth represents the exclusive antidote to this dreadful and toxic syndrome.

It is imperative that we become and conduct ourselves as absolute seekers of truth. To effectively mount a campaign for survival, we must muster the resolve to exalt truth and wage relentless battle against the lie. It must be recognized that the media and the intelligence community are habitual liars and absolute traitors to the lawful American republic.


Their credibility, legitimacy, and authority must be completely rejected and spurned. Until they are either eradicated or supplanted by that which is truth-based and genuine, our survival and security will remain imperiled. It is time to draw hard and fast lines in the sand...and to be prepared to stand unwaveringly in consistent adherence to such boundaries of demarcation.

No cost is too great in this regard. In effect...we must begin to build and construct a parallel world and existence wherein the purveyors of deceit and treachery are summarily rejected and resisted.

The Ultimate Power...The Greatest Weapon

Yes...truth represents the absolute answer to that which threatens our survival. Beyond the bluff and bravado that is their absolute hallmark...the aforementioned illegitimate forces possess no real power. Once their lies and deception are recognized for what they really are...they no longer are able to cast and maintain a controlling spell upon their victims.

The rejection of deception and its proponents must occur in conjunction with the aggressive wielding of the broadsword of truth. When warriors for truth purpose to go on the offensive, the strongholds of evil can begin to be decimated and destroyed.

The Activist vs. The Reactionary

Once we emancipate ourselves from those fetters that are comprised of sophisticated deception, we must then go on the attack with unbridled expressions of truth. The seekers of truth must proceed to separate themselves from the jurisdiction of the lie. They must reestablish the working prototype of a truth-based culture, society, and geopolitical subdivision.

From such an exemplary manifestation will proceed forward the divinely inspired and empowered force that will lay waste to the corrupt and lie-infested institutions that have long kept us in bondage and servitude.

danceInstead of dancing to the twisted, deceptive tune of the illicit power structure, we must, instead, put forth the powerful foundations of truth, righteousness, and justice. When we cease being the hapless reactionary, and once again become the architects of truth-based activism...we will then be able to unleash sufficient strength and power to effectively vanquish those who diabolically purpose to lay waste to our civilization and her people.

May we hasten to move forth with courage and determination toward the attainment of these lofty and noble objectives.

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