A Warning to My Enemies and Detractors – Part 6

Nord Davis

Nord Davis 1931-1997

In the most recent installment of this series, I concluded by revealing that a man named Nord Davis was actually the embodiment of a satanic counterfeit presence and force that had long been established in the rural, mountainous territory of western North Carolina from which I had been led to mount my own truth offensive.

Before I proceed to convey various of the details that comprise this fascinating, real-life drama...I want to address certain important aspects of the story about to be told. For starters...let me acknowledge that Nord consistently put forth the emphatic assertion that he was an elect, called servant of Jesus Christ. He never wavered in his claim to believe devotedly in the veracity and authority of the Bible. He routinely quoted and marshalled scriptural citations as the basis and authority upon which his arguments and actions were founded. In a great many instances, Nord happened to be very much on target in his opinions and conclusions. In sum, he trafficked in extensive quantities of truth and...as such...was instrumental in leading substantial numbers of his readers into meaningful knowledge and understanding in a broad range of subject matter.

Of course...truth possesses an inherent power that will register an impact upon the world irrespective of who serves as its purveyor. To those who count Nord Davis as an instrument through whom the sovereign hand of God has worked in your own quest for understanding and knowledge...I in no way seek to challenge the reality of your particular experience or relationship with the man in question.

My purpose, instead, is simply to provide testimony concerning my own unique circumstances as concerns the unwanted interactions and conflicts that I was unavoidably drawn into with this highly enigmatic figure of the religious right. I am utterly certain that no one else ever came close to rivalling the extent to which Nord made me an object of an obsessive and vengeful focus. He hated and despised me with every fiber of his being and yearned openly and at length for misery and cruel destruction to be heaped upon myself and my family.

In the latter stages of his near-decade long, unilateral crusade against Rick Tyler, people would often ask me what I had done to Nord to engender his irrational antipathy toward me. My standard response consisted of the anti-climactic truth that I had done absolutely nothing to warrant even a tiny sliver of his malevolence. The average person would simply shake their head in confusion and partial disbelief. To the casual observer operating under the disadvantage of not possessing all the facts...the situation failed to make any sense.

So gifted and convincing a bearer of false witness was Nord...that those with only surface knowledge were substantially inclined to place stock in his unfounded accusations. Through my long term experience of being the victim of Nord’s relentless campaign of slander and defamation...I came to acquire an acute sensitivity as to the importance and significance of God’s Ninth Commandment. Bearing false witness is a crime of the most serious implications...yet it is routinely committed by a broad range of perpetrators.

As is to be expected, the godless media and the government routinely engage in the perpetual commission of such offenses. More surprising, however, is the extent to which many rank and file professing Christians and truth-seekers also comprise the roster of those guilty of bearing false witness.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 commands us to “prove all things.” This standard certainly applies to the phenomenon of incriminating accusations being brought against an individual. When charges of evil-doing or inappropriate behavior are levied against anyone...be they friend or foe...our response should be one of “show me the evidence.” We should always refrain from passing judgment unless or until we have seen corroborative evidence.

If people, in general, would adhere to this Biblical standard, we could eliminate a significant percentage of the problems that threaten our ability to survive. In the specific matter of Nord Davis’ protracted campaign of slander against me, commitment to the principle set forth in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 would have served two vital purposes. First of all...it would have prevented varied individuals and parties from striving against my own efforts and endeavors. And, secondly...it would have unmasked Nord for the counterfeit that he truly was.

Sadly, it would seem to be highly improbable that people will ever be willing to cease and desist from the practice of bearing and believing false witness, lies, and distortion. Nevertheless...we must continue to advocate for such a noble standard that ultimate honor and glory be directed toward Almighty God and his wondrous truth!

The Mythical Northpoint Teams

Nord Davis was highly intelligent and exceedingly creative. He possessed an advanced understanding of the psychological profile of his audience...recognizing that they were long on sincerity and simplistic yearning to see truth and justice restored to an America that was fast becoming the very antithesis of what was initially brought forth by the founding fathers of the revolutionary era.

Those who comprise the ranks of the freedom movement are grieved and distraught over the manner in which the American nation has become sullied and subverted. They have observed in a state of seeming helplessness as their beloved country has been seized and taken over by individuals and entities that are ceaselessly at war with every aspect and dimension of our noble, patriotic, and Christian heritage.

It is immensely frustrating that the forces of evil and destruction seem to be near invincible. Despite the fact that they are perpetually engaged in actions that are corrupt, illicit, and in stark opposition to the foundations upon which the nation was founded...there seems to be no practical hope of halting the gains and advances they achieve at every turn.

It was against this backdrop of seething anguish and borderline despair that Nord Davis became such a skilled and successful practitioner of his craft. Nord understood how desperate truth-seekers were for victory and success. At the same time, he also possessed an acute awareness of a corresponding desire to minimize personal risk and exposure while simultaneously experiencing a vicarious sense of fulfillment via the daring exploits of a powerful and gifted leader.

Through his notable creativity and highly effective writing talent...Nord was able to forge an intense bond and connection with his far-flung readership. His creation of the abstract phenomenon he dubbed the Northpoint Team was truly a stroke of genius. In his prolific style of writing he would spin elaborate tales of intrigue, action, and skullduggery.

Of course...Nord was the sophisticated brains of the operation, constantly maneuvering at least two steps ahead of all would-be competing forces. If his human resources and devices failed...never fear! You see...according to the well-developed narrative...he was also the ultimate embodiment of the uniquely capable, albeit reluctant servant of the Creator of the universe. At regular intervals he would play up the theme of his own specialness in the eyes of God...often drawing bold parallels between himself and a variety of Biblical stalwarts.

The reader might ask, at this juncture, was the Northpoint Team really a mere figment of Nord’s imagination? The answer to such a question, like the man being analyzed, is a bit complex and ambiguous. Yes...there really were an unspecified number of “team members,” as Nord was fond of calling them. The truth of the matter, however, was that the Northpoint Team bore no actual resemblance to the portrayal contained in his writings. In essence...if you were an active presence on Nord’s mailing list...and whether you knew or agreed to it or not...you were a de facto member of the Northpoint Team.

Yes...it was a totally nebulous and malleable construct that lent itself ideally to the telling of tall tales. Seizing upon a kernel or mere skeleton of factuality, Nord would proceed to flesh out and develop his plots and characters. He would lead his readers...often in circuitous, roller-coaster fashion...to fulfilling accomplishments and conclusions. After all, those who regularly sent financial support were the enablers and strength of this gallant servant of the King of kings and Messiah of true Israel.

Indeed, “Northpoint” himself never failed to deliver. Over the years he wove elaborate accounts of such alleged achievements as bringing the Vietnam War to a halt (Operation Rolling Thunder), preventing all out warfare in Central America as well as thwarting a presidential assassination (Hope’s Husband), enabling victory in Gulf War 1 in a mere 100 hours while simultaneously saving 50,000 American lives (Desert Shield and the New World Order), and, most audaciously...fulfilling the age-old prophecy of Jonah’s sign (in a pamphlet bearing the very name, Jonah’s Sign)!

Yes...Nord was without equal in his claims, bravado, and braggadocio. In smug, matter of fact fashion, he routinely styled himself as occupying the virtual epicenter of God’s plan for the modern era. And his readers simply couldn’t get enough.

In my own presence, Nord boasted of having more than 7,000 active readers/supporters on his regularly harvested mailing list. In order to remain active and receive the next fix of sensational lore...the individual recipient had to make a donation of some dollar amount. Anyone who does the elementary math quickly realizes that through his postal box in tiny Topton, North Carolina, Nord raked in excessive monetary sums...many in cash and postal money orders. Quite a few thousands of dollars per month were routinely taken in, above and beyond the cost of producing and mailing out his steady stream of pamphlets and “intelligence briefings.”

Yes...through this sphere of his operation alone, Nord enjoyed a highly lucrative source of incoming revenue. But there were other meaningful streams through which he derived financial benefits and windfalls. By his own testimony in writing, he was responsible for the sale of millions of dollars in real estate via the influx of scores of individuals who relocated from hither and yon to the mountains of western North Carolina. And...although Nord purported to have received no commissions from these notable transactions...there is compelling reason to doubt his claims.

It Was All About the Money

Like the overwhelming majority of figures who hold forth in the worlds of political or religious activity, Nord Davis was inordinately consumed with matters pertaining to the acquisition and accumulation of monetary resources. When Andy Sizemore and I visited at his property in late 1985, it was readily apparent that money was at the apex of that which was of keenest interest to Nord.

1-jbsHe had originally cut his teeth in the anti-communism/Americanist movement that had risen to prominence in the 50’s and 60’s. Among the leading organizations of this growing political cross-section was the John Birch Society. Founded by Robert Welch in late 1958, the JBS wasted no time in rising to prominence among those who feared the burgeoning threat represented by the

Robert Welch Founder of the John Birch Society 1899-1985

Robert Welch
Founder of the John Birch Society

Soviet Union. Welch was the beneficiary of a fortune derived from the candy industry and impressively assembled a founding leadership team that included such notables as Fred C. Koch (father of the legendary Koch brothers), Laurence E. Bunker (a general aide to Douglas McArthur), and T. Coleman Andrews (the first commissioner of the IRS who left that position in 1955 over his opposition to the income tax).

Nord himself would occasionally ruminate over his own participation in the Birch agenda in the formative years of his personal awakening to greater truth. He even mounted an unsuccessful candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy in 1970. Not long after that failed endeavor, Nord migrated to western North Carolina where he formally commenced the building of what would ultimately evolve into his own uniquely signatured empire. And, from the outset of these efforts...money was always at the forefront of primary concerns and activities.

Through his informative and convincing writing style, Nord marshalled a compelling line of persuasion to the effect that America was teetering perilously close to catastrophic circumstances that would be likely to result in a general breakdown of order and a corresponding authoritarian crackdown by the federal government. Interwoven into the fabric of this apocalyptic speculation was the ingredient that was centered upon Biblical prophecy and the alleged, dramatic fulfillment of the same. Thus...it only made good sense that sincere Christian patriots should follow Nord’s example and flee from the major population centers. And...thanks to Nord’s own exhaustive investigation...they could reasonably conclude that the location that lent itself most readily to survivalist purposes was the picturesque mountains of western North Carolina.

MayDay letter - Talbots

In many cases, the candidates for geographical relocation were in possession of considerable financial assets. Such persons, quite obviously, were prime prospects to purchase acreage, build homes, and become staunch supporters of Nord’s multi-dimensional ministry efforts. Of course, as an additional bonus...they might also become one of the fortunate participants in one or more of Nord’s investment opportunities!

All the while...Nord steadily parlayed his variety of efforts and activities into an ever evolving narrative that came to be chronicled in a series of ongoing publishing endeavors that were brought forth under such titles as Pardon Me, But..., Off the Cuff..., and an assortment of research projects like The Dallas Conspiracy, the Star Wars series, and Sui Juris, to name just a few. In addition, he would also crank out somewhat regular publishing efforts that would be styled as “intelligence briefings” intended only for the eyes of those who were considered to be worthy of inclusion in his trustworthy inner circle of supporters.

Over time Nord introduced the Northpoint Team moniker, eventually developing it into a retroactive entity that was superimposed, ex post facto, upon even his earliest of alleged exploits and intrigue. And...as time progressed, the Northpoint empire grew to notable and impressive proportions! The visible centerpiece of his valuable holdings was a 200+ acre tract of primo mountain real estate which was vested in the name of his wife, Anne Davis. Through his assorted writings and other investment opportunities, Nord was able to remain autonomous and self employed...all the while developing his land and strengthening his overall base of operation.

He also took on an “assistant” named Betty Lou Smith Hanson, who steadily assumed the role of personal secretary, principal confidant, and foremost promoter and advocate. Betty Lou even began putting out her own publication, under the auspices of Nord’s overarching Northpoint Team umbrella. Entitled, “Off My Chest,” it served as a forum for her to extol the virtues of her boss, to vent about bothersome undercurrents and peripheral annoyances, and to serve as an ostensibly objective second witness to that which happened to be Nord’s primary concern at the moment. Overall, Betty Lou was an effective complement to Nord’s efforts and, over time, enjoyed considerable popularity among active members of the audience and readership at large.

Through it all, though, money never ceased being the focal point of all that was said and done. Heaven only knows what the aggregate dollar amount of Nord’s intake amounted to at the time of his death in 1997. It is certain, however, that the sum was quite impressive!

Exposing the Fraud, Deception, and Treachery

When my own evolving circumstances led me to “Nord’s turf” in 1987, I had no specific interest in exposing his foibles and follies. I fully recognized that he was a “legend in his own mind,” as the saying goes...but recognized that this was a fundamental aspect of his overall repertoire and skillfully crafted persona. Nord understood all too well what his supporters and followers were after. He was aware that, in general, they were thrilled to be a meaningful component of something that purported to be on the cutting edge of what God was doing to oppose the machinations of the forces of evil. Nord consistently portrayed himself as a larger than life figure of virtual super hero status.

On a great many occasions he would make backhanded reference to those helpless ne’r-do-wells who would foolishly engage in some level of opposition to his goals and aspirations. Of course...Nord would simply put these agents of ignorance and evil at the top of his own “prayer list” and, typically, before too much time had elapsed...they would find themselves on the receiving end of acute misfortune or tragedy. Nord would openly wallow and revel in the alleged, punitive judgments that were meted out from on high against his personal enemies. The message was clear and unmistakable. Woe be unto those who might suffer the dreaded fate of being elevated to the top of Nord’s prayer list!

While recognizing the simplistic nature of this psychological tactic, it never failed to send a chill down my spine when I would take note of how Nord was employing it. Yes...there is a valid, Biblical model of a genuine servant of God being under his special care and protection...and a corresponding endangerment accruing to those who might constitute opposition to the “Lord’s anointed.” In Nord’s case, of course, I was all too familiar with the ugly truth that existed beneath the façade of falsity and distortion that he had so cleverly woven.

Few offenses are more severe in the sight of God than that of asserting unjust and bogus claim to the mantle of being his anointed servant...especially when such an assertion is part and parcel of a larger agenda that involves the exploitation of the flock for purposes of self-exaltation, enrichment, and aggrandizement.

Over time, I came to be of the opinion that Nord had been delivered over to a state of delusion and blindness. It is sobering to contemplate that even an individual in possession of considerable knowledge and understanding can so readily succumb to delusional pride and materialistic greed...and yet...this is seemingly what transpired in the life and actions of Nord Davis.

As I began seeking to establish ministry related activity in western North Carolina, I fully expected Nord to mount some level of opposition. As a matter of protocol, and in the spirit of putting forth maximum benefit of the doubt...I actually placed a phone call to Nord and extended a personal invitation for him to be in attendance at the initial church gathering that I had scheduled at the community center in the town of Andrews. Nord quickly and dismissively informed me that he was far too busy executing and carrying out his vastly important efforts relating to the geopolitical intrigue and behind the scenes goings on in Central America. In so many words, he made it clear that there was no way that he would be able to justify taking the time to be involved in what amounted to my petty and comparatively unimportant upcoming efforts. I wished him well and with great relief, proceeded to carry on with my own plans and activities. I didn’t think that he would accept the invite, but wanted to go out of my way to be friendly and accommodating.

Interestingly...when the date of this Sabbath gathering arrived, an obvious spy was parked in a pickup truck in the parking lot “reading a newspaper” for the entire duration of the gathering. Later in the evening a smaller group that had attended the service assembled at the local Hardees for continued fellowship and a bite to eat. At that location another spy assumed occupancy of a booth directly on the opposite side of a partition consisting of lattice and artificial plants. At one point this Northpoint agent, in classic Barney Fife-type manner, could be seen raising up and peering conspicuously through the plants at the top of the partition. At this point we all burst out in uproarious laughter and the not-so-subtle observer quickly scurried out the door and was not seen again. Nord had obviously arranged for a few of his local flunkies to maintain surveillance of our gathering so he could keep tabs on who might be supportive and in attendance. Needless to say...he was quite distraught over the fact that, right out of the starting gate, there were between forty and fifty people in attendance! I was soon to discover just how resentful and jealous Nord was.


Up until this time I had only spoken about Nord when someone would make a direct inquiry regarding my opinion of a given action or assertion that he had made or entered into. I would relegate my comments only to that which I was certain of in accordance with the possession of corroborating evidence.

In the meantime, I was aware of an escalating conflict that had ensued between Nord and the Talberts. The “Mayday” letter, (printed earlier in this article) was written by Nord to the Talberts at the time they were purchasing land from him and were to be counted among his most noteworthy financial supporters. Once the Talberts had moved to Andrews and become his immediate neighbors, they had come to the heartbreaking realization that Nord was not the man that he portrayed himself as in his prolific writings. The relationship had become devastated to the point that he was now hurling venomous accusations toward them and doing everything in his power to facilitate their misery and destruction.

VICTIMS coverTheTalberts had become very close with Bob Rutzen and Jim Stepp and as a means of venting their acute frustration and engaging in some level of retaliation against their menacing adversary, they proceeded to conceive and execute the publishing of an expose of Nord entitled the V.I.C.T.I.M.S. newsletter. V.I.C.T.I.M.S. stood for Verified Information for Cleansing True Israel of Masked Serpents. The production was done under pseudonyms and was linked to an out of state post office box. Although it reflected a considerable degree of factual, damning information about Nord...the V.I.C.T.I.M.S. newsletter was somewhat crude in its overall presentation. And...despite containing the word “verified” in its title...it was notably deficient in terms of documentation. Additionally...it purported to be an extension and continuation of an ongoing effort to expose “masked serpents” in the plural sense when, in fact, it was produced for the sole and singular purpose of shining the light of exposure on Nord alone.

Suffice it to say, when the V.I.C.T.I.M.S. publication actually began to make the rounds of circulation, Nord went utterly ballistic! As he was so prone to do...the Northpoint Team leader assumed that I was involved in the production and release of V.I.C.T.I.M.S. In fact, I had no advanced knowledge whatsoever of the project and was very surprised when I became aware of its existence. Quite obviously, the fur was really going to begin to fly...and it promised to be interesting, to say the least, to see what retaliatory actions Nord might engage in.

Before too long I received the letter herein reprinted (below) wherein Nord sought to lay the groundwork to begin linking me to V.I.C.T.I.M.S. for the purpose of intensifying his overall actions and attacks against me personally, as well as the church activities that were now underway in his own backyard, so to speak.

Cover letter from Nord to Rick re VICTIMS

Upon receiving his letter to me (which included an attached copy of the V.I.C.T.I.M.S. publication as well as his acerbic response to it) I sent him the following reprinted letter wherein I once again extended maximum benefit of the doubt and a corresponding opportunity to call and allow me to enlighten him concerning flagrantly erroneous information that he was now bandying about.

Letter from Rick to Nord re VICTIMS

Once again...I certainly didn’t expect him to respond in a dignified, “good faith” type manner. My action was merely entered into for the sake of protocol and in the long term interest of Biblical truth, authority, and justice. Needless to say...Nord didn’t receive my overture and call me at my Florida phone number. (At that time I was travelling regularly to south Florida where Saturday Sabbath services were being conducted.) As it turned out, Nord chose to dramatically up the ante by writing me a twelve-page “letter” in response to my communique and the overall matter of the V.I.C.T.I.M.S. publication. When I received and read his lengthy diatribe, it registered in full just how obsessed and driven he was in his antipathy toward me.

From that point forward I understood that Nord would stop at nothing in his efforts to undermine and thwart my efforts. His “letter” to me was, in reality, a publication in and of itself that was intended primarily to be seen by and to influence others. This was yet another twisted aspect and dimension of Nord’s overall modus operandi. Disingenuously, he would regularly write “letters” to his adversaries for the purpose of putting forth his manipulative tactics and methodologies. His specialty was luring his tactical opponent into the arena in which he most excelled. Yes...Nord was a malarkey artist extraordinaire...and he gleefully reveled in the opportunity to gush forth profuse and mountainous commentary in opposition to those with whom he was in a state of conflict.

I instantaneously recognized that he had absolutely zero interest in pursuing the truth and was instead a master in the arts of sowing deception and confusion. My firm conviction was that an individual such as Nord could only be dealt with by depriving him of that which he so desperately sought after. The best medicine for Nord was to completely ignore his guile-laden tactics and give him the very rope with which to hang himself. He certainly didn’t disappoint regarding the predictability of his response.


Nord Davis loved to triangularize in the process of issuing forth his customary barrage of disinformation. By grafting third parties into his ongoing conflicts, he was able to enlarge the expanse and dimensions of his playing field. This, in turn, created fertile ground for him to operate within as he sought to advance his overall, self-serving agenda.

Pastor Dan Gayman Church of Israel

Pastor Dan Gayman
Church of Israel

It was also critical to his strategy to turn influential, mutual acquaintances against me. A top priority, in this regard, was Church of Israel Pastor Dan Gayman. Nord was exceedingly bothered by the fact that Dan and I had rapidly forged a strong bond and a close working relationship. This alliance had afforded me instant credibility with the considerable support base of the rural Missouri-based ministry. Dan had been going strong for twenty years in the realm of the religious right and had built a ministry of international proportions. Additionally...he was level-headed and dignified in his presentation. In the broad context, his endorsement carried a great deal of weight and promised to make Nord’s goal of discrediting me far more difficult.

In the fall of 1988 I was in attendance at the Tabernacles gathering of the Church of Israel in Schell City, Missouri. At the behest and instigation of Dan Gayman I was slated to be formally ordained by the church during the course of this event. Prior to the occurrence of an ordination ceremony, I went before a 14-man “senior council” that exercised an ostensible modicum of leadership responsibility in the midst of the national congregation. The purpose of this session was to afford these men an opportunity to question me regarding my background, beliefs, etc.

Everything was proceeding smoothly in the encounter until a Church of Israel stalwart named Red Finnigan bluntly asked me if I was at that time, or if I had ever been, an agent of the federal government? I was shocked and taken aback by the question and couldn’t help but chuckle aloud as I stated my full and unequivocal denial. I was later to learn that Mr. Finnigan was a regular recipient of Nord’s writings who had evidently bought into the baseless slander that was already circulating in the back channels of communication among movement adherents.

I found it even more startling when shortly after 6 a.m. the following morning Dan Gayman appeared at my door to inform me that in the aftermath of the meeting with the senior council the following ultimatum had been set forth. Red Finnigan (a commercial airline pilot), Daryl Long (a trainer of commercial airline pilots), and Dennis Powers (a Michigan attorney and ordained minister of the national congregation), had joined together in opposition to my ordination...even going so far as to threaten a ceremonious exodus involving as many as would join them if Dan failed to acquiesce to their demand to scuttle the ordination. I asked Dan, in a state of bewilderment, precisely what these men had against me? Dan’s verbatim response was as follows. He said...”Rick...they are afraid you are going to uncork something so big you will get us all in trouble.”

At the time I only possessed a partial body of information that served to make sense of this development. Of great relevance was the fact that, in early 1987, the Church of Israel had issued a formal resolution wherein they officially separated from, dis-fellowshipped, and disassociated with a variety of sub-groups within the overall ranks of the religious, racialist, patriotic, Constitutional restoration movement. This action had been taken in response to acute pressure from the federal government that resulted from an awkward and uncomfortable degree of proximity that had evolved between church activities and gatherings, and some of the more radical personages that were operating on the fringes of the religious right.

A degree of nexus had evidently been established that enabled the feds to exert considerable pressure on Dan...even to the extent of possibly seeking to drum up charges and allegations of criminal wrongdoing on his part. (It is my personal conviction that Dan Gayman never was willfully or knowingly complicit in criminal or violent revolutionary activity but...instead...was drawn into unsolicited interaction and communication with certain parties who wound up in the cross hairs of federal law enforcement. Nevertheless...there was an unintended guilt by association appearance that was seized upon and exploited by federal authorities.)

In response to this reality, as well as in an effort to establish clearer lines of demarcation between the church and certain elements with questionable characteristics, the 1987 resolution was drafted and promulgated. Against this backdrop of intrigue and paranoia, Nord’s reckless slander against me unfortunately found a receptive audience among the likes of Finnigan, Long, and Powers.

Also of significance was the fact that these three men shared in common a yearning for greater esteem and recognition among the body at large. In their estimation I had come on the scene in meteoric fashion and was quickly perceived as a “fair-haired boy” in the eyes of Dan Gayman. Thus...we were dealing with good, old fashioned jealousy...as well as the fact that these individuals were devoted tithers to the work of the Church of Israel.

Upon informing me of the behind the scenes maneuverings of this blackballing trinity, Dan proceeded to request that I deliver the opening message of the day in order to demonstrate my own character and the obvious fact that I was composed and unrattled by this unexpected development. Dan went on to state that he was certain that the concerns and fears of these men would be sufficiently countered and overcome in the coming months to make possible the fulfillment of our objectives at the forthcoming Passover event in the spring of 1989.

In addition to leading his readers to believe I was a government agent, Nord had also been putting forth the suggestion that I was somehow involved in bank robberies as a means of deriving financial sustenance! Yes...as absurd as it seems...Nord was so malevolent and unscrupulous as to advance accusatory suggestions that were utterly preposterous to anyone with any meaningful degree of association with me!

Exercising his advanced skills of creativity and imagination, Nord seized upon the following kernel of information as a means of hatching this audacious instance of false accusation. My former close associate, Jim Stepp, had suffered through a bitter divorce that resulted in his ex-wife, Karen, and very young daughter relocating to Ohio where Karen became employed at a bank. It so happened that the bank in question was robbed at gunpoint by a masked assailant dressed in camo clothing. Nord had actually made contact with law enforcement to suggest that they question Jim Stepp as a possible suspect in this as well as other unsolved robberies.

Never mind the fact that Jim was equally as unlikely as me to become involved in such violent criminal activity! He was quiet, scholarly, a pilot, and a man of strong Christian conviction. Despite these well known characteristics Nord sought to impugn both Jim and me with outrageous false witness. His tactics knew no bounds or limitations, and soon resulted in Dan Gayman making the inquiry contained in the correspondence herein reprinted. When called on the carpet concerning his outlandish conduct Nord was quick to employ the lawyerly tactic of seeking to redirect the conversation in an unrelated direction...even to the point of seeking to turn up the heat on Dan himself in relation to various negative reports about him that had been making the rounds.

Letter from Dan to Nord re false allegations of Rick


Letter from Nord to Dan page 1

Letter from Nord to Dan page 2

Letter from Nord to Dan page 3

Letter from Nord to Dan 4

Regrettably, my relationship with Dan eventually deteriorated under the pressure of a variety of factors and circumstances. Nord certainly played a meaningful role in this ultimate parting of the ways but was more of a catalyst than a cause. Without going into further detail, I will state my sincere conviction that throughout the unfolding of these and other related circumstances...Dan was brought to a crossroads of sorts that required the making of certain crucial choices and decisions. In my own way I represented a force of accountability that had not been customary in his previous experiences. Had he been willing to stand unwaveringly on the side of truth and principle...irrespective of the hardship and difficulty that might accompany such conduct...I believe that subsequent adversities and devastations could have been avoided.

Instead...Dan eventually proceeded to follow the money instead of hard-core truth. This ill-advised course of direction, in turn, spawned conditions and circumstances that, even at present, continue to register a negative impact on the outreach and effectiveness of the Church of Israel. Having said that, however, I would hasten to add that Dan Gayman has exhibited commendable perseverance and, to this day, continues to put forth an enlightening testimony as to the accurate identification of true Israel, as well as a powerful corresponding exposition of Satan’s counterfeit chosen people.

Church Splits and the Death of a Vision

In our youthful exuberance and naiveté we often are drawn into the sin of oversimplification. It is easy to view matters in stark terms of black and white...instead of understanding that owing to our own imperfections and deficiencies...shades of gray do actually exist.

To me, from the outset of my conversion to the Christian faith on July 4th, 1979, everything seemed like such a simple proposition. “All or nothing” was the summation of the blueprint for the Christian life, or, as Ecclesiastes 12:13 states: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

In the early stages of my Christian life I ran headlong into the grim realities that typify the modern, lukewarm, government-approved, denominational church. It was a rude and uncomfortable awakening to come to the realization that the vast majority of those claiming to be Christians in our modern world are, at best...addicted to mediocrity. At worst, of course, they are full-blown imposters...playing church and merely going through the motions of what has come to be the status quo. Or...as 2 Timothy 3:5 states: “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such turn away.”

Yes...this description seems most appropriate in diagnosis of contemporary Christianity. Clearly...power is decisively absent in the profile and performance of the professing church today. Evil runs roughshod over any and everything that stands in its way...and the church seems powerless and incapable of mounting even token resistance.

For this very cause I was compelled, early on, to search for fellow truth seekers outside of the mainstream of organized religion. The question soon became one of who would dare to embrace the full spectrum of truth...even those subjects that have been deemed verboten and off limits?

In post-World War II America, the bedrock truths of old have been largely discarded. In their place, liberal theologians have crafted a “counterfeit Christianity” that routinely violates the simplistic words of Isaiah 5:20, which read: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

In the time period heretofore alluded to in the previous pages, it seemed as though my quest was being rewarded. In finding growing numbers of like-minded individuals who, similarly, had found denominational Christianity so lacking and incomplete...I genuinely hoped that we were on the cusp of revolutionary breakthroughs. After all...the message of scripture was quite clear in terms of our latent ability to move mountains and subdue kingdoms. All we needed to do was forsake carnality and opt for the “mighty weapons” spoken of in 2 Corinthians 10:4 that, “through God,” equip us for the pulling down of strongholds.”

What I discovered, however, was a prevalent syndrome of equally debilitating character. 1 Corinthians 8:1 reads: “...knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.” James 4:6 states: “...God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” 2 Timothy 3:7 speaks of those who are “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Lamentably...these and other related scriptural passages were all too typical and descriptive of so many of those who, on the surface, seem to be in search of greater plateaus of truth. All too often, instead, they are merely in pursuit of ways to massage their own ego and seek the preeminence over others. Thus...my sojourn and experience was unavoidably slated to be comprised of an ongoing series of false starts and disappointments as I sought to build the church of Jesus Christ and exercise the power and potential of its uniquely guaranteed immortality as referenced in Matthew 16:18.

Of course...it seemed obvious that separation from the flagrant wickedness of the Babylonian world system was a necessary prerequisite in the formulation of a viable manifesto for the dominion-oriented, truth-seeking elect of Jesus Christ! 2 Corinthians 6:17 says: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” Revelation 18:4 states: “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

Indeed...how could we do anything other than attempt and seek to withdraw from the sin-sick wickedness that surrounded us? For this reason, the Biblical vision that I consistently articulated was one which incorporated the essential components of placing top priority on building the church of Jesus Christ, coupled with searching out a means whereby the people of God could establish a tangible, substantive community wherein the law and word of the God of Israel might be exalted and championed.

Such an objective would seem to require the acquisition of a sizeable tract of land upon which God’s remnant might proceed to show forth the Biblical model for occupation and the taking of dominion to the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. On three distinct occasions I believed that we were quite possibly on the road to achieve this lofty vision.

In 1989, with the assistance of two key members of the Church of the Remnant, a 280 acre piece of land in Hanging Dog, North Carolina was secured with the stated intent of establishing church and festival facilities to be surrounded by homesteads of devoted families of the ecclesiastical community. After 6 months of toil and labor in pursuit of taking dominion of this spectacular real estate, the vision was torpedoed by greed, jealousy and pride.

The story was of classic, textbook proportions and led to a schism in the relatively small church body. In the unfolding of the drama I came to the realization that my only recourse was to move on and start anew. In the aftermath of a tense and terse encounter with the two principals of the land acquisition, as well as a third individual who had been sowing seeds of division and discontent...I proceeded to meet with my closest associates, Kevin Ahlgren and Bill Shepler.

TCCSNCAs we contemplated the circumstances being faced, Bill asked if I would like him to make inquiry about the McCoy property in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I knew of this 45 acre parcel of land, as well as the owner...a man named Thurman McCoy. Interestingly, the land had been the former location of the Dr. Carey Reams alternative health clinic...a facility that was of inordinate significance and importance to none other than Nord Davis. The reader will recall that Nord’s book, The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come was based and centered upon the Reams theory of ionization...the alternative health modality through which Nord allegedly possessed the extraordinary ability to “heal the sick” in fulfillment of Biblical protocol.

All of this would play into the evolution of significant sub plots in the ongoing Nord saga...but at the moment of acute challenge my primary concern was to merely test the waters to see if God would open a significant door of opportunity. As it turned out, the very next day brought about extraordinary developments! Bill went to Duluth, Georgia and had a warm interaction with Thurman. The net result of their meeting was the securing of an agreement for the leasing of the property in question for a mere $500.00 per month.

When I made the initial 45-minute drive from Hanging Dog, North Carolina to the new location in neighboring Fannin County, Georgia, I could scarcely believe my eyes. Located at the end of 2.7 mile gravel road, this property was like unto a secluded resort. Ringed in by mountain ridges of the Cohutta Wilderness and featuring a bass pond close to 2 acres in size, our new base of operations was clearly indicative of the miraculous hand of our covenant God at work. Within a few short days, and in the pouring rain...we had moved, lock, stock, and barrel, into our new, incredible, ultra-private facility.

The new North Georgia location was truly amazing and could only be viewed as a monumental blessing. At the time of the operation of the health clinic, a two story building had been erected for the purpose of housing the guests and patients who were seeking relief from their maladies and afflictions. The upstairs area featured a decent size room with a fireplace that promised to function suitably as a meeting facility. In addition, the second floor consisted of eight spacious rooms with private baths. Everything was carpeted or tiled, and although it had gone largely unoccupied for several years, the building was in very good condition both inside and out. The downstairs area also included a fireplace. There were several more rooms with private baths, as well as a sizeable laundry and storage area. Immediately beyond the ridge crest of the mountains that comprised the borders of much of the property was the Tennessee state line and many thousands of acres of national forest. There were no neighbors in sight and the setting epitomized beauty and privacy.

A Tribute to Thurman McCoy

The owner of this magnificent facility that the sovereign hand of God had made provision for was a man named Thurman McCoy. Upon our first meeting Thurman and I forged an instantaneous bond that only grew stronger as the years unfolded. Approximately forty years my senior...Thurman demonstrated a fatherly-type affection toward me and greatly admired my youthful exuberance and determination. We shared many concerns and convictions about the deteriorating state of the nation and what needed to be done in an effort to resist the dreadful wickedness that was rapidly becoming the hallmark of the time.

Over the decades Thurman had been significantly involved in a wide variety of causes and crusades and rubbed shoulders with a great many luminaries of the Constitutional, patriotic, anti-Communist movement. He was exceptionally devout in his Christian faith and exhibited Biblical character in his actions and conduct to a remarkable degree.

In very short order, Thurman and I developed a mutual love and respect that was of towering proportions. We were truly operating on the same wave length, so to speak, and shared an “all or nothing” type commitment to the proclamation and promulgation of hard core truth.

For many years, Thurman had been immersed in the world of alternative, non-conventional health modalities and methodologies. His own health and vibrance had been restored in earlier years when he began to understand the central importance of proper diet practices as well as the role of high quality vitamins, minerals and supplements. Over time he had transitioned his furniture and appliance business to one of promoting and selling products that were beneficial toward the restoration and maintaining of vibrant and good health.

As the years ensued, Thurman actually achieved the status of becoming one of the nation’s leading distributors of high quality water distillers and juicers. McCoy Health Center in Duluth, Georgia was a large, metal building that housed his sales offices as well as a burgeoning inventory of health related products that covered a broad spectrum of options and selections.

People came, literally, from hundreds of miles in every direction to visit Thurman and patronize his establishment. He was the absolute master of the soft sell, and I regularly marveled at the manner in which so many good and decent people went out of their way to spend time with and give their business to Thurman. He was virtually without guile...a man of the highest imaginable degree of sincerity, innocence and faith.

I have never in my life known a man of greater character and integrity than Thurman McCoy, and over the ensuing decade, I counted it an indescribable privilege to enjoy the caliber of relationship that God made possible between us. We went through some amazing battles and experiences together, and Thurman became my greatest advocate, supporter, and benefactor.

Toward the turn of the millennium, circumstances necessitated a transition that no longer afforded the opportunity for Thurman and I to maintain our close association and interaction. Now in his late 70’s, he succumbed to certain acute physical afflictions and I, simultaneously, was led to embark upon a course of direction that took me away from the front lines of activism and the battle for truth.

In his diminished capacity, Thurman became increasingly incapable of dealing with the shortcomings and weaknesses of his adult children who developed and harbored a pronounced level of jealousy and resentment toward me. Despite the fact that they were professing Christians who, by the standards of the day, would be considered quite devoted...they failed to recognize or comprehend the more advanced levels of truth and understanding that I shared and enjoyed with their father. It became apparent to me that my best course of direction was to quietly depart and allow Thurman to avoid the stress and hardship of dealing with those pressures that well-meaning, albeit misdirected family members are so adept at engendering.

When he passed away in September of 2000 I was incapacitated in my own circumstances and thus incapable of interacting with him in his final days. As sad as this was to me, I knew that it was a necessary reality in the unfolding of God’s will and plan for both of us. Nevertheless, my memories of and experiences with this dearest and most devoted of Christian servants are among my most valued and treasured. May the God of scripture be eternally praised for the life, love and ministry of Thurman McCoy...who lived as a genuine servant and prince among men!

Thurman and Nord

While Thurman McCoy had nary an insincere bone in his body...Nord Davis was an altogether different specimen of humanity. And amazingly...for many years they maintained a very close level of association and interaction. The reader will recall that Nord had seized upon the Reams Theory of Ionization as a medium and conduit through which he was able to ratchet up his own status and profile among those who were exposed and drawn to his well constructed writings. In his typical fashion, Nord was able to parlay the Reams method and body of information into a lucrative and beneficial tool in his ongoing outreach and agenda. Along the way, he wound up having a king-sized falling out with Carey Reams and, ultimately, authored a somewhat scathing, post-humus critique asserting that the good doctor died a precise seven years after shunning a rather large, supposed financial obligation to Nord, who was quick to set forth the interpretation that these circumstances were indicative of a numerically precise lethal, divine judgment upon yet another individual who dared to cross swords with God’s special servant!

Nord’s involvement and association with Carey Reams eventually resulted in his being charged and prosecuted in the state of California with the alleged offense of practicing medicine without a license. The ensuing felony conviction was something that was skillfully utilized to augment Nord’s credentials as a martyr for the cause of truth and, eventually, he was able to obtain a judicial ruling that resulted in the full restoration of his civil rights to vote and own firearms.

Interestingly...in his own unique brand of innocence and sincerity...Thurman was an easy mark for the cunning, opportunistic greed-driven tactics of Nord. In fact, Thurman was readily and irresistibly taken in by the fanciful and far-fetched narratives of the Northpoint Team. At times, Nord even enjoyed the usage of and access to the North Georgia property in conjunction with certain of his purported intrigues and machinations.

One specific instance of such an occurrence involved an alleged Northpoint Team clandestine operative who went by the name of Colgate. His real name turned out to be James Harrington and the Colgate nickname was derived from the fact that he was missing his top four front teeth. And...according to Nord...Colgate was up to his eyeballs in shadowy, international maneuverings that somehow tied into far-flung Northpoint Team operations taking place throughout Central America. Supposedly, Colgate had been so influential and effective in the battle against global tyranny that his life was now in great peril. For this reason, Nord convinced Thurman of the need to allow the North Georgia property to serve as Colgate’s hideout for an extended period of time. These circumstances, in turn, became part of the cloak and dagger storytelling that Nord was ever engaged in.

Interestingly...on one occasion, Nord arranged for Colgate to show up at a restaurant in Andrews, North Carolina where Bob Rutzen and Jim Stepp had the opportunity to meet him. Their assessment of Mr. Harrington was one in which they experienced difficulty in maintaining a straight face! The notion that “Colgate” was anything even remotely resembling what Nord portrayed him as in his writings was utterly absurd and preposterous. For the more gullible types such as Thurman, however, the development of the “Colgate” character and persona helped solidify the overall Northpoint Team narrative.

It was of notable significance that as Nord spun the elaborate fiction of the Northpoint Team, it served as a continuing springboard for drawing Thurman into investor status in such projects as the Collins generator. In fact, as I got to know Thurman well, I realized that he was very much taken in and bamboozled by Nord’s methods and techniques. Over time, I began pointing out and explaining to him the obvious inconsistencies and illogical aspects of Nord’s sensational claims. Needless to say, Thurman began to wise up and see the light relative to Nord’s ongoing scheming and scamming. There is no telling how much money Thurman had “invested” in Nord’s projects and supposed opportunities. I feel quite certain that it was a rather large sum, and as Nord began to recognize the extent to which I was influencing Thurman’s discernment and understanding, he now had yet another compelling motivation to resent and despise me.

The Turbulent 90’s

The 1990’s were fascinating to say the least. The Reagan era had ended and George H.W. Bush had become the 41st president. In August of 1991 Iraq invaded Kuwait after having been led to believe, via diplomatic channels, that America would allow such an action to go unchallenged. Instead, Bush, Sr. began to immediately posture and pontificate to the effect that Saddam Hussein was the embodiment of evil and a major military invasion of Iraq was thereby mandated. After Saddam’s refusal to withdraw from Kuwait, an American-dominated invasion force proceeded to force Iraq into capitulation.

Desert Storm

Desert Storm

In mid-January 1991, Desert Storm was officially launched as more than half a million coalition troops descended upon the Middle East. The Iraqi’s were easily removed from Kuwait and subjected to a massive “shock and awe” military campaign designed to bomb them back into the stone age. International sanctions were levied against Iraq that resulted in incalculable human suffering and misery. As the decade unfolded, Saddam Hussein was incessantly demonized as the stage was gradually set for what would eventually take shape as the second Gulf War.

Bush's New World Order

Bush's New World Order

In the early stages of this military adventurism in the Middle East, Bush, Sr. completely revealed his evil, globalist loyalties by making multiple references to the emerging New World Order. To those with meaningful understanding of conspiratorial phenomena, the Gulf War was all too obvious as a contrived stepping stone on the pathway to the forfeiture of American nationalism and sovereignty. Sadly...the public was readily susceptible to a bad case of red, white, and blue fever...falling hook, line, and sinker for the bogus notion that we were fighting gallantly for Mom, Chevrolet, and apple pie. Instead...we were once again expending blood and treasure in the interest of a Luciferian, globalist cabal...and in the process...commencing a new round of interventionist foreign policy that was centered upon the neo-con strategy and principle of regime change.

The first Gulf War ended quickly...and with his characteristic opportunistic rapidity...Nord wasted no time insinuating himself and the Northpoint Team into this latest plot twist in modern history. He quickly authored and proceeded to make wide distribution of a booklet entitled Desert Storm and the New World Order. In this treatise, Nord laid out the story of how his own behind the scenes maneuverings actually resulted in the surprising culmination of hostilities in a mere 100 hours!

According to the story so told, Nord travelled to the Middle East on the eve of the war’s outbreak. He proceeded to meet with a representative of Jordan’s King Hussein who then presented Nord’s plan and recommendation to the king himself. The Jordanian monarch then supposedly flew to Egypt and passed on the ingenious strategy to Hosni Mubarak. The Egyptian President, being equally smitten by Nord’s tactical and strategic brilliance, proceeded to lay out the master plan to none other than Saddam Hussein himself. Unhesitatingly, Saddam purposed and proceeded to follow Nord’s game plan and, as a result, the Gulf War came to a rapid sequence culmination. In the process, of course, Nord indirectly saved the lives of the 50,000 American soldiers who would have otherwise died in a protracted conflict.

Yes...Nord actually made these absurd and preposterous claims. Even more unbelievable, however, was the fact that a significant percentage of his readers and followers swallowed the story in its entirety! Upon reading this booklet, I was struck by the degree and extent to which Nord was increasingly succumbing to abject delusions of grandeur.

All the while, as America pursued the globalist new world order agenda in the Middle East...highly significant events also began to transpire on the domestic stage.

Domestic Tyranny

A strange paradox has long existed in our nation. For more than a century we have been engaged, as a powerful nation state, in the projection of a brand of enormous international military force whose ostensible purpose has been to champion the hallowed precepts upon which America was founded. Freedom, justice, democratic values, and assorted other high-sounding causes...have supposedly been the motivating factors for an adventurous foreign policy. Yet...at the same time...the American government has cracked down upon and vastly eroded the rights, freedoms, and liberties of its own domestic citizenry. During this protracted time period the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Bill of Rights have come to be meaningless words...as though they didn’t even exist. Of course...when the government violates, in wholesale fashion, the law written as the boundary upon its own actions...it has become criminal, usurpatious, and illegitimate.

John Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yes...our national government has long been guilty of trampling upon the Constitution and, in the process, has gobbled up and run roughshod over the rights and liberties of the citizenry. The German philosopher Goethe stated profoundly that, “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” It has, indeed, been with great irony that America has increasingly been immersed in all manner of meddling and militarism throughout the world...while simultaneously waging systematic warfare against the individual liberties of its own citizens!

In our next installment we will analyze the phenomenon of the abusiveness and criminality of our own federal government. Specifically, we will consider certain atrocious events of the 1990’s and continue to establish the relevance of these epic occurrences to the ongoing account of my own experiences on the front lines of the war for truth. In particular...of course...additional details will be forthcoming regarding Nord Davis and the continuing antics that transpired leading up to his tragic demise in 1997.

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  1. As someone who has met many of the people of which you speak, I find your article very interesting and I look forward to reading more. I, also, look forward to enjoying those great biscuits & gravy you serve at your restaurant. YAHWEH bless us as we deserve, Adam FreeMan
  2. Stories like this are a vivid reminder of the fact that even though our (((traditional enemies))) possess all the wickedness, malevolence and resources to actively suppress/oppress us--and that they most certainly do from time to time, more often than not they need not so much as lift a finger in opposition to us, because of men like Nord Davis. Men who are so enamored with their own legend and consumed with vainglorious need to build an empire for themselves, rather than Christ's kingdom on earth that they will view those most dedicated to the cause as competitors rather than allies and fellow laborers in the trenches, and lash out at them with vindictive fervor in notable excess to that with which they oppose the entities behind and personalities within the heirarchy that is actually seeking to enslave us.
  3. Amen Rick, very well spoken. Pastor had a sermon about evil men last week. Personally I have found through my research that Nancy Pelosi is one of the biggest supporters of the New World Order, and it is possible Barbara Bush is as well. Both of them have close historical ties to the Middle Yeast. Would love for your next online sermon to focus more on them. Amen, you have vote Mr. Rick Tyler, bless you kindly.
  4. I have seen Nord Davis publications here in Nebraska. It sounds like you did what you could to get him back on track.

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