Reflections, Part 1

A year has elapsed since the Make America White Again billboard made its brief appearance on the American political stage. Suffice it to say...a lot of water has gone under the bridge over the past twelve months. After winning the presidential sweepstakes in November, Donald Trump and his administration have been under relentless siege by the political establishment, the mainstream media, and the radical left.


It has been both fascinating and alarming to observe the evolution of Trump Derangement Syndrome...a mental aberration that has rendered tens of millions of leftists and liberals utterly incapable of accepting and dealing with the reality of a Trump presidency. While simply exhibiting a liberal philosophical/political mentality is in and of itself indicative of a modicum of the absence of a sound mind...the new standard of irrational anti-Trumpism occupies a realm all of its own.

Never before have we witnessed such a comprehensive breakdown of rational thought process as has become the hallmark of those who manifest such rabid, mindless hatred and loathing toward Donald Trump and those who comprise his notably extensive base of support. There are simply no words in the English language that are adequate to evaluate and describe the mental condition that multitudes of deranged Americans are now in the grip of.


To these legions of zombie-like shock troops...facts are irrelevant. Proof and the basic rules of evidence have no bearing whatsoever on the conversation. All they need do is issue forth a barrage of epithets and accusations and presto...their words are automatically authoritative and unassailable! Trump is a racist, xenophobe, misogynist extension...all who support him are summarily condemned by the same labels!

Of course...the fact that America...and all of western, Christian civilization for that matter...were conceived and created by the minds and actions of white, Christian men is of no consequence or importance to the teeming multitudes of statist foot soldiers and so-called social justice warriors. Their own ignorance, hypocrisy and double-mindedness completely escapes them as they indulge in an ultra-reactionary brand of group-think never before witnessed in our nation’s history.

While professing to be crusaders against hate...they simultaneously exude a manifestation of hatred toward their intellectual and partisan adversaries that pushes the very boundaries and limits of comprehension. Decrying “racism” with every breath...they remain steadfastly bound to a mindset that is utterly fixated on the accentuation of race-based characteristics and considerations.

And...while incessantly bemoaning the violent propensities of their political adversaries...they never fail to sanction and justify all manner of forceful, criminal assaults upon those whose beliefs and opinions they despise.

Welcome to the New Reality

For those capable of and courageous enough to stare realistically into the future...the picture and imagery are both shocking and horrifying. A mindless, brainwashed mob has come to exist via the application and implementation of sophisticated laws of cause and effect.

The architects of our forthcoming utopianist police state are poised...ready to exploit the aforementioned mob as a principle component of ushering in the emerging, globalist, new world order.

Sadly...there is simply no reaching the vast majority of these mind-numbed minions. Truth, logic, and Biblical foundations are of no concern or significance to their thinking. They are virtual putty in the hands of the sinister forces that are diligently committed to the systematic dismantling of our once great republic.

In fact...this psychopathic collective will unhesitatingly resort to murderous violence once activated and energized by subtle yet unmistakable provocation and stimulation.

Beyond Redemption?

I have always advanced the notion that where there is breath...there is hope. In other long as someone is alive and breathing, there is a chance that God might enable the scales to be peeled back from their eyes. Equally important to this equation, however, is the concept of being delivered or given over to a reprobate mind. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 states: “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” Yes...scripture authoritatively informs us that under certain conditions, God himself delivers people over to “strong delusion” with his ultimate objective being that they should embrace and be devoted to an outright lie!


Of course, God’s word also instructs us as to the cause and catalyst for being given over to such a dreadful and terminal fate. Verse 10 says: “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” You see...the rejection of truth is a crime of the most severe proportions that will lead to the inability to be saved as well as being cast into the realm of insanity and harsh, divine judgment.

Only One Recourse

In a Pollyanna world of fantasy and false hope we might justifiably cling to the prospect of large scale awakening in the midst of the mind-numbed multitudes who comprise an increasing percentage of the populace. In truth...these vast legions will never escape the talons of evil that so effectively enslave them. They will continue to plunge headlong into the abyss of chaos and destruction and...if allowed...will drag the sane and rational among us into their destructive and damning wake.

Only the timely employment of lethal force will suffice to stop this otherwise all-consuming juggernaut of evil. We must keep this sobering reality at the forefront of our minds as we prepare for the future.


Hard-core truth is the principle means whereby the God of scripture will draw the enemy faction into the open and exposed field of battle. Luke 19:27 states: “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”

May the enemies of the God of our fathers be duly warned...we will not fail and yours is the way of destruction.


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  1. Well written, sir!
  2. So-called "Christians" say that GOD YAHWEH is a "GOD of love" because The Messiah has been purposely made out to be GOD INCARNATE and His words twisted and misunderstood. Yes, YAHWEH loves those who obey HIM, but HE hates those who choose to disobey HIM. YAHWEH's Laws are still in effect (Matthew 5:17-19) and Woe to those who disobey GOD's Laws!

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