Mike Huckabee Echoes the Thesis of Rick Tyler’s October 25th Article

A growing chorus of commentators and personalities are now rallying around a notion and premise that was emphatically set forth on this very website on 10/25/17. In the article entitled, “Time To Investigate the Special Counsel” I made the assertion that “even a casual and cursory glance renders clear indications that the former FBI chief has seized upon and expanded his original assignment as a pretense and opportunity to conduct an extensive fishing expedition whose ultimate objective stretches far beyond legitimate parameters.”

Make no mistake about it...the former FBI chief who now heads up the special counsel investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Putin’s Russia, is himself an arch-violator of the law who, if properly exposed, will crash and burn in an ignominious, yet well deserved, crushing defeat before the bar of genuine criminal justice.

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee, whose well-rounded resumé includes having been Governor of the state of Arkansas, as well as a top tier Republican presidential aspirant...has correctly pointed out what certainly qualifies as a terminal Achilles’ heel for the entire Mueller-led investigatory fiasco. Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, December 3rd, Huckabee made the following damning observations.

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

He said, “Was, in fact, this whole thing based on a phony dossier that was financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and then the DNC?” Huckabee proceeded to state that, “They use that as a way to go after, electronically surveil members of the campaign including President Donald Trump and/or his staff, and that’s how they got all this stuff,” and then drew the eminently valid conclusion that, if any part of the investigation is based on this then it constitutes “entrapment.” (Huckabee, of course, was alluding to the patently bogus Steele dossier that previously spawned the fleeting media sideshow that became known as “Piss Gate.”

The Sordid, Felonious Conduct of the Intelligence Community

In an article posted on this website on 2/17/17 entitled “The Abolition of the CIA and the Restoration of Divine Favor,” the succinct indictment was levied against the so-called “intelligence community,” to the effect that they function as a de facto criminal enterprise in express violation of the nation’s supreme law...the United States Constitution.

Specifically, the February 17th article being referenced stated, “It should be painfully obvious that the sprawling, multi-headed hydra known as the intelligence community...accountable to no one and a veritable law unto itself...is utterly illegal and incompatible with legitimate, limited constitutional government.”


It is no exaggeration to say that these words have been borne out in spades over the past nine months. With the passing of each day it becomes increasingly obvious that what has come to be referred to as the “deep state” is, in fact, central and foundational to all that threatens the ultimate and final destruction of our genuine, historical republic.

Early into the Trump presidency New York Senator Chuck Schumer candidly expressed the reality of the unbridled, ruthless power of the intelligence apparatus of the American government.

And now...as the excesses and abuses of the Mueller-led investigation become vividly transparent and undeniable, it is enormously significant that those of the stature of Mike Huckabee are beginning to put their finger on the crux of the overarching matter at hand.

Indeed...the unscrupulous, sleight of hand tactics of Mueller and his vast network of accomplices are becoming overtly apparent to a wide swath of the American populace.

What remains to be seen is whether or not we have allowed the systemic deception and corruption to advance to the point from which recovery and restoration of justice and the rule of law are even a possibility.


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  1. The Founding Fathers were well familiar with government secret police and intelligence agencies working for the various Royal families and States/Nations. They made no provision for a Secret Service, FBI or CIA in the Constitution for obvious reasons. It is only a corrupt Nation or an Empire that needs that type of control over it's citizens.

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