The Two Alabama’s and the Escalating War for the Heart of Dixie

In Tannehill State Park near Bessemer, Alabama, a monument exists to the foundry from which the cannons and artillery of the Confederate states of America came forth. Tragically, a notable geographical swath of what was once at the epicenter of the South’s bastion of strength, has now come under the possession and dominance of those who unwittingly comprise the ultimate threat to genuine liberty and justice.


Tannehill Ironworks State Park in Alabama

In viewing the Alabama state map that reflects in county by county fashion the partisan vote tallies in the recent U.S. senate special election, it is immediately apparent that a relatively small band of blue is being inappropriately leveraged to impose unscrupulous and usurpatious rule over Alabama’s historically endowed Caucasian majority.

Yes, the red counties significantly outnumber the blue in the heart of Dixie, and it is high time that formal actions be embarked upon to reverse and overthrow the continued efforts of neo-reconstructionism being unlawfully imposed upon the modern South.

2017 United States Senate special election in Alabama results by county.

2017 United States Senate special election in Alabama results by county.

A State Version of the Electoral College Is Urgently Required

The brilliance and wisdom of America’s founders can be seen in the functioning and equilibrium-producing effect of the electoral college. Were it not for this institution our nation would have long ago been torn asunder via the unprincipled tyranny that yearns to burst forth across the heartland of America from the socialized and kept ranks of the nation’s major population centers.

Indeed, were there no electoral college system...gargantuan socialistic urban meccas such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles would be unchecked in their ability to satiate their voracious appetites at the expense of the producing, freedom-loving component of the American body politic. It is therefore no surprise that a growing crescendo of demanding indignation is increasingly advocating for the dismantling and elimination of the American electoral college.

One look at the election map of Alabama’s recent U.S. senate race dramatically illustrates the urgent need for the equalizing effect of an electoral college-type system at the state level. In Alabama, the majority non-white populations of cities such as Birmingham, Bessemer, Selma, and Montgomery are now on the verge of destroying what remains of sanity and just governance in one of our greatest and most venerable Southern states.

Major urban centers of course, provide the climate and sanctuary for much of what threatens the survival of the American nation at large. The rising tide of color that is hastening the permanent and irreversible displacement of the historic white super majority finds a ready-made refuge and haven of empowerment within the confines of the big cities. It is within these comparatively miniscule geographical areas that acute warfare is waged against constitutional government and historic rule of law.


Projection of United States demographics.

A Call to Enlightenment and Action

The visual spectacle of the phenomenon of disproportional representation between red and blue counties in Alabama needs to be wielded in an ensuing campaign to issue forth a clarion call of warning to traditional, majority white Alabama

If Alabama’s corrupt and culturally corrosive band of blue is not soon quarantined and brought to heel, its abusive and power-mad propensities will drag the entirety of the state into the morass of chaos and government-induced insanity.

Roy Moore’s Stolen Senate Seat...The Canary in the Coal Mine

Yes...if the forces of evil and injustice can steal so profound a statewide election in broad daylight and with such flagrant audacity...the fate of the nation as a whole is clearly in precarious danger. This electoral travesty must become the symbolic line in the sand, and a grim, ominous warning of the future additional atrocities that are inevitable to follow.

Like December 7th, the 12th of December must now be held up as a contemporary day of infamy, and subsequently become a rallying point for a renewed crusade against the debilitating forces that now represent the greatest threat to our survival!
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  1. Thank you for leading the fight for the right.
  2. It is too late to save the America our White, Christian Fore Fathers created. But we can still save the best part by seceding from this unholy Union. Secession then, secession now...more than ever!

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