Donald Trump…The Last White Male President

To a large number of individuals (including vast numbers of white Americans) the title of this article, as well as the evidence underpinning the premise it references, will seem utterly meaningless and irrelevant. After all, we are living in an hour of history in which obvious, age-old truths are summarily and unflinchingly denied as though there was never a logical or legitimate basis for their having been embraced in the first place.

Indeed, those who are absent the ability to engage in basic gender identification, or who feel compelled to argue in favor of the supposed benefit or legitimacy of what purports to be marital unions between people of the same sex, can’t reasonably be expected to understand the profound significance of a world that features a dwindling Caucasian population, can they?

Sadly, these confused legions of the damned have been wholly given over to their warped delusions to the point of textbook reprobation. In sum, they have lost the mental, psychological, and spiritual ability to discern between right and wrong...good and evil...sane and insane.

Welcome to the fear-engendering, brave new world of the early 21st century. And, in case you were wondering, it is destined to get worse and even more absurd!

Trump...A Last Gasp Exception to Degeneracy, Depravity and Destruction

Donald Trump emerged on the American political scene as a symbol of contrast to what had become a standard of cowardice, corruption and terminal mediocrity. From day one he was loathed and detested by the modern pantheon of false gods such as Marxist socialism, feminism, the decadent entertainment industry, the subversive propaganda media and anti-Christian cultural institutions in general.

Yes...Trump effectively embodied the last of a dying breed. Born on the front end of what was to become known as the post-World War II baby boom, Trump became a prototypical manifestation of the golden age of latter 20th century Americana...the era of unbridled prosperity, burgeoning technological innovation, Mom, Chevrolet, apple pie, and John Wayne.


On the surface, it seemed as though America had the world by the tail, and her de facto motto could well have been, the sky’s the limit. What well-intentioned individuals failed to comprehend, however, was that the termites had already devoured the foundations of our nationhood and civilization. In relative slow motion we would come to realize that our desolation and destruction was already a foregone conclusion.

The Unfortunate Shortcomings of Human Nature

It is a massive understatement to say that we live in a flawed and imperfect world. Those who are grounded in Biblical truth and theology recognize that much of the world’s imperfection is directly linked to man’s fallen, sinful nature. Scripture tells us in 1 Timothy 6:10 that “the love of money is the root of all evil...” Indeed, at the foundation of pretty much all that is identifiable as evil we find the lust and yearning for money as a principle motivating factor.

More often than not money brings out the worst characteristics of mankind. Among these negative qualities we find the propensity to live in a state of denial or wishful thinking. When it comes to the subject of demographics and the rapidly diminishing percentage of the overall population that is represented by the Caucasian race, we clearly witness a profound example of the phenomenon of the denial of reality.

You politically incorrect and stigmatized as the following observation happens to is nevertheless hard and fast, readily observable fact! The observance being alluded to, of course, is that human history and experience clearly substantiate the inexorable link between enlightenment, benevolence, success, prosperity, magnanimity, and advancement within the construct of culture, civilization, and nationhood...and the extent to which the Caucasian race is to be found at both the point of origination as well as the ongoing administration of the same. Those who seek to argue to the contrary can do so only on the basis of emotion and contrived, factually deficient historical premise.

Simply stated, apart from the innovations and contributions of the white race, we have no viable or substantive example of advanced culture or civilization. In our modern world we find endless examples of non-whites seeking to inundate and supplant the orderly, prosperous, and benevolent Caucasian nations. The so-called “people of color” have utterly and completely failed, in the historical sense, to build or establish vibrant, thriving nation states. Instead, their generalized state of existence has been marked by poverty, squalor, barbarism, primitive superstition and opportunistic exploitation.

Yes...the anecdotal and circumstantial evidence is nothing short of overwhelming and exponential in support of the premise that the Caucasian race is both the fountainhead and singular sustaining force in the realm of high culture and civilization. Thus, it would naturally follow that responsible members of the white race should take great pains to preserve and perpetuate their unique contribution to the status and well-being of the planet.


The White Man’s Burden

The Caucasian race has been at the apex of innovation and accomplishment throughout the entirety of history. Highly developed skills of shipbuilding, seamanship, navigation, and astronomy enabled the white race to circumnavigate and colonize the distant reaches of an otherwise and foreboding world. Primitive and uncivilized people of color were routinely introduced by the Caucasian peoples to highly beneficial and enriching knowledge in the fields of religion, science, and a broad spectrum of techniques that are fundamental to the building of an orderly civilization.

Those who postulate on the basis of Biblical truth and understanding are cognizant of the fact that the hierarchy among the racial divisions of man was something that existed in accordance with the sovereign plan, purpose, and will of Almighty God. An extension of this doctrinal supposition logically assumes that those who are endowed with advanced knowledge, ability, and understanding have a corresponding responsibility to function as worthy stewards of their notable inheritance.

Hence, in times was pervasively recognized and understood that the white race was ordained by the sovereign hand of God to function in a caretaker capacity toward the non-white peoples of the earth. Of the extent that any of the subgroupings of humanity might chafe at, resent, or reject that which the white race might have to offer, there would naturally occur a need to grant space and leeway...while, at the same time, taking heed not to neglect God-ordained opportunity or obligation.

In this overarching context and perspective we find the evolution and development of what, historically, came to be known as the white man’s burden. According to this conceptual framework, the white race is ordained to exist and function in a guiding, tutorial, and administering capacity relative to its relationship with the non-white races and tribes scattered throughout the world. Yes...such a basic and foundational template has served as a guiding force throughout much of world history. Unfortunately, however, there have arisen certain repetitive pitfalls in the unfolding of this otherwise natural cycle.

Jealousy, Resentment, Discontent, Usurpation, and the Forbidden Fruit Syndrome

Within the broad spectrum of God’s creation there exists abundant opportunity for enrichment and fulfillment. The created order is vast and intricate and, even on his best day, man can only scratch the surface of understanding relative to the complexity and sophistication of the world into which he has been interjected.

It only stands to reason that the creator would prescribe a law or code for the purpose of governing his handiwork, and those of the historic, orthodox Christian faith understand that God’s text of rules and regulations is to be found within the pages of the Holy Bible. Divine revelation happens to be the means whereby God has brought forth his authoritative word and, in times past, western Christian civilization was largely in consensus relative to such beliefs and suppositions.


The Plot Thickens

The unfolding of the drama of human interaction is greatly intensified as a result of the introduction of original sin and its far-flung implications. Once sin and the fallen nature it has spawned entered the picture of man’s existence, everything changed in a profoundly negative way. From that point forward mankind began to exhibit and manifest an unbridled propensity to act in stark opposition to the express and logical law of God.

Puny little man (courtesy of his sin nature) has an inescapable tendency to live in violation of the law of his creator while, at the same time, showing forth an inordinate proclivity to rationalize and justify his sinful rebellion. Along the way of his earthly sojourn, man consistently and repetitively finds himself in varied states of striving, conflict, competition, and hostility with his fellow inhabitants of the planet. James 4:1 states, “From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not from hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?” lust after and covet what others possess...ultimately leading to conflict, upheaval and outright warfare. In the most general sense, disobedience to God’s law leads to degeneracy and the disruption of orderliness in the affairs of men.

Of course, those who purpose to follow the guidelines prescribed by God tend to be on the receiving end of his favor and provision. In response to this cause and effect phenomenon, the wicked typically become bitter and resentful. Instead of acknowledging the error of their own conduct, they choose to double down on deviancy and decadence, going to notable extremes to justify and legitimize sin.

With the unfolding of human history we have witnessed the continuing saga that has been called the conflict of the ages...or in other words...the perpetual battle between good and evil, the righteous and the wicked, or truth and the lie. To the great frustration of those who yearn for the restoration and exaltation of justice and truth, history has largely consisted of what can only be described as the near constant triumph of evil.

The world system ceaselessly rewards treachery, avarice, and deceit, while simultaneously persecuting and punishing those who stand in defense of Biblical truth and Christian virtue. Yes...the essence of sin and depravity is consistently revealed in fallen man’s insistence on achieving or laying hold of that which is forbidden by the law of God. We see this phenomenon vividly outworked in the contemporary assault upon family, culture, civilization, and nationhood.

God, of course, has established unmistakable distinctions and divisions among races and civilizations of men. Additionally, he has pronounced his laws of separation and kind after kind as a means of preserving the integrity and specificity among the ordained delineations of mankind. Significantly, the statutory laws of western nations have historically forbidden interracial marriage and breeding based on the commonly held conviction that such offenses or occurrences constituted a categorical breech of divine/Biblical law.

Tragically, in 1967, the godless, reprobate U.S. Supreme Court struck a mortal blow against Christian civilization in the insidious Loving v. Virginia decision that was seized upon to invalidate laws throughout the states prohibiting interracial marriage. In what has become an all too typical pathology, the overwhelming bulwark against sinful lawlessness as was represented in the widespread tapestry of state and local law was summarily overturned via a singular and subversive ruling on the part of a sullied and subverted judicial body operating under the mantle and ostensible authority of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In this particular landmark ruling one of the most significant cornerstones of Biblical law and societal foundations was instantaneously torn asunder. The subsequent opening of the floodgate that had long served to maintain the stability and homogeneity of the American nation, now made possible the unchecked pursuit of that which was traditionally and historically classified as an illustration of forbidden fruit.

Confusion, Ambiguity, and the Bitter Fruit of Sin

Prior to the latter stages of the 20th century it was largely unthinkable that the American presidency would consist of anything other than a white man. After all, the nation’s population featured a white super majority of approximately 90% that was guaranteed and perpetuated by calculated and deliberate immigration laws and policies.

America was overwhelmingly Caucasian, Christian, and patriarchal in accordance with the desire and dictates of those who had been used by the sovereign hand of God to bring forth and establish her existence. In order to alter this traditional, God-ordained template, it was necessary to erode the pillars and foundations upon which the nation and civilization had been constructed. The Loving case ruling was certainly a major milestone on the highway toward America’s demise and destruction.


Sadly, by this juncture of the nation’s history, abundant seeds of subversion had been sown to the point of germination. Steadily and systematically, America’s Biblical moorings had been subjected to deliberate and malicious assault. Along with the loosening and weakening of immigration policies (both legal and illegal), and forced integration of all aspects of societal interaction under the guise of the supposed civil rights of non-whites in the worlds of sports, entertainment, and the culture at large...the toleration and ultimate promotion of miscegenation was advanced as a primary component of the broad agenda to facilitate the destruction of the classic and traditional America form.

“Mixed race” or “bi-racial” citizens represent a notable and rapidly expanding percentage of the overall population. Quite naturally, their growing presence and influence constitutes a significant form of leverage in the continuing quest and desire on the part of so many to engender a new demographic reality wherein the white race becomes relegated to decisive minority status!

Non-whites, of course, are overwhelmingly disposed to vote in a state of solidarity as concerns their racial identity. All the institutions of society encourage and reward them in this regard while, at the same time, condemning, chastening, and ostracizing whites who dare to vote in accordance with ethnic considerations.

The Point of No Return

It is exceedingly likely that the American nation has passed the point of no return relative to demographics and the racial composition of the country as a whole. The election of Donald Trump is anything but a harbinger of things to come in the sense that the racial constituency that catapulted him to victory is rapidly diminishing in terms of influence and power.

Aging white males are the backbone of America’s remaining strength and resilience, and are certainly the only unshakable factor that made possible the election of the man who will likely prove to be the last white male to occupy the office of the American presidency. The possibility is substantial that Trump will be elected to a second term, but by 2024 the clamor and drumbeat in favor of a female chief executive (preferably non-white) will have accelerated to deafening proportions.

It is at this point that the nation will cease all pretense of its historic nature, essence, or character. The era of Trump may well buy us a tiny sliver of time and opportunity, but can in no way stave off the otherwise inevitable consequences that derive from our wholesale rejection of the law and truth of the God of our fathers.

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Prepare to Secede

Secession represented our only viable hope for survival in the 1860’s and it is a far more urgent imperative today. True, historical, and lawful America is both Christian and Caucasian...and it can only be resuscitated and restored in accordance with that same standard and modality.

However small our initial geographical point of emphasis and concentration, we must embark upon the calculated and specific objective to restore our nationhood and right of racial self-determination. Though our stated premise and conceptual undertaking seems radical by contemporary standards, it is nevertheless the only realistic hope for our meaningful and viable survival as the future unfolds.

In summation, we would do well to remind ourselves that the longest journey begins with the first step...and the time to embark upon such a decisive and bold blueprint for action is long overdue. We will never be able to make a silk purse from the sow’s ear that our once great republic has tragically become. Thus, we must move forward with courage, tenacity, faith, and an unwavering devotion to truth as we commence the ultimate crusade of our modern era.


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  1. I totally agree. But what exactly is our "first step"?
  2. There may still be hope. Generation Z supports Trump. Part of Tennessee secedong nowadays would not stand a chance,it would only be used as an excuse to clamp down on white men's right to assembly,free speech,and right to keep ans bear arms,the US government would never allow it,and now we have NATO to worry about now. They won't even allow us to hae white school districts,they certainly won't allow a white autonomous nation. Political revolution,peaceful or not, of the United States is our only real hope.
  3. Secession then, secession now...more than ever! There are already several organizations attempting to lead true Americans into secession from this unholy Union, but they receive no acknowledgment from the mass media, unless it is negative in nature. Having espoused secession for many years, I believe that it is now becoming a possible alternative to the dismal future that is coming to America, but We, the People, must make sure that we do not end up in a land-locked Gulag/reservation. Sea ports are a necessity for any Nation who seeks to become successful and viable. Our enemies control much of the sea coasts on the Eastern & Western borders of America, so it will be difficult to obtain one of these States peacefully, but it can be done and must be done and will be done...if YAHWEH wants it done!
  4. Ash
    Wow, a racist. How quaint.
  5. You guys are super dumb. How many of you guys still have all original teeth that grow out of your mouth?

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