In the Grip of Insanity, Part 1

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, what about insanity? Is there, in fact, an absolute, fixed, measurable standard whereby insanity can be pinpointed and identified? there instead...a slide rule type mechanism through which insanity is deduced in accordance with the perspective and opinion of he who is making the evaluation in question?

In the former Soviet Union resistance to the policies and dictates of the state was, in and of itself, prima facie evidence of insanity on the part of the dissident! Who else, after all, other than a madman would dare stand in opposition to a governmental leviathan so inclined toward and proficient in the science of trampling upon the rights and liberties of the individual?

And yet, we now readily acknowledge that those heroic resisters to statist tyranny in Soviet Russia were anything but insane. Instead, they were the ones who exhibited soundness of mind in terms of an understanding that totalitarian oppression was in no way sustainable as a means of the governance of societies, civilizations, nations or mankind in general.

In tragic fashion, the label or diagnosis of insanity is all too often invoked as a fast track method of marginalizing or discrediting would be opposition voices of conscience.

2 marginalize

Marginalizing Dissent in Modern America

It has been most noteworthy to observe recent efforts by the liberal establishment and the controlled media to call into question the mental stability of Donald Trump. Although this concerted angle of attack has almost completely fizzled...the failure of the effort was not for want of zeal and determination.

An avalanche of crass and sophomoric propaganda was unleased in recent months by subsidized, mainline media sources to the effect that Trump was stumbling uncontrollably toward the abyss of abject dementia and lunacy. Caricatures were routinely put forth of an unhinged, intellectually superficial Trump dutifully receiving his talking points from Fox News as a prelude to increasingly irrational Twitter barrages against his myriad adversaries.

Much ado was made over Trump’s caustic critiques of North Korean hereditary dictator Kim Jong-un and his provocations, to the purported effect that America’s chief executive was a veritable psychopath relishing the prospect of unleashing World War III.

Yes...the socialist American left has pulled out all the stops in an effort to call into question the sanity and mental stability of Donald Trump. To date, this diabolical and disingenuous ploy has failed to gain traction...but not due to lack of sophisticated plotting and scheming.

The Great Irreconcilable Divide

The presidential election of 2016 provided a classic template for the utterly antithetical and irreconcilable camps into which the American nation has evolved. The Trump-led coalition is comprised of a predominantly Caucasian, aging and traditionally minded component of the population at large. They are the extension and contemporary manifestation of what has historically comprised the motivating and guiding force behind that which from the outset...has constituted all that represents textbook Americana.

3 divide2

On the other side of the chasm we find the frightening and fluid amalgamation of that revolutionary movement which yearns to tear asunder the foundations and pillars upon which western Christian civilization has been built and established. Biblical Christianity and the principled, patriarchal civilization it has spawned are the unabashed targets that have been marked for destruction by this unprincipled, barbarous mob.

The sophisticated hierarchy of evil (see Ephesians 6:12) has worked diligently and methodically for generations on end in their quest to usher us to the precarious juncture at which we presently stand. It is most unfortunate that time is decisively on the side of those who threaten our outright destruction. The election of Donald Trump and his subsequent efforts to fulfill the promises that motivated his supporters are but a final and fleeting gasp for survival and sanity.

Lamentably, the grim fate of the nation has already been determined by the science of demographics. The aging Caucasian population will soon slip into the status of a numerical minority. The inevitable fate that awaits us can be readily observed among the ranks of the non-white multitudes that inhabit and dominate an increasingly large percentage of the land mass of the planet.

Too Little, Too Late...and the Hopelessness for the Future of “America As We Know It”

From the perspective of the rapidly escalating number of non-whites and a significant percentage of Caucasians of the younger age bracket, America is on the cusp of great and constructive developments. These brainwashed multitudes have thoroughly embraced the dogma and bromides of leftist, statist ideology and ignorantly assume that we are gradually making our way toward the long promised utopia that is akin to the mythological pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

4 too little

To these deluded and misguided masses, the greatest impediment to their longed for globalist nirvana is none other than those aging, privileged whites who are hopelessly endeared to a bygone era of tyranny and oppression toward women, people of color, and a growing assortment of gender dysphorics and other sexual deviants. They believe their march to victory is all but inevitable and simply a matter of the unfolding of a sufficient amount of time.

When push comes to shove they have no problem, whatsoever, with the ultimate necessity of the utilization of force in the suppression and eradication of the obstinate, intractable opposition. Already, it has become common place to witness the agitation of mindless mob psychology and the associated violence that derives therefrom as an integral component of the stifling and suppression of free speech and the right of peaceful assembly.

Astonishingly, the 2016 political season witnessed the unleashing of unmitigated violence against many who dared to exhibit public support for Donald Trump. Artificially induced, hyped up opposition to Trump and his support base have become the order of the day with violent leftist revolutionary groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter actually being allowed to perpetuate aggressive and menacing behavior under the legal cover of federal, state and local law enforcement.

Indeed it is already to the point of impossibility for the advocates of traditional American values and institutions to be able to openly defend their beliefs and convictions. The intimidating shock troops of the neo-Marxist coalition stand ready to rise up in violent opposition to those who would dare champion the cause of historic America in the public arena.

These unscrupulous forces are surreptitiously coordinated and funded through a network of foundations and ostensible “grass roots” organizations. At every turn they are energized and empowered while those who believe in America’s legitimate foundations are beaten down and intimidated into a posture of silence and submission.

Sadly...we have already passed the point of no return. Though many cling to a state of denial relative to our grim circumstances...the die has been cast nevertheless. By failing to stand for hard core truth and the extreme response it requires...we have allowed ourselves to be painted into a corner of hopelessness and impotence. Of course, the first step toward dealing with such oppressive reality is to fully acknowledge the actual nature of our deteriorated condition.

Profiles of Insanity

In our opening paragraph we pondered the concept of insanity and questioned whether it is a subjective, malleable construct...or one of rigid and specific parameters of definition. To properly answer this question we must invoke Biblical truth and authority. In 2 Timothy 1:7 we read, “For God hath not give us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

A sound mind is one that is capable of filtering every matter of consideration through the prism of Biblical truth and, in the process, avoid the scourge of doublemindedness spoken of in James 1:8. In that passage we are instructed that a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways. Most unfortunately, the modern church has allowed itself to be compromised in certain areas of truth that are presently deemed to be politically incorrect. Doublemindedness and an unsound mind are the unavoidable results of such rejection of truth...hence the explanation for modern Christianity’s impotence and lack of ability to function as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 states, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” Yes...insanity is real...and it is not determined by the opinions or perspective of the beholder. is a reality...determined and established by the timeless and eternal truths of the word of God.

5 profiles

Those who seek to foist upon us that which is alien and antithetical to historic western Christian civilization would be rightfully assessed by our principled founding fathers to be lacking in sanity. Thus we must be willing and determined to defend Biblical truth in like fashion. To do anything less makes us an accomplice to the sin, wickedness and insanity of our present era.

Corruption and Criminality in the Halls of Power

As Lord Acton profoundly observed, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This oft proven truth is being vividly manifested in our present time frame. The organizations within government that are least accountable are being increasingly exposed in their gross state of corruption. Of course, this comes as no surprise to those who are studied in the history of our unique republic and the astute insight of the framers of the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson made the following eloquent expression in the Kentucky Resolutions. He stated, “In questions of power let no more be heard of confidence in man...but let us bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Alarmingly, our Constitution (the law written to govern the government) has become largely ignored and discarded in the name of such nebulous objectives as “maintaining national security” and “promoting the general welfare.”

And nowhere is the abuse and criminality more acute than within the structure of such sprawling, shadowy entities as the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc... These national security and federal law enforcement agencies have virtual carte blanche in terms of what they are permitted to do and get away with. Any attempt to reign them in or demand accountability is promptly met with arrogant and indignant opposition.

6 corruption

They skillfully hide behind a cloak of presumed unquestionable loyalty to the best interest and well being of the nation as a whole. After all...they alone supposedly know all the gory details about the menacing and threatening forces that are poised and merely awaiting opportunity to do America in. To question the tactics and motives of the intel community or federal law enforcement is automatically cast in the light of somehow being callous and irresponsible toward the overriding interests of national security. All the while, criminality runs amuck and goes overwhelmingly undetected within the ranks of these abusive and unaccountable agencies.

Russiagate and Growing Revelations of Criminality

According to a narrative with widespread acceptance the results of the 2016 presidential election were shockingly at variance with that which was the otherwise planned outcome. Supposedly, the election was “in the bag” for Hillary Clinton, who clearly enjoyed the abject support and favor of the national media as well as the establishment component of both major political parties.

Donald Trump, by contrast, was incessantly attacked, demeaned and ridiculed from every conceivable direction and was reputed to have virtually no statistical chance of emerging victorious in the November election. The visceral hatred and antipathy exhibited toward Trump and his stated policies was without equal or precedent in American history.

Liberal mouthpieces and talking heads throughout the controlled media and entertainment industry made absolutely no attempt to hide their bias and total lack of objectivity or balance. Their haughtiness and condescension knew no limits as they issued forth an ceaseless tsunami of one-sided propaganda designed to exalt Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump.

In a startling surprise ending to the election drama, Trump won the electoral college tabulation by an impressive tally of 304 to 227. Hillary supposedly won the popular vote via her domination of numerous major population centers. A significant footnote to this aspect of the election analysis is that literally millions of Hillary’s urban vote total were the result of illegal immigrants being allowed to cast ballots.

Establishment media denials of this fact are nothing more than yet another example of smug and presumptuous indifference to obvious truth. In increasingly frequent moments of candor and honesty, leftist ideologues will go so far as to openly state their desire for illegals to be permitted to vote. Such an attitude, of course, is completely consistent with their overt hostility to the overall concept of an enforced border and the right of a sovereign America to restrict entrance into the nation.

In the aftermath of Trump’s stunning success, the leftist establishment wasted no time in shifting gears to a strategy of frontal assault upon the notion of a legitimate electoral victory. A bipartisan faction that had come to be known as “never-Trumpers” grew increasingly shrill and desperate in their attacks and denunciations of the president elect. Efforts were concocted and advocated toward the objective of strong-arming members of the electoral college into forsaking their obligation to support Trump.

Suggestions were bandied about that Trump should be summarily declared as being unfit to assume the presidency. Plans were openly unveiled to engender mass uprisings in Washington, D.C. so as to prevent the swearing in of the new president. And...most utterly bogus and baseless narrative was whipped into high gear asserting that the Trump campaign had illicitly attained victory through a sophisticated and elaborate conspiracy of collusion with none other than Vladimir Putin and “the Russians.”

In retrospect, it is nothing short of mind boggling that such a premise could have ever gained any semblance of traction to begin with. We now know, however, that the Russian collusion ploy had been in the formative process for an extended period of time...having been conceived and implemented by Obama, Hillary, and assorted other members of a criminal rogue’s gallery of high ranking government officials and operatives.

Historically, a common tactic of pathological deceivers and evildoers is that they falsely accuse others of the very crimes of which they are guilty. In the matter of the theoretical Russian collusion narrative, it was actually the Clinton campaign and its allies who had engaged in such activity. Dating back to Obama’s 2012 hot mike moment wherein he confided to Dmitri Medvedev that the Russian president should assure Vladimir Putin that upon Obama’s reelection the American leader would have greater flexibility in dealing with issues of mutual importance to the two nations.

Of paramount importance is the indisputable fact that Russia is no more involved today in meddlesome actions toward American elections than they were in 2012. And mention or reference to Russia’s ostensible desire or effort to do injury to America’s democratic institutions was ever forthcoming or newsworthy in this earlier time period. All the while, of course, extensive corrupt and criminal interaction was, in fact, ongoing between Russian interests and American power brokers.

The open and blatantly criminal Clinton foundation was a principle conduit through which countless millions of pay to play dollars flowed...including multiple millions from overt, as well as thinly veiled Russian sources. Hillary Clinton, in her powerful capacity of Secretary of State was in a tailor-made position to broker all manner of deals and arrangements in the interest of greedy, opportunistic and corrupt foreign parties.

The Clintons and their extensive network of co-conspirators milked this opportunity to maximum proportions during the Obama years, and according to the pro-Trump, conservative perspective, were confidently preparing to transition into eight more years of unbridled criminal opportunity under the auspices of a Hillary presidency.

7 russiagate

At this juncture, it is important to note that corrupt, “on the take” power barons at the highest echelons of governmental power must, of necessity, have the full cooperation and complicity of agencies such as the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Even in the days of J. Edgar Hoover, it is widely recognized that extraordinary and abusive power was utilized in efficient yet corrupt fashion against all manner of personages who in some way threatened the status quo of the emerging globalist agenda to which America was gradually succumbing.

In an overall sense, the American ship of state has been sailing in waters of ever increasing corruption and criminality for multiple generations dating back to a time prior to the war between the states. The unconstitutional centralization of power and the corresponding emasculation of the heretofore sovereign states that comprised the union have proceeded gradually and unabated for more than 150 years.

8 creatureA profoundly important development in this unfolding timeline was the 1913 passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which in and of itself, was an exercise in utter and hostile contempt for the Constitution and the legitimate rule of law. (Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island provides a powerful and irrefutable treatise relative to the corrupt origins and the protracted illegal actions of what came to be known as the Federal Reserve.)

There is an old saying that you have kings, and you have kingmakers. The patriarch of the dynastic Rothschild clan is credited with saying, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” These quotations underscore the premise that the political leaders and officeholders throughout any given nation or geopolitical subdivision are merely the puppets and front men for the sinister, behind the scenes forces that exercise monopoly control over the process whereby “money” is created and converted into “legal tender.” The private international banking cartel (of which the Fed is the American subsidiary) uses the creation, issuance and manipulation of the money supply as a means of maintaining overarching domination of the affairs of the nations and peoples of the earth.

1 Timothy 6:10 states: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” Jesus said in Matthew 6:24, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” all boils down to man’s defacto worship of a false God called mammon. Satan skillfully works through the secretive and illicit mechanism of international finance to enslave and galvanize the loyalty of countless minions and foot soldiers. In their collective quest for material and financial comfort, mankind allows itself to be blinded to greater, hard core truth...and to become riveted to a form of servitude and loyalty to an inherently corrupt system of control and power.

Returning to our earlier point...the earthly power brokers who have effectively sold their souls...must establish and maintain the compliant service of the prominent agencies of law enforcement within the nation. Of course, the ultimate repository of armed power is the military itself. For this reason, the founding fathers set forth a prohibition of a standing army in perpetuity, in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.

Recent decades have actually witnessed a steady drift toward militarization of the police, as was demonstrated by an instance such as Operation Showtime, in Waco, Texas in 1993, wherein military involvement with the FBI and ATF was sought and utilized. This criminal conduct on the part of government and law enforcement was carried out in express violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which served as the authoritative standard since 1878.

Along with Hoover’s notoriously corrupt FBI, American intelligence agencies have more than held their own relative to misconduct and outright criminal corruption. Political assassinations and the installation and propping up of puppet regimes are the well known stock and trade of the CIA and its vast network of unscrupulous independent contractors for hire. Token efforts toward reform such as the Church hearings of 1975 were mere window dressing in response to instances of corruption so vivid as to demand some semblance of corrective action.

Frank Church and John Tower 1975

Former US Senator from Idaho Frank Church and former US Senator from Texas John Tower

What the nation is experiencing now, however, has elevated the phenomenon of compromise and criminality within the realm of power to levels of extreme and unprecedented degree. You is now exposed and undeniable that the outgoing Obama administration, along with Hillary Clinton and her campaign well as a notable cross section of high ranking officials within federal law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the Department of Justice...went to extensive lengths to sabotage the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

The shocking story, of course, doesn’t end with the treachery and treason of 2016. Instead, it continued unabated through the time period leading up to the January 20th, 2017 inauguration and right up to the present moment...more than a year after Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th president!

The details of this massive criminal conspiracy are gradually emerging despite obstruction and cover up efforts of gargantuan proportions. It is now vividly apparent that Trump’s opponents manipulated post-9/11 national security mechanisms such as the FISA court to gerrymander a contrived pretense to surveil the candidate and operatives of the 2016 GOP presidential campaign. The principle device wielded in the acquisition of multiple surveillance warrants was the disreputable and error laden Christopher Steele “dossier”...a purported exposé of damning compromise and collusion between candidate Trump and the Russian government. This infamous work of fiction has rapidly become a byword and a laughing stock. Its purveyors clearly understood that the “dossier” was totally lacking in accuracy and credibility. Nevertheless, they unhesitatingly employed Steele’s bogus document in order to advance their reprehensible agenda to compromise and steal the national presidential election!

More than a dozen high ranking officials (including, but not limited to, Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Comey, and Mueller) have been willfully complicit in this ongoing criminal enterprise. Needless to say, were it not for their celebrity, “too big to jail” status, the aforementioned roster of treasonous conspirators would already be facing the bar of justice. They are assisted at every turn by a bought and paid for media, as well as the obstructionist tactics of political hacks such as Schumer, Pelosi, and California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff. All the while...this chorus and cacophony of bold face liars continue to advance the utterly baseless and unfounded premise that Trump and associates were involved in Russian collusion that was significant and pervasive enough to alter the outcome of the election.

The Real Russian Collusion

In the classic fashion and methodology previously referenced, the anti-Trump conspirators are actually, themselves, guilty of the very crimes of which they falsely accuse team Trump. After all...Christopher Steele boasts the credentials of being a former intelligence operative specializing in all things Russian. Furthermore...his supposed treasure trove of incriminating revelations about Trump’s alleged deviant behavior came from none other than well-connected Russian sources. Steele was handsomely remunerated for his work to the tune of ten million dollars by Hillary Clinton, her campaign coffers, and that same DNC over which she exercised supreme authority. And, let us not forget that long before Christopher Steele became a household word, Obama, the Clintons, the State Department, Mueller, and various other notable players were all engaged up to their eyeballs in the 142 million dollar payola scandal that has come to be known as Uranium One.

10 real

For those who don’t know, this was the caper that treasonously vested 20% of America’s strategic uranium assets into the control and hands of Russian interests. Indeed, there is criminal collusion with the Russians to be exposed and ferreted out, but it is all under the ownership of corrupt and powerful Democratic figures and operatives. And...having Robert Mueller tasked with the Russian collusion special investigation is the epitome of the fox investigating the henhouse murders.

What Shall We Do With the CIA and the FBI?

These and other related agencies provide the template and infrastructure of the secret police entity that is always an essential component of tyrannical government. It should come as no surprise that we are being treated to a crescendo of revelations concerning corruption and criminality at the highest levels of power in our once great nation. Be assured...the abuse of power by federal law enforcement agencies and officials is not an exception, but rather the rule of thumb for our bloated, power intoxicated national government.

Of even greater significance is the fact the real power in our nation emanates from a shadowy structure that ties directly into the private banking cartel alluded to earlier in this article. Organizations such as the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) routinely recruit, coop and groom individuals who are subsequently elevated to titular positions of power in all the significant institutions throughout the nation.

The national government doles out trillions of dollars which are borrowed from the private international banking cartel and tacked onto what is referred to as the “national debt.” (Presently in excess of twenty trillion dollars!) Untold millions of individuals are on the receiving end of this monetary largesse...many in the capacity of career bureaucrats or badge brandishing, gun toting agents of a plethora of three letter, alphabet soup agencies. This army of foot soldiers is largely unaccountable in light of the presumed hierarchy within which the feds clearly outrank state, county, and local authorities.

For many decades rank and file American citizens have had their basic rights routinely trampled upon by agencies such as the IRS, ATF, BLM, FEMA, EPA, DEA, FDA, ad nauseum ad infinitum. Since 9/11, the problem has been exacerbated by the creation of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) a mammoth and sprawling operation that we haven’t even begun to comprehend or witness the dangerous proportions of. Of course, 9/11 itself provided a glaring illustration of the manner in which a power of incomprehensible dimensions is able to foist upon the nation a false flag type event of earth shaking consequences and ramifications.

In the climate that presently dominates the controlled news cycle everyone is fixated upon the partisan political warfare that has reached degrees of rancor and division of unique and exaggerated proportions. The flamboyance and dominating style of Trump have necessitated response and retaliation by the liberal establishment beyond anything ever previously witnessed. Completely contrived stories such as the notion and presumed phenomenon of Russian influence over the 2016 presidential election have been strong armed to center stage status where they have remained, owing to a ceaseless barrage of odious and thinly veiled propaganda.

11 cia

The miniscule attention span of the American citizenry seemingly renders them incapable of logical, rational and systematic thought processes. A dumbed down and mind conditioned public has created a climate and environment in which left wing demagogues are able to flourish in unprecedented fashion. All the while...questions and points of consideration that are most relevant and crucial are continually ignored.

Recent revelations concerning the manner in which the FISA court has been criminally manipulated and abused for purposes of surveilling domestic political opposition should immediately engender conversation about this secretive, star chamber judicial mechanism...including its dubious origin and the corrupt foundation upon which it is built. A scant 17 years ago America was subjected to the roll out of a long premeditated agenda that featured the creation of a super structure intended to provide ongoing form to an evolving police state under the guise of a so called Department of Homeland Security.

Voluminous legislation such as the Patriot Act (obviously authored long before 9/11) was superimposed upon the nation under a cloud of frenzied paranoia. The carefully crafted narrative was put forth by officialdom that an entity called Al Qaeda...led by a fanatical, murderous mastermind named Osama bin Laden...had engineered the spectacular bringing down of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. America was now at war with the nebulous, shadowy enemy called terrorism...and no step was too broad or overreaching in the new crusade for supposed national survival. “America will never be the same,” intoned the high profile news industry personalities as they read from their carefully scripted teleprompters on 9/11/2001.

The Ultimate False Flag...To Date

The problem, of course, with the official story concerning 9/11 was that it was riddled with anomalies and inconsistencies that only deepen with greater analysis and investigation. In the years immediately following 9/11 a great deal of exposition came forth regarding the bogus characteristics of this grandiose false flag event. Parties such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the Power Hour broadcast, Alex Jones’ Infowars, and countless other researchers and investigators, unleashed mountains of damning information exposing the manner in which the nation and world were being deceived and manipulated through this historically unparalleled event.

All of this shocking evidence, however, was utterly impotent in the face of the avalanche of deception unleashed by the powers that be in the wake of the tragic 9/11 events. Like the ridiculous official “party line” position on the subject of the anatomy of the Kennedy assassination...the sanitized and sanctioned narrative concerning the events of 9/11 is scoffed at and wholly disbelieved by vast quantities of thoughtful Americans. Nevertheless, the policies and sweeping changes throughout the nation that were the direct result of 9/11 remain firmly and irreversibly intact...and the profuse lies related to this momentous tragedy continue to be venerated and enshrined.

12 911

Tragically, the longer that error and deception are allowed to stand, the less likely it becomes that any corrective action will ever be taken. It is simply too toilsome and inconvenient to go back and make retroactive changes in the utterly false spin that has been put on an event the magnitude of 9/11. Even among those who privately acknowledge that we were sold a bill of goods concerning 9/11, there are many who consider it to be a “noble lie” that must be propped up and perpetuated for the well being of the nation.

Suffice it to say that we can in no way properly deal with the inordinate level of brainwashing and propaganda presently being thrust upon the nation without first addressing the extraordinary events of the recent past which served to lay the groundwork for what is being witnessed today. 9/11, quite obviously, is the ideal place to begin in our quest for understanding the present predicament we find ourselves in. Among the poison fruit of 9/11 are two notable of which continues to rage on almost two decades later.

Despite mountainous evidence refuting the notion that America was successfully victimized by a ragtag band of 19 radical Muslim jihadists who were able to commandeer massive commercial jet aircraft, avoid preemptive intervention by NORAD (North American Air Defense), perform breathless feats of aeronautical skill...and successfully crash the hijacked aircraft into the Pentagon as well the Twin Towers...this zany, impossible scenario of the day’s supposed events continues to be clung to, with a straight face, as the official conclusion of what transpired on 9/11.

Impressive permanent memorials have been constructed in New York City, the Pentagon, as well as Shanksville, Pennsylvania where Flight 93 allegedly crashed after a heroic struggle between the jihadists and a courageous group of passengers determined to prevent the nefarious mission of the hijackers from being successfully completed. In the interim years, a new generation of Americans has been spawned who have never known anything other than the carefully crafted narrative that remains the official story of 9/11 consistently promulgated by all the pillars of the establishment.

Denial of Clear Cut Reality is Incontrovertible Evidence of Insanity

In the wake of 9/11 the sneering term “truther” was routinely applied to any and all who questioned the accepted version of purported events. A “truther” was undeserving of thoughtful evaluation...but rather a response of summary rejection and ridicule. After all...they were clearly nothing more than a wacko conspiracy theorist spouting forth discredited and unreliable notions derived from disreputable internet sources! Sadly, the simplistic techniques of the would be architects of globalism and world government have proven highly effective in marginalizing those committed to opening the eyes of their fellow citizens...even in the face of irrefutable, empirical evidence which eviscerates the “official” version of 9/11 occurrences. Among the startling facts concerning 9/11 are the following:

One – Building 7 (a 47-story modern skyscraper also known as the Solomon Building) was hit by nothing and yet it fell at free fall speed into its own footprint at 5:20 p.m., 9/11/2001.

Two – WTC owner Larry Silverstein stated on national television regarding Building 7, that the decision was made on the afternoon of 9/11 to “pull it” (industry nomenclature for controlled demolition).

Three – Countless eyewitness testimonials clearly establish that large quantities of explosions and detonations preceded the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Four – The fires that allegedly precipitated the collapse of the Twin Towers could not have possibly burned at temperatures sufficient to melt the steel structure that constituted the core support and strength of the buildings.

Five – The hole in the side of the Pentagon, allegedly made by American Airlines Flight 77, was a mere 18 feet in width while the wingspan of the Boeing 757 that is claimed to have crashed into the building is a whopping 124 feet and 10 inches.

Six – No clear and definitive video images exist of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon despite the fact that it is inarguably one of the most photographed buildings on the planet.

Seven – Overwhelming evidence and indicators clearly establish that many individuals were in possession of advance knowledge of pending 9/11 events, thus enabling them to be conspicuously absent from the ground zero area on that fateful day.

Of course...this is but a scant glimpse of the seemingly endless stream of inconsistencies regarding 9/11. To the objective and unencumbered mind, the false flag character of 9/11 simply cannot be denied. The unabashed truth is clearly hiding in the open...literally begging to be recognized and acknowledged. We must, therefore, pose the question of why the American public is accepting of institutional lies and all the debilitating and negative consequences they inevitably lead to. The answer, simply stated, is that the citizenry finds itself swept up in an overwhelming floodtide of disinformation and psychological manipulation. The people who are inclined to reject the massive tidal wave of brainwashing and propaganda are skillfully inundated with sophisticated, well funded methods of mind control designed to render them frustrated and confused.

13 insanity

The well known premise that if a big enough lie is repeated enough times people will believe it, constitutes a major component of the equation at hand. Additionally, the gaslighting technique is being increasingly employed to induce doubt in the minds of even the otherwise stalwart adherents to truth. is a very real form of insanity that exercises domination and control over the average member of present day society.

In Orwell’s 1984, there comes a point in time where Winston actually begins to deny the obvious truth that two plus two equals four. In his specific case it is the cruel mechanism of physical torture that drives him to the brink of insanity. In our current circumstances, the forces of evil employ even more creative and insidious techniques in the process of imposing an alternative reality on their docile and hapless victims.

The Seamless Connection Between Russiagate and 9/11

It can be accurately stated that apart from the reactionary policies instituted via the aftershocks of 9/11, our present conditions and circumstances would be highly unlikely, if not impossible. 9/11 facilitated the high speed evolution of a federal police least in the context of form and structure. An already excessive and abusive national government was able, through sleight of hand, to grant itself veritable cart blanche in terms of the ongoing exercise of pervasive power and control. in the name of waging a 100 year war against the ultimate, menacing adversary known as international terrorism...the central governing authorities proceeded to amass and accrue to themselves unparalleled and unprecedented powers.

As George W. Bush emphatically stated, “Either you are with us...or you are with the terrorists.” And the provisions for tyranny grew with scarcely a whimper of opposition.

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