Charlottesville…Six Months Later

In many respects, August 2017 seems like a scene from the distant past. August 12, 2017 was the day that mayhem erupted in the Virginia bastion of liberalism known as Charlottesville.

The seasoned observer could see trouble brewing from far away as the Unite the Right rally approached. The principle figures of the event tended to be overly light-hearted and naïve in their outlook and planning. Charlottesville had already played host to two prior gatherings at the location of the endangered statue of Robert E. Lee and ample time had been afforded to the leftist shock troops to prepare for the looming summer extravaganza.

Of course, had local and regional law enforcement simply done their job, Charlottesville would have merely gone down in history as one more gathering of disgruntled white nationalists fed up with the relentless attacks upon their race, heritage and future prospects for security and well-being. In retrospect, we now know that officialdom made the conscious decision, at some unknown juncture leading up to the August 12th event, to completely abdicate responsibility and let the diametrically opposed factions square off in outright physical confrontation.

A Thoroughly Predictable Outcome

Those coming to Charlottesville in support of the Unite the Right event were understandably enthused and invigorated. After living in a rapidly deteriorating culture increasingly given over to the debilitating ways of growing anti-white, anti-western, anti-Christian couldn’t help but be a breath of fresh air to anticipate congregating with hundreds...maybe even thousands of like-minded kinsmen for the constructive purpose of making a stand against the usurpatious villainy of the left.

Needless to say, many of the prospective attendees from the ranks of the alt right were keenly aware of the potential for danger and violence. It is no secret that burgeoning numbers of mindless, violence-prone, leftist revolutionaries are being skillfully drawn in and recruited from the youthful ranks of the American populace. Antifa has long been in the evolutionary, formative process and Charlottesville would certainly stand to provide a significant opportunity for them to enhance their own stature and notoriety.

Knowing that the organized shock brigades of the radical left would be spoiling for violent confrontation, many among the alt right made sure to equip themselves with shields and other defensive provisions. Leading up to the event, there were doubtlessly a great many online interchanges that involved speculations, conversations and fantasizing about what might transpire once the approaching day of anticipation arrived.

The overall naïve expectation, however, continued to be a presumption that law enforcement would keep the violent Antifa terrorists at bay as has been done at a variety of past high profile events. Apart from such necessary intervention tactics on the part of law enforcement, the leftist revolutionary thugs have made clear an unmistakable propensity for potentially murderous violence.


In their warped and twisted minds they have not only the right...but the absolute obligation to shut down by force, the voices of their traditionalist ideological opponents. In short, they consider their adversaries to be guilty of hate speech and the advocacy of genocidal racism. Based on this unilateral assessment, there is simply no limit to what can be justified in a preemptive strategy of retaliation. The First Amendment, the Constitution, and the general rule of law have no bearing whatsoever on the conversation. In Antifa’s dangerous collective mind they are fully justified in perpetrating lethal force and violence against those with whom they passionately disagree.

The violent factions of Antifa enjoy a tactical symbiotic relationship with the older, more restrained members of the leftist mob. Many counter protesters styling themselves as liberal members of the clergy or basic community activists took up a willful and premeditative stance that involved the locking of arms and strategically positioning themselves to block the entrances to the park wherein the permitted Unite the Right protest was scheduled to take place. In other words, these radical activists were determined to physically prevent the lawful protesters from exercising their basic Constitutional rights to assemble peacefully and engage in free speech.

Quite obviously, the police should have intervened at this point in time in order to allow the lawful, permitted protesters to gain access to their designated, prescribed venue of operation. The federal court had issued an order requiring the city of Charlottesville to allow the event to proceed as scheduled despite an 11th hour attempt to thwart the rally. Despite the clear-cut ruling of the court, an undeniable conspiratorial confluence of circumstances and actions kicked in for the express purpose of circumventing the pronouncements of the federal judiciary.

By allowing the non-permitted leftist forces to obstruct entrance to the park the authorities created a classic no-win situation for the pro-Confederate protesters. They could either acquiesce to the unscrupulous actions of the enemy or proceed to muscle their way to the location reserved for the effective exercise of their hallowed rights. When a befuddled representation of alt right protestors and sympathizers queried law enforcement as to how they should proceed, the men in uniform smirked and pointed toward the rabid leftist mob. Thus, the media and countless citizen journalists witnessed and photographed the ensuing melee that resulted from this contrived head on collision of opposing factions.

It was at this point of confrontation that the goons from Antifa unleashed their arsenal of potentially lethal weapons. Frozen water bottles, containers and balloons filled with human excrement and urine, containers and pressurized dispensers of mace and other poisonous gases, and even a makeshift flamethrower were all extracted from the Antifa bag of tricks. Pound for pound, of course, the leftist street warriors are no match for a sufficiently motivated band of indignant white males. For this reason, the communist revolutionaries found themselves on the receiving end of a necessary barrage of offensive force that left no doubt as to who the superior fighters happened to be.

In classic deceptive fashion, the imagery of the advancing Unite the Right phalanx was seized upon as ostensible evidence of “violent Nazis” who had come to Charlottesville for the express purpose of inflicting unprovoked injury on helpless and heroic counter protesters. Pathetically, a significant percentage of the gullible public falls hook, line and sinker for such manipulative propaganda...despite the fact that the mainstream media narrative happens to be light years from the truth.

From Bad to Worse

It was disastrous in and of itself, that the lawful, permitted protesters had to literally fight their way into the park and toward the Robert E. Lee statue...but that was only the beginning of state-sponsored mischief and criminality. Very quickly, it became evident that an even more sinister agenda was at work. Suddenly and unnecessarily, the state police announced that the event had been declared an unlawful assembly and all the pro-heritage protesters were ordered to vacate the park or be tear-gassed and placed under arrest. At this stage of the unfolding drama the pro-Constitution faction had to, once again, make their way through the menacing, Antifa-led mob.

Chaos and Confusion Ensue

At this point of the conflict, the leftist forces were greatly buoyed by the fact that law enforcement had effectively done their bidding. A blind eye was consistently turned toward the aggressive attacks being levied against the traditionalist protesters. Many additional violent conflicts ensued as the Unite the Right sympathizers sought to make the treacherous journey back to their vehicles. In the midst of this mayhem there occurred the mystery-laden event wherein James A. Fields allegedly drove his Dodge Challenger into a celebratory mob of counter protesters. This, of course, was the incident that is credited with causing the death of Heather Heyer, the official martyr of Charlottesville.

Vindicated by the Official Report

2After the dust settled on the tragic events of August 12, the city of Charlottesville contracted with well-known legal services provider Hunton and Williams to conduct an in depth, independent investigation into what precisely had occurred, in a broad context, on that fateful and unforgettable occasion. The result of their effort was the release, in November 2017, of a 219-page document entitled Final Report: Independent Review of the 2017 Protest Events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Within the pages of this compilation of evidence and information is the unmistakable revelation of the fact that law enforcement had, without question, failed to perform the basic, required function of maintaining peace and order in the midst of the August 12 protest event.

Former Charlottesville Chief of Police Alfred Thomas

Former Charlottesville Chief of Police Alfred Thomas

In the wake of the release of the report, Charlottesville Police Chief Alfred Thomas tendered his resignation...a tacit acknowledgement of the failures of his department. Needless to say, the controlled media has downplayed the damning aspects of this report and continues to advance the baseless, opportunistic narrative that pro-white protesters and activists were the sole cause and perpetrators of all that comprised the tragic circumstances of the Unite the Right event.

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

The conclusive determinations of the report also confirm the fact that actual and ultimate blame for the violence, injuries and death that occurred on August 12 rests squarely at the doorstep of the higher authorities responsible for the stand down order that rendered law enforcement impotent and ineffective. Two specific individuals who are most certainly culpable in this regard are former Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

It would appear that Police Chief Thomas was appointed the task of falling on his sword and serving as the fall guy and sacrificial lamb of Charlottesville. His insider superiors probably have seen to it that Thomas be sufficiently rewarded for assuming this necessary role.

Demonization of the Nationalist Right

The Charlottesville debacle had immediate shock wave effects throughout the nationalist/conservative movement nationwide. In particular, organizations and individuals who deal forthrightly with subject matter pertaining to race, ethnicity and demographics were quickly targeted for scathing attacks and denunciation. In sweeping fashion they were rapidly cut off by online mediums for financial and commercial activity such as Paypal, Patreon, Crowd Funding, Go Fund Me, as well as the overall ability to process credit/debit card transactions. Many parties were, of necessity, driven into cryptocurrency mediums such as bitcoin. Ironically, the overall upsurge of bitcoin has resulted in a financial windfall for numerous white nationalists and race realists in the wake of Charlottesville. Overall, however, the movement has been significantly injured and adversely impacted by the fallout of this landmark event.

The vicious nature of retaliatory action has constituted a sobering awakening for many who underestimated the level of abject hatred that leftist forces are so readily disposed to exhibit and manifest. In this sense, Charlottesville is serving the purpose of separating the men from the boys, as the saying goes.

Litigation and the Waging of Lawfare

A conglomerate of those deemed as having been organizers of the Unite the Right event have been targeted by civil litigation initiated by representatives of those who claim to be victims of an organized, premeditated plan to visit violence and injury upon Charlottesville via the coordination and execution of the “hate-filled” protest event.

Jason Kessler, organizer of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA

Jason Kessler, organizer of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA

Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer

Among the defendants in the litigation are principle organizer Jason Kessler, leading alt right personality Richard Spencer and highly publicized activist Chris Cantwell who was featured in an ill advised media report wherein a notable variety of firearms were effectively shown off. Cantwell was wrongly charged with serious criminal accusations for merely discharging pepper spray in the midst of a violent assault against his person. In certain respects, he set himself up to be exploited as a convenient example of the supposed violent intentions of Unite the Right participants.

Chris Cantwell

Chris Cantwell

The defendants in this civil action are greatly disadvantaged in the public relations realm and must also bear the monetary hardships of a well-financed legal assault upon their personal and organizational circumstances. In the past, the Southern Poverty Law Center has successfully employed similar legal strategies to effectively bankrupt such racialist organizations and personalities as the late Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations, and Tom Metzger and W.A.R. (White Aryan Resistance).

The success of these legal proceedings is typically contingent upon the extensive and reflexive prejudice that can be readily marshalled against those branded as racists, Nazis or white supremacists. In addition, it is difficult for such defendants to find willing, competent, and affordable legal representation. Unlike leftist revolutionary causes, that are typically championed by stables full of pro bono American Civil Liberties Union type lawyers...the plight of racially-minded white activists is avoided like the plague by successful and prosperous attorneys.

What It All Adds Up To

In the general sense, the events of August 11-12, 2017 at Charlottesville, Virginia have engendered a very significant degree of hardship and suffering upon those who seek to fight the battle for truth and justice concerning matters related to race, ethnicity, demographics, and the clash of civilizations on American soil. The racialist right is clearly being demonized and set up to become the ultimate villain and scapegoat in the ominous days ahead.

Several young white men who were caught on video meting out just retribution against violent black thug DeAndre Harris after his brutal assault upon League of the South leadership figure Harold Crews (age 48), have now been hit with serious criminal charges resulting in their arrest and incarceration pending trial in Virginia.


Harold Crews of the League of the South

Overall...the Charlottesville Unite the Right event can be readily construed as a significant setback for the urgent cause of politically incorrect truth in modern America. Those who organized and participated in the Charlottesville action were certainly heroic in their efforts to fight the inappropriate removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee and other related injustices. Truly, it was the contingency of lawfully permitted protesters who came to Charlottesville to exercise their God given rights, who have become the ultimate victims of this historic occasion.

Massive collusion and criminality have been employed in an ongoing, systematic effort to demonize and defraud those who have stood for foundational American principles by coming to Charlottesville at great personal risk and expense. In hindsight, there were certainly instances of bad judgment resulting from lack of experience and tactical savvy.

In typical fashion, extensive cover up by powerful interests continues to obscure otherwise vital aspects of the Charlottesville saga. Among the most pronounced examples of the suppression of truth are the case of James A. Fields, as well as the strange and little talked about details of the deaths of Virginia State Trooper Berke Bates and Lt. H. Jay Cullen, who had just dropped off Governor Terry McAuliffe prior to their fatal helicopter crash. Yes, the devil is truly and frequently in the details and such is likely the case in the matter of Charlottesville.


Virginia State Trooper Berke Bates and Lt. H. Jay Cullen died in a mysterious helicopter crash in Charlottesville on the day of the Unite the Right rally.

It remains to be seen how the continuing fallout of this event will register an impact on the ongoing evolution of circumstances in a nation increasingly divided along racial and cultural lines. Given the efficiency with which the powerful, Ephesians 6:12 forces suppress and cover up hard core truth, the prospects for effective exposure of Charlottesville-related truth are unfavorable to say the least.

Nevertheless...the battle for our heritage, culture, civilization and extended racial family goes on. May God grant us the determination and ability to prevail in our crusade against the usurpation, evil and injustice being outworked against our nation and people.


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