Disarming the Resistance: Steamrolling Public Opinion in the Aftermath of the Parkland School Shooting

One can only stand in awe as we observe the tactical machinations of our ideological adversaries in the wake of the Valentines’ Day school shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

More so than any of its similar predecessor tragedies, it was immediately observable that this particular mass school shooting was to feature a well-honed operational/propaganda response to the emotion-laden psychological climate left in its path of destruction and destabilization. Clearly, the shockingly dramatic spectacle at Parkland was to be seized upon as a catalyst for significant, if not sea-change, type alterations in the gun laws throughout America.

People are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school that killed 17 and and injured multiple people on February 14 in Florida.

The instantaneous reaction and response to the shooting rampage was in no way spontaneous and organic. Instead, it reeks of thoughtful and calculated forethought and premeditation. The writer of this treatise hereby purports that overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to the extreme likelihood, if not certainty, of such a conclusion! Let’s examine that which we know to be factual and indisputable.

The Classic Fall Guy Prototype

Nikolas Cruz

Nikolas Cruz

The bodies of the Parkland shooting tragedy were still warm when the public was informed that the suspected perpetrator had already been identified and apprehended. 19-year old Nikolas Cruz was promptly descended upon, subdued, and taken into custody by law enforcement in the immediate aftermath of the shooting event.

Somehow, according to more in-depth research, Cruz was able to make his way out of the school undetected and walk to a nearby fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat prior to his apprehension. These intriguing details were completely swept under the rug...and with lightning rapidity, the likely patsy was reported to have “confessed” to being the murderous shooter.

This aspect of the event is reminiscent of the confession extracted from James Earl Ray in the 1968 Memphis, Tennessee killing of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ray later sought to alter his plea deal on the basis of the fact that the admission of guilt was actually extracted from him under dubious and manipulative circumstances. Ray went to his death, still imprisoned, adamantly denying having killed King. Even the family of the civil rights icon were thoroughly convinced that the wrong man had been charged with and convicted of this momentous crime.

Nikolas Cruz was known among his peers as a mentally unstable character who had, on a plurality of occasions, alluded to the possibility of becoming a school shooter. He was also known to be in possession of firearms and was living with James Snead and his family. Interestingly, Snead happens to have formerly been active in military intelligence.

In the early stages of the breaking national story, an on-camera interview became available that featured a female student, Alexa Miednik, who calmly testified that she was walking alongside Cruz and speaking with him in a school hallway while shots were being fired in a nearby part of the building. This footage was secured by a reporter from Texas who happened to be in the area to cover the local minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros major league baseball team.

Like the other facts and information that don’t square with the official narrative, this blockbuster information is also being relegated to the abyss of non-existence. Anyone who endeavors to raise these profound points of consideration is immediately labelled a conspiracy theorist and subjected to an intense reaction of ridicule and condemnation.

Also of significance is the fact that Cruz’s lone sibling, Zachary, has been involuntarily placed in a mental institution...thus guaranteeing that he won’t be meaningfully weighing in on the subject of the Parkland shooting anytime soon. The adoptive parents of Cruz are both deceased. The mother, Lynda Cruz, is reported to have died of pneumonia in November 2017 while the adoptive father, Roger, purportedly died from a heart attack when Nikolas and his brother Zachary were young boys, in 2004.

According to the Sneads, Nikolas in no way revealed or exhibited the antisocial, psychopathic, rebellious characteristics that are being routinely ascribed to him in the aftermath of the killing spree. In fact, he was friends with their 17-year old son and was allowed to keep a locked gun safe containing at least three firearms in their home.

On the day of the mass shooting, Cruz messaged the Snead’s son and inquired of his whereabouts on the Parkland school campus. Cruz said he had something he wanted to tell his friend. Apparently...the message Cruz wanted to convey needed to be in person and he didn’t want to deliver it via text message or other electronic means. We have been told that Cruz arrived at the crime scene through the transportation medium of Uber, at which time he proceeded to enter the school (which he no longer attended) to seek out his friend. Instead, however, Cruz supposedly embarked upon his cold-blooded unleashing of gore and murderous violence.

Multiple Shooters Decked Out in Full Military Gear

Despite the sophisticated degree of information control being exercised by officialdom and the mainstream media, numerous eyewitness reports have managed to make it into circulation exposing the fact that the killing at Marjorie Stoneman High School was actually carried out by what appears to have been well-trained operatives. These individuals were clad in military swat-type attire suitable for the mission.

Nothing within the scope of that which is known about Cruz’s behavior on the day of the tragedy in any way meshes with the outworking of the nefarious deeds he is being implicated in. Like the mass shooting of October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, there is overwhelming evidence that the highly efficient carnage was the work of multiple assailants. Once again, however, the public is being spoon fed yet another lone gunman profile of this horrific criminal travesty.

CNN and the Budding Young Thespians

It is firmly believed by many in the know that CNN is an unofficial subsidiary of the vile and corrupt Central Intelligence Agency. In fact, individuals such as the openly homosexual Anderson Cooper (a prominent CNN anchor man) make no attempt to deny past connections to the CIA. There is a well-known saying along the lines of “once CIA, always CIA,” and it is probable, if not a certainty, that Mr. Cooper condescendingly plies his trade in the overarching interest of the deep state.

In this context, it is important that we take appropriate notice of the small clique of student activist/spokespersons who have been anointed by CNN and sundry other media outlets as the go-to source for a reading and representation of “what the students think” about the mass shooting and its fallout. These young adults all happen to be members of the school drama troupe, having been obviously and undeniably guided, directed, and provided with effective talking points in the days and weeks following the tragedy.

One among their number, David Hogg, can be seen in the video herein provided being coached and instructed by unseen, off-camera handlers. Young Mr. Hogg also happens to be the son of a “former” FBI agent who apparently moved his family from the west coast in 2015.

Needless to say, all manner of speculations and theories have proliferated relative to the four primary members of the youthful brigade of leftist students who all happen to be aspiring actors. It is preposterous, to say the least, for straight-faced media types and reporters...feigning abhorrence and indignation...to act as though the obvious hand-picking of these teenage “survivors” of the Parkland tragedy should somehow be off limits from scrutiny and investigation.

According to these self-appointed arbiters of that which is true vs. the dangerous “fake news” of alternative media, to merely reference the damning facts that reinforce the reality that David Hogg and company are chosen, favored, well-financed, and skillfully handled by prominent leftist interests...automatically translates into the equivalent of “attacking” and “bullying” these poor, vulnerable, traumatized children.

Actors in the Anti-Gun Drama

While there are probably some observers of the Parkland tragedy who believe that everything...from top to bottom...about the event is a product of contrivance and manipulation, the more common consensus among non-brainwashed, independent analysts simply recognizes the blatant inconsistencies and anomalies found within the broad context of the official story, and proceed to demand explanations that legitimately account for the otherwise fatal flaws in the narrative at large.

For example, how is it that out of a student body of 3,000...it is merely these four...who all happen to be members of the school drama association...who are the only voices worthy of being heard? And what about that damning, revealing video clip of a frustrated, befuddled David Hogg being patiently encouraged and handled by the controlling off-camera personage? Are we to simply trust the purveyors of the controlled narrative...or, instead, go rogue and actually believe our lying eyes!

And then there is the interesting factor of how these Constitutionally illiterate young millennials have been instantly catapulted to stardom, celebrity status, fame and fortune by virtue of their willingness and ability to regurgitate the party line relative to gun confiscation and the abolition of the Second Amendment. These compliant pawns on the chessboard are being treated like royalty as they are luxuriously shuttled from one high-profile media appearance to the next. In reality, the manner and extent to which they have been brainwashed and are now being opportunistically exploited borders on being criminal in and of itself.


The Crisis Actor Canard

To be sure, there are bona fide crisis actors to found in our modern era. In certain high-profile, false flag events of recent history, there have been well-documented instances of the usage of crisis actors...skilled individuals who, like the professional provocateur...are sent in to play a specific role or provide the necessary optics as part of an event designed to further an agenda for radical and subversive societal change.

The more studied observers of the Parkland event are not inclined to believe that David Hogg and his drama association cohorts are crisis actors because such a conclusion is not supported by the evidence at hand. Prominent alternative media sources such as Infowars have consistently emphasized that Hogg and friends are, indeed, actors...but have in no way stated or even insinuated that they are crisis actors.

And yet...the controlled media and their establishment allies have repeatedly made the false charge against Alex Jones that he has labelled these students as being crisis actors. They have then proceeded to use such accusations as a pretense to subject Infowars to censorship, demonization, and a general call for shunning, boycotting, and ostracization. Leading the charge in this censorship crusade are CNN and YouTube...even going so far as to move toward permanently banning Infowars and other alternative media sources from access to the prominent and pervasive internet video portal.

Trump’s Shocking Indifference to the Second Amendment

In the wake of Parkland, the world has witnessed a frightening display of seeming willingness to compromise on the part of President Donald Trump. So far off point were his televised words of accommodation that they caused California Senator Diane Feinstein to become uncontrollably effusive and giddy as she sat perched beside him at this high-profile brainstorming session.


A somber Larry Pratt, who heads up Gun Owners of America, could only shake his head in dismay and consternation when questioned about Trump’s seeming acquiescence to unacceptable components of the leftist, anti-gun agenda. While expressing tepid hope that the president was in some way gaming the opposition, Mr. Pratt went on to observe that it seemed more likely that the chief executive was being swept up in the onslaught of energy being marshalled toward the presumption of an inevitable necessity of change being implemented in the interest of solving the problem of mass shootings, in general, and school shootings more specifically.

Willfulness or Ineptitude?

If the official narrative were true...that Nikolas Cruz was in fact the lone gunman of the Parkland massacre...there would clearly be no need to respond via the implementation of new laws or policies. After all...on multiple occasions both the FBI, as well as local law enforcement had been warned and tipped off that he was a likely candidate to carry out a Columbine-style school shooting incident.

Mysteriously, law enforcement exhibited apathy and indifference toward this very real threat. In other words, if existing laws had been acted upon and enforced, Cruz would have been dealt with in preemptive fashion and no tragedy would have been possible. The ignoring, overlooking and denying of this simple reality proves that a more sinister agenda is at work.


Quite obviously, Donald Trump is readily capable of recognizing and comprehending this basic truth and reality. For this reason, if the president becomes a party to the implementation of incremental gun control...we must conclude that he is somehow complicit in this insidious plot to gradually disarm the law abiding citizenry.

It should be obvious to all that willful abdication of responsibility is what we are dealing with in the matter of the failure to act preemptively regarding the profile of Nikolas Cruz as a ticking time bomb. Thus, we must embrace and properly interpret the reality that Cruz was deliberately allowed to simmer and fester in a dangerous state.

The Code Red Stand Down

Another baffling aspect of the Valentine’s Day massacre is observed in the coming forth of evidence to the effect that no less than four Broward County Sheriff’s Department deputies actually stood down in the midst of a full-blown, code red active shooter event happening right before their very eyes!

This inexcusable conduct on the part of professional, trained police officers is indicative, in and of itself, of subterfuge and conspiracy on some level of the crime scene anatomy. What, after all, could possibly be the explanation for such dereliction of duty?

Were they merely manifesting cowardice in the face of deadly danger? Were the officers operating under an actual stand down directive and just obeying orders? Did they somehow think that everything taking place was simply part and parcel of the “active shooter drill” that had, after all, been planned and scheduled for that particular school day? Whatever conclusion we arrive at, the implications are unavoidably diabolical and ruthlessly criminal in their extrapolated interpretation!

How is it, for instance, that repeatedly...coincidentally...against all conceivable odds, at the precise and specific moment in time that the authorities are carrying out a drill or exercise...the very event being fictionally portrayed and prepared for actually occurs in real time?


It was just such a phenomenon that happened on 9/11, the 7/7 bombing of the London subway, the Boston Marathon attack, the Charleston church shooting, Sandy Hook, the Oslo massacre, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, and the November 13, 2015 Paris terror attacks. If we honestly ask ourselves what the actuarial odds are for such synthesis between the practice drill and the happenstance occurrence of a variation of the actual event, we will somberly recognize the gut wrenching truth of the evil, manipulative power that is at work.

The Reason Is All Too Obvious

When confronted with the line of supposition and reasoning in this article it is common for people to shake their head in confusion and incredulity and ask the simple question, Why?

The answer happens to be revealed in that foundational passage of scripture found in Ephesians 6:12 which states: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Yes...a dark and depraved supernatural force is doing all that is within its power to lead us to the threshold of a global technocratic dictatorship and it is only through spiritual, Biblical enlightenment and renaissance that we will have any hope of effective and meaningful resistance.


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