Nationalist Solutions Conference 2018

headerThe weekend of June 15-17 will be a landmark occasion at the Montgomery Bell State Park in the great state of Tennessee. The 2018 Nationalist Solutions Conference, cosponsored by the American Freedom Party and the Council of Conservative Citizens, will be held that weekend at the park’s spacious conference center and will feature an extraordinary and unique lineup of speakers.

speakersAddressing the crowd assembled will be former Croatian diplomat Dr. Tom Sunic, author and creator of the weekly Political Cesspool broadcast James Edwards, former California State University Professor Dr. Kevin McDonald, Vanderbilt Professor Emerita Dr. Virginia Abernethy, League of the South Director and author Dr. Michael Hill, prolific author Dr. Adrian Krieg, Council of Conservative Citizens President Earl Holt, American Freedom Party National Chairman and Attorney William Johnson, Swiss Nationalist Party Leader Dominic Lüthard, author and National Right spokesperson Tom Kawczynski, and Mr. Makoto Sakurai of the Japan First Party.

In addition to the aforementioned inspiring speakers, the conference will also feature Dr. David Duke who will render a timely and powerful message at the Saturday night banquet. The overarching theme of the conference will center upon the superiority of ethnic nationalism over the failed systems that relentlessly seek to impose a globalist construct on the nations and peoples of the earth.

Rick Tyler

Rick Tyler

The 2018 Nationalist Solutions Conference has been organized by current Tennessee gubernatorial and U.S. congressional candidate Rick Tyler, who will also serve as Master of Ceremonies for this very important gathering. Assisting in the speaker introductions and orchestration of the conference will be fellow American Freedom Party National Board Member Dr. Tom Sunic.

The 2018 Nationalist Solutions Conference promises to be an occasion of profound learning and inspiration as well as a thoroughly rewarding time of fellowship, interaction, and networking with fellow truth seekers and activists in the ongoing crusade to advance the cause of race realism and its vast implications.

Registration for the conference can be made through the website and direct and immediate answers to event-related questions can be obtained by calling (423) 457-1755. Click here for an event flier.

Please act now to reserve your place in attendance at what promises to be a pivotal and historic conference. We look forward to seeing you there!


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  1. Go for it Brother.
  2. The fact that David Duke spoke at this meeting says it all.

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