Nationalist Solutions 2018 Conference

The Nationalist Solutions 2018 Conference is now in the rearview mirror and by all accounts it was a tremendous success. The June 15-17 event brought together a sizable gathering of like minded individuals who were greatly inspired and informed by one of the most impressive groups of knowledgeable and authoritative speakers to be assembled in memorable history.

A Powerful Academic Occasion

The Nationalist Solutions 2018 Conference was held at the beautiful Montgomery Bell State Park close to Nashville, Tennessee, and was notable in terms of the number of academically credentialed individuals who helped constitute the speakers line up. Addressing a broad range of nationalistic themes were Dr. Tomislav Sunic (formerly a Croatian diplomat and university professor), Dr. Virginia Abernethy (Professor Emerita at Vanderbilt University), Dr. Kevin MacDonald (prominent author and former professor at the University of California at Berkeley), Dr. Michael Hill (former university professor and leader of the League of the South), Dr. Adrien Krieg (prolific author and former university professor), and Dr. David Duke (author, former Louisiana state legislator and world renowned activist in the interest of the well-being, human rights, and ultimate survival of the Caucasian race). Together, these courageous academicians put forth a momentous argument in favor of the pursuit and perpetuation of a nationalistic approach toward the objective of solving the increasingly ominous problematic trends that threaten the ultimate destruction of western, Christian civilization.

Politics and Activism

The Nationalist Solutions 2018 Conference was co-sponsored by the American Freedom Party and the Council of Conservative Citizens, two premier representations of old-guard activism within the realm of ethno-realism and related interests. Joining these stalwart organizations, among others, were members of the southern nationalist League of the South, Charlottesville Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler, former Jackman, Maine town manager Tom Kawczynski. and long-time, stalwart Arkansas activist Rachel Pendergraft.

International Flavor

Adding depth and dimension to the Conference was the presence of Mr. Dominic Lüthard of the Swiss Nationalist Party and Mr. Makoto Sakurai of the Japan First Party, both of whom provided insight into how the cause of ethnic nationalism is developing and playing out in their respective nations. Providing translation from Japanese into English was American Freedom Party National Chairman William Johnson, while Dr. Tom Sunic served as the translation medium for the Swiss nationalist leader Dominic Lüthard. Chairman Johnson, an attorney from Los Angeles, California, and Council of Conservative Citizens President Earl Holt also provided timely commentary to the conference as they addressed the crowd toward the end of Saturday’s schedule of activities.

A Conference Highlight

At the Saturday evening banquet of the Nationalist Solutions 2018 Conference, attendees were treated to a delicious meal as well as a thorough overview and presentation by Dr. David Duke of the myriad problems spawned by the disproportionate power and influence wielded against the fundamental interests and well-being of America by an unscrupulous and destructive Zionist fifth column. Dr. Duke pulled no punches in this hard hitting expose while effectively asserting the profound importance of being willing to define and delineate the full spectrum of that which threatens our survival as a people, nation, culture and civilization.

More to Come

The Nationalist Solutions 2018 Conference provided a sumptuous feast of knowledge and inspiration for those in attendance, while at the same time whetting their appetite for a follow-up to such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With this reality in mind, it will certainly be the goal of those responsible for bringing forth this energizing event to make provision and preparation for additional gatherings in the not too distant future. All are advised to stay tuned for pending announcements and information concerning such forthcoming events.


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  1. I am really sorry I had to miss this convention. I look forward to joining a future meeting.
  2. I am glad that it went so well. Since I was not able to attend, will there be an opportunity to purchase a video of the conference? Adam FreeMan
  3. Glad the conference was a success. I'll try to make it next year. I'm sure my friend, Arthur Jones, running for Congress here in Illinois, would also like to attend. Eli

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