Charlottesville…On the Eve of the One Year Anniversary

My how time flies! It seems like just yesterday that I received a call from a courteous female reporter from Channel 9 in Chattanooga. Allison was wondering if I was in Charlottesville or knew anyone who was. It was late in the afternoon on Saturday, August 12th, and news was breaking and circulating throughout the nation and world that the “Unite the Right” protest and rally in Charlottesville, Virginia had devolved into a day of violence and mayhem culminating in three fatalities and a great many other injuries sustained by individuals on both sides of the political/ideological divide.

At the time this call came in I had already been given a thorough bird’s eye report by my son Jacob who had been embedded during the day’s extraordinary events with the southern nationalist and Christian organization known as the League of the South. Jacob was on hand as a free lance reporter whose primary mission was to cover the event for the populist newspaper, the American Free Press. His eyewitness perspective completely confirmed that which I instinctively knew to be true relative to the anatomy of what had transpired on that fateful day in our modern American history.

I related to Allison precisely what Jacob had conveyed to me...namely that law enforcement had willfully and irresponsibly stood down in the face of a massive, unruly leftist mob. I explained to her how the police stood idly by while leftist, un-permitted counter protestors willfully and methodically obstructed the lawfully permitted “Unite the Right” protestors from making their way to the designated location of their long-planned event.

The entire spectacle that unfolded in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 was spawned by the efforts being expended to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee situated at the epicenter of what is now being referred to as “Emancipation Park.” (At the approximate time of this article’s composition, the park has undergone yet another name change and is now to be referred to as Market Street Park.) The “Unite the Right” event was being held for the purpose of resisting the removal of the most beloved leader of the Confederacy. Participants in the event were organizing and gathering under the authority of a federal court ruling requiring the city of Charlottesville to cease and desist from preventing the protest event to move forward.

As it turned out...local and state representatives of officialdom were determined to defy due process and derail the protest event by hook or crook. The strategy employed toward that end proceeded as follows. Law enforcement on hand refused to perform their required duty to provide the permitted protesters unimpeded access to the designated location of their event.

They were fully aware that by requiring the Unite the Right protesters to wade through the agitated leftist mob, an inevitable explosion of violent conflict would be the result. Edited and one-sided filming of the ensuing melee would subsequently be used to advance the baseless narrative that the leftists had become the innocent victims of a band of neo-Nazi storm troopers that had travelled to Charlottesville for the express purpose of fomenting and perpetuating violence.

It is an absolute and indisputable certainty that, had law enforcement simply done its job, and kept the leftist mob from blocking access to the park and attacking the protesters who were courageous enough to run the gauntlet of Antifa thugs that were positioned to prevent them from exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and indulge in free speech expression...then none of the day’s violence would have ever occurred. The Unite the Right participants would have simply made their way to the statue of General Lee, listened to the addresses of the pre-announced line up of speakers, made known their pronounced attitude of contempt toward those seeking the removal of the statue, and gone their respective ways.

Those among their number who were equipped with shields, helmets, eye protection, etc....were merely engaging in responsible preventative techniques given the well-established track record of Antifa and their fellow travelers of unleashing violent assaults against those with whom they are at ideological variance.

Of course, the next calculated maneuver of the state police and their controllers was to declare the entire event an unlawful assembly based on the unfolding expressions of violent conflict that resulted directly and expressly from the police stand-down herein alluded to.

Once the unlawful assembly declaration was issued...the Unite the Right participants were once again left with no alternative other than to make their way through a mob that was, at this juncture, spinning out of control in a frenzied, hyper-agitated manner!

As I explained all this to Allison, she was astonished and incredulous toward my accurate and factual representation of what had unfolded at Charlottesville earlier in the day. Furthermore, I was informed that she would be authoring a story to be posted on the station’s online platform that would give exposure to the rendition of events that I had made her privy to. All in all, I spent more than an hour talking to her and she seemed genuinely appreciative of my time and effort expended to answer her questions and provide insight.

Needless to say, if Allison did write an article giving voice to my perspective of the day’s events at was never posted or allowed to see the light of day. Instead...the Chattanooga media (including her station) dutifully parroted the utterly unfounded party line...even going so far as to present entirely fraudulent statements by area leftist activists who had travelled to Charlottesville to be part of the counter-protest effort. These individuals assumed the posture of hapless victims who were mercilessly descended upon by evil and violent Nazis!

One among their ranks, John Carico, whined and complained about how the “Nazis” had subjected him to unprovoked, brutal violence. His tale of woe was reported by the agenda-driven media as though it were factual and beyond reproach. Imagine Allison’s surprise when I called her a few days later and revealed that I possessed a photograph of Mr. Carico stalking a group of Unite the Right protesters with a gigantic butcher knife clutched in his right hand! She asked if I could send her a copy so she could pass it on to her editors. I stated that I would happily comply with her request, which I proceeded to do. Once again...Allison’s employer never saw fit to report the actual news...but merely continued to be a conduit for the bogus Charlottesville mythology that has now been enshrined as yet another installment of false history.

The Significance of Charlottesville

The Unite the Right event of August 2017 has entered the pages of history as a moment in time when comparatively large numbers of predominantly young, white men were motivated to converge on a designated location for the purpose of taking a stand for the concept and expression of that which they deemed to be in the best interest of their own distinct racial group.


On the night of August 11th they dared to execute a torchlit procession through the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia. The spectacle of hundreds of young white men making their way through the campus in orderly, uniform fashion...chanting in unison, “You will not replace us” and “Jews will not replace us,” was terrifying on multiple levels to those observers who reject the ethnically based underpinnings of western Christian civilization. God forbid that white men of any age grouping would dare to organize and establish a unified front against the forces that have effectively disenfranchised them and stolen their very future. After all...history well establishes the unique proficiency of Caucasian manhood in the realm of conquest and the taking of orderly dominion.

Deceit, Disinformation, and Demonization

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, those same young, Caucasian males converged in highly substantial numbers on the designated location for the lawfully permitted, court sanctioned protest event that was being held under the banner and heading of Unite the Right. The underlying premise for the necessity of this event consisted of the reality of the pending removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from the public park long bearing his name, coupled with the division and antagonism that has typically been the hallmark of varied and competitive organizations ostensibly devoted to the same basic goals and objectives.

An assemblage of groups including the League of the South, Identity Europa, National Vanguard, and the Traditionalist Workers Party were all on hand and well represented. In addition, there were hundreds of individuals present who, while not being members of any specific organization, were nevertheless motivated to be in attendance via the educational and communications efforts of the internet phenomenon known as the Alt Right. Without question, Unite the Right represented the largest gathering of its particular kind, of unabashedly pro-white demonstrators in modern, post-WWII history. was representative of a stirring and awakening that was germinating and incubating in the hearts and minds of a rapidly growing number of young white Americans.

At this point in our analysis, it is crucial that we make note of the fact that, when left to their own natural instincts and devices...members of the Caucasian race are inordinately inclined toward actions and policies whereby they establish systems of orderliness and achieve subjugation over individuals and forces who simultaneously would otherwise facilitate chaos and disorder. Such propensities constitute and bring to pass the phenomena whereby Western culture and civilization have both originated and proceeded to flourish.

Indeed, it is only through calculated subversion and treachery that the Caucasian collective is led into self-abasement and psychological enslavement. Once emancipated from the seductive allure of an alien, anti-Western philosophy and its myriad real world manifestations...the white race is readily inclined toward the age old techniques and methods whereby their ancestors laboriously established the advanced, enlightened and sophisticated systems that form the foundations and parameters of our modern civilized world.

To those who have for so long conspired and maneuvered to dismantle white, Western, Christian civilization...the spectacle and imagery of Charlottesville represented an alarming and chilling threat toward the evisceration and undoing of their present decadence-fueled domination. For this reason, Charlottesville had to be mercilessly and deceitfully misrepresented as a means of strangling the burgeoning phenomenon of Caucasian awakening and enlightenment in its symbolic cradle.


Most importantly, those who dared to step forward at this pivotal event had to be demonized, discredited and misrepresented at any and all costs. The controlled media and their vast network of co-conspirators have been more than up for the task of unleashing an unprecedented tidal wave of lies and disinformation about Charlottesville, its participants, and its meaning. Sadly, a great number of observers in America and throughout the world are more than willing to buy into the bogus narrative and gross misrepresentation of what actually occurred on this historically significant occasion.

Youthful Exuberance and Inexperience

Many of the Charlottesville Unite the Right participants were caught off guard and taken aback by the manner in which officialdom resorted to such flagrant, below the belt tactics. An important component of the Caucasian psychological profile is a general tendency and propensity to abide by the basic dictums of civility, uprightness, and fair play. As such, it is always a stunning and demoralizing epiphany to experience a head-on encounter with the antithetical characteristics upon which our enemies base and marshal their strategies and blueprints for action.

As the Charlottesville event unfolded, it quickly became apparent that a major psy-op occasion was underway. While Unite the Right was legitimate and organic in its origins and is now beyond question that both the manner in which it was allowed to well as the elaborate propaganda spin to which it was subjected, were both the byproduct and result of actions that can only come to pass via the calculated influence and intervention of dark, powerful, and sinister forces.

A significant component of the post-Charlottesville syndrome has come to be embodied in the process of marginalization and demonization of an identifiable sub-culture within the broader ranks of the American body politic. The Alt Right and its various allies are now the ceaseless target of a growing chorus of voices demanding that they be flagrantly deplatformed and censored.

The ultimate transgression in modern western culture is to be identified as a “racist” or “hater”...stigmatizations that are reserved exclusively for white people who dare express positive and protective sentiments toward their own extended racial family. A common mantra that has evolved in the wake of Charlottesville states that, “There is no place, whatsoever, in modern America for hateful, racist expressions...and that the legitimate expression of Americanism, of necessity, must extol the presumed virtues of diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and cultural pluralism.” Such assertions, of course, are in and of themselves an abomination in the eyes of the God of scripture who, incidentally, instructs us in Isaiah 5:20, Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

It is imperative that all who seek balance and understanding in the critique and evaluation of Charlottesville are proficient in their comprehension of God’s utter hatred of the process whereby lies are exalted and truth is portrayed in a false light. When scripture states, “Woe unto them,” this is a serious and highly consequential warning. Those who lazily parrot the party line in their denunciation of the alleged “racists” and “white supremacists” who participated in the Unite the Right rally are setting themselves up for harsh remonstration and retribution at the hands of a righteous and angry God.

The brainwashed condition of the modern church as relates to the subjects of race, demographics, and ethnicity speaks volumes relative to the manner in which false teaching and doctrine have come to be enshrined and exalted. Only a short time ago, the ranks of firmly grounded, Bible believing Christians had no problem whatsoever understanding the importance and significance of racial distinctions in the unfolding of God’s plan for the ages. They readily comprehended that God’s unique and immeasurable blessings had been bestowed upon the Caucasian race and that in conjunction with these inordinate blessings...there existed profound requirements and responsibilities. Luke 12:48 states, “ whom much is given, from him much will be required...

Those who shun and spurn the self-evident truths of scripture and natural law as pertain to the subject of race are guilty of the sin of Esau (forsaking one’s birthright), are without natural affection (Romans 1:31 and 2 Timothy 3:3), and are to be counted as worse than an infidel (1 Timothy 5:8)! Yes...we are talking about very serious sins...and one better think long and hard before discarding the wisdom and conviction of our forefathers concerning such matters as integration, miscegenation, and the general selling out of white, Christian culture and civilization.

The Love of Money...

At the root of the modern churches’ blindness, ignorance, and rejection of obvious truth concerning the subject of race is the culprit that, according to God’s word, is the “root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). Yes...the love of money is the sin that undergirds the contemporary rejection of truth that so typifies present day professing Christianity. Tragically, today’s religious world has devolved into the equivalent of a big business enterprise. Such a large scale commercial operation is dependent on substantial quantities of individuals rendering financial support...and nothing is worse for business in our current era than being branded as a “white supremacist,” “racist,” or “hater.”

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, it has become commonplace for organizations and individuals to be banished by such entities as PayPal, Square, credit card processors, and major social media platforms. An outright lynch mob, witch hunt mentality has been spawned in the wake of media engendered post-Charlottesville hysteria. Organizations and individuals who had no direct involvement with the Unite the Right event have been targeted all the same for deplatforming and the outright destruction of their ability to engage in commerce and fundraising.

In reality, those participating in this vicious, anti-First Amendment crusade against those who dare to truthfully address the subjects of race and ethnicity are in violation of civil and criminal RICO statutes!

Charlottesville Anniversary Events...A Referendum on the First Amendment

The 2017 Unite the Right rally was organized, in a primary sense, by Charlottesville resident Jason Kessler. Mr. Kessler was unscrupulously betrayed by the law enforcement agencies whose job it was to maintain order on that fateful occasion...but who instead exhibited a woeful dereliction of duty that ultimately resulted in the needless loss of life as well as vast numbers of debilitating and painful injuries.

Jason Kessler

Jason Kessler

Following the chaos of Unite the Right, Mr. Kessler attempted to conduct a press conference at which he was violently assaulted by leftist thugs. In courageous and exemplary fashion, he has refused to give even an inch in terms of maintaining his posture and continuing to stand for justice and the hallowed First Amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.

Mr. Kessler has waged impressive resistance in response to the barrage of underhanded legal machinations that have been brought to bear against him in both civil and criminal spheres of battle. More importantly, however, is the fact that he has sought a permit for an anniversary observance of the Unite the Right event both in Charlottesville, as well as in Washington, D.C. Approval has been granted in the nation’s capital but rejected in Charlottesville. On July 24th, a court hearing will determine if Charlottesville authorities will be required to allow an anniversary observance of the August 12, 2017 event.

The powers that be are basing their argument in opposition to the issuance of a permit on the specious notion of their inability to prevent endangerment to the public in the event that the anniversary observance goes forward. If the court rejects this obvious diversionary argument, Mr. Kessler will have achieved an heroic defense of the First Amendment for which all present and future Americans will owe him a debt of gratitude.

Without question...the state engendered travesty that marked Unite the Right 2017 has come to represent one of the most egregious assaults to ever be waged against free speech, peaceful assembly, and the First Amendment in general. The ability of Jason Kessler and all who support his vigilant campaign to perpetuate the true memory of the 2017 Unite the Right event stands as a potential bulwark against the insidious crusade to destroy, once and for all, the incalculably vital and uniquely American First Amendment of the awe-inspiring Bill of Rights!

May God grant us victory over the forces of darkness and evil in these battles immediately forthcoming!

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  1. We must always remember Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV): 12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". To succeed, we must be able to counter every move 'They Who Must Be Obeyed' make and to shine a light on their actions. We must document and record everything we do and say and everything they do and say. YAHWEH is on our side and HIS Will will be done.

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