The Trump/Putin Summit Through the Lens of Post Cold War American Communism

Living in the midst of insanity can be very vexing and challenging. The wholesale rejection of truth which has become a dominant characteristic of contemporary in and of itself, a glaring manifestation of lunacy and mental instability.

At present we are surrounded by absurd and preposterous circumstances that masquerade as being somehow normal and legitimate. In a gaslighting-type phenomenon, those who yearn to defend and preserve traditional values and time-honored virtue are increasingly cast in the light of being abnormal and imbalanced.

Scripture, of course, plainly states in Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." The words of this passage very aptly describe the convoluted conditions that we find ourselves in the midst of.

Indeed, it is reassuring to note that Almighty God deplores the phenomenon of which we speak and that he will ultimately set everything aright. Equally important, however, is the necessity of our servitude to the outworking of his plan toward the eventual resolution of these crises circumstances.

Delineating the Facts Concerning America, Russia, and Communism

imageThe word communism has a highly charged and controversial history. It derives from the writings and philosophy most frequently associated with Karl Marx who is credited with authoring the Communist Manifesto.

Communism, in its most rudimentary context, purports to address and deal with the phenomenon of class struggle and conflict. Specifically, Marxian dogma purposes to advance the rights and interests of the working class, or proletariat, as they are referred to in Marxist terminology. According to communist ideology, the capitalist bourgeoisie are inevitably inclined toward the abuse and exploitation of the working class and, therefore, must be brought to heel by the power of the state.

Redistribution of wealth becomes a central priority of government under communistic systems...all carried out under the ostensible pursuit of that which is in the overriding, best interest of those who comprise the labor force of the nation. Needless to say, idealistic Marxism is fraught with potential for excess and abuse on the part of governing power...all of which is committed and carried out in the midst of profuse expressions of supposedly noble and altruistic intentions.

Tragically...the track record of real world communistic manifestations has unfailingly consisted of mammoth human rights abuses, as well as an incalculable body count.

Communism in America

The motto of communism is, "from each according to his each according to his need." This benign sounding credo masks the reality of the horror that must, of necessity accompany its implementation and realization. To a man...communist dictators have always been quick to exploit the naïveté of the masses in their quest for power and domination.

A central component of this exploitation involves the demonization of those who amass wealth and who operate from a controlling position relative to the means of production throughout the nation at large. The brilliance of the American system of governance lies in the mechanism whereby balance of power is pursued and realized among varied and competing interests.

Western Christian civilization, of which America is a significant part, is based upon Biblical precepts such as the doctrines of original sin and the inherent fallen nature of man. The American founders understood that fallen man was readily and reflexively disposed toward the abuse of power. For this reason they designed and devised a Constitutional template for governance that would dramatically and specifically limit the powers exercised by the state.

In the Kentucky resolutions, Thomas Jefferson reasoned, "In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in men...but let us bind them down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." Indeed...only a strong and well enforced Constitution could prevent the otherwise unavoidable process whereby tyranny rises to the status of domination over the rights and liberties of men.

In certainly didn't take long for subversive forces to begin to achieve success in their quest to undermine the profound accomplishments of the American Revolution and corresponding war for independence. The institution of a private bank charter in the early days of the Republic did not bode well for the future and, despite the notable accomplishments of Andrew Jackson against the sinister private banking cabal in the 1830's...the seeds of violent and oppressive overthrow had effectively germinated by the mid-1800's.

The formation of the Confederate States of America represented a gallant attempt at an end run strategy against the enemies of America's Constitutional system. This failed effort effectively set the stage for a soon to come rise of that which came to be known as Marxist, statist communism.

Infamous landmarks along this road to destruction included the rise of Darwinian evolution and its atheistic connotations, the reestablishment of the private bank charter under the legitimizing authority of the Federal Reserve Act, the introduction of a progressive, graduated income tax via the questionable passage of the 16th Amendment, the disenfranchisement of the States of the union by means of the popular vote election of U.S. senators through the mechanism of the dubiously adopted 17th Amendment and, finally, the successful Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 which murderously overthrew the historic Tsarist monarchy of Russia.

In the wake of these sea change developments...America was ripe for the meaningful and calculated introduction of communism as a means of supplanting her lawful and legitimate system of Constitutional governance.

Open Communistic Advocacy

The unscrupulous and secretive machinations of the Federal Reserve led directly to the crash of the stock market in 1929. By plunging the American nation into abject catastrophe and economic turmoil, the money power scored two principle objectives. Not only did they set the stage for a clamoring for big government intervention toward the objective of solving the depression related crisis of circumstances...but they also spawned a socio-economic climate that provided a ripe breeding ground for revolutionary politics and activity.

In the years approaching WWII, there was actually a highly significant above ground communist movement throughout America. The policies and achievements of FDR were very much in line and in keeping with the tenets of communism as set forth in Karl Marx's infamous Manifesto. At the same time, of course, America was also cozying up to the murderous Bolsheviks, having already granted full diplomatic recognition to their flagrantly criminal governmental enterprise.

Through policies known as Lend Lease communist Russia received massive infusions of military assistance without which they could have never defeated Germany, much less come to ruthlessly dominate a significant portion of the world's population. WWII and the defeat of the Axis alliance effectively ended the hope of America's overt communist movement for an official takeover and transformation of America's system of government.

imageThe post-WWII world was quickly immersed in what became known as the Cold War between the West and the East. The Soviet Union and communist China rapidly emerged as Marxist monoliths who held countless hundreds of millions under the brutal heel of their murderous, authoritarian rule. All the while...America continued to divert indirect financial aid to its ostensible communist enemy while steadily moving to adopt domestic policies reflecting increased conformity to the tenets set forth in the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Through gradualistic processes cleverly misrepresented by Orwellian newspeak, America slowly morphed into a de facto federal dictatorship wherein states' rights and individual liberties were ultimately swept under the rug of greed and expediency.

In present day America, we are living under a governmental system that is Constitutional in name only. The national government has used a combination of coercion and bribery to facilitate widespread compliance with their otherwise illicit practices, and through unconscionable deficit spending they create the illusory wealth that serves as the motivating force for widespread compliance with an ever increasing mountain of unconstitutional law and regulation.

A brainwashed, dumbed down American public readily succumbs to the deceit and treachery being enacted and carried out by their own government. A steady stream of contrived foreign conflicts, as well as methodically executed false flag operations combine to maintain the public in a state of fear and uncertainty that is readily conducive to continuing, widespread obedience and subservience to an all powerful federal government.

A critical component of the current philosophy of big government is the bent and orientation toward humanism, if not outright atheism. Through judicial fiat, the Biblical, Christian pillars of traditional American civilization have been systematically eroded and destroyed. Today, Americans live in a nation whose central government actually assumes an anti-Christ posture in every conceivable way. Nothing more than meager lip service is paid to the historic, Christian nature of the Republic that respect...modern America is very much like the Cold War-era Soviet Union.

Born Again Russia

While America has been rushing headlong into atheistic, communistic policies of governance, Russia has been doing the precise opposite. The break up of the former Soviet Union has actually led to watershed developments relative to the resurgence of outward Christian identification and expression. The Russian Orthodox Church has been growing at a notable rate in excess of 1,000 new church openings per year under Vladimir Putin.

While leaving a great deal to be is nevertheless indisputable...that Putin's Russia is vastly more favorable and friendly toward Christianity than the contemporary American government. Along with this momentous growth of Russian Orthodox ecclesiastical institutions has come a strengthened attitude and position that is unfavorable toward the steadily growing perversions and godless characteristics of the West.

For these reasons, the intelligentsia that has worked so diligently to bring about the demise of formerly Christian America, has grown increasingly hostile in reaction to Putin's penchant for the building up of faith and Christianity throughout Russia and those territories that remain under its influence. It is only through the prism of this set of circumstances that we can begin to understand that which is presently unfolding on the domestic and world stages.

Thwarting the Trump Phenomenon At All Costs

The rise of Donald Trump at the epicenter of American politics poses a very real and tangible problem for the architects and advocates of new world order style globalism. Trump is arguably the strongest individualistic personality to assume the presidency in modern history. He is self confident and is immovable in his convictions to the point of near invincibility. He refuses to react to the false accusations ceaselessly levied against him but...instead, uses them as renewed pretense and justification to mount merciless offensives of condemnation against the raging cacophony of unabashed liars and assorted purveyors of the continuous stream of fake news that dominates the daily information cycle.

image is a rare pleasure to watch Trump consistently eviscerate his hate-filled enemies with an unscripted, swashbuckling style that has long been his signature trademark. Yes...Trump is a bare knuckles brawler who employs a take no prisoners, fight to win methodology in the execution of his battle strategies. To a very substantial degree, he happens to understand and come down on the side of truth. This automatically casts him in the role of a mortal enemy of the various components of the modern power structure. Their's, after all, is a system that is Luciferian at its esoteric core and, thus, comprised in large part of damnable and insidious lies and outright falsehoods.

Donald Trump dares to aggressively label the evil minions of the anti-American, new world order as what they are...namely, a cut throat band of vile traitors against the original Republic as established by our noble and principled founders. Without question, Trump has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged the enemy within the gate to a veritable fight to the death. They, of course, fully grasp the high stakes nature of Trump's challenge...and are determined to tear him limb from limb as an unmistakeable warning to any future aspirants to the role of resistance leadership the president has come to symbolize.

A Powerful Synergistic Duo

Vladimir Putin has much in common with Donald Trump. His troubling KGB history notwithstanding, Putin has emerged on the world stage as a notable emblem of strong, pro-Christian, anti-Muslim, traditionally-minded, anti-globalist manhood and leadership. Russia's capital, Moscow, happens to be the largest city in the world that showcases a white super majority. In a contemporary world where the Caucasian race has dwindled to a mere 10% of the global population...the geographical seat of Russian political power unavoidably takes upon itself a profound level of significance.

Despite a protracted campaign of distortion and disinformation in support of a contrary is readily apparent to the astute observer that the downward spiral taking place throughout the world is in direct correlation to the rapid diminishment in Caucasian population statistics. In this specific context, a potential Trump/Putin partnership and alliance portends all manner of negative consequences for those pursuing the advancement of the communistic, totalitarian, technology-driven dictatorship of the new world order.

For these reasons alone, establishment mouth pieces are duty bound to demonize Putin and the Russian nation. The entire Russian collusion narrative has been spawned and perpetuated as a central component of the diabolical globalist agenda. On is face it is utterly preposterous and devoid of any substance whatsoever. Every supposed crime and offense that has been projected upon Trump, Putin, and Russia has, in actuality, been flagrantly engaged in by the very ones levying the false accusations and pursuing the ostensible investigation.

The Corrupt and Indispensable Role of the 4th Estate

The controlled media engages in a never ending crusade to deceive and manipulate the American public and electorate. They are overwhelmingly liberal and socialistic in their composition and program content and, clearly, enjoy an illicit and criminally subsidized position of advantage and power in the outworking of their blatantly partisan agenda.

In light of these stark and undeniable realities, they should be summarily rejected by the viewing public and held in nothing but abject contempt as the pathological liars and enemies of the Republic that they are.

A Grim and Ominous Future

The recent Helsinki Summit provided a measure of hope in the sense that Trump made concrete and definitive progress toward the objective of the rehabilitation of both Putin and the Russian nation. Via the broad stroke of presidential prerogative, Putin was elevated to a stature befitting a world leader of his undeniable level of importance.

With tactical savvy bordering on the brilliant...Trump preceded the Helsinki Summit with a high profile interaction with North Korea's massively demonized President Kim Jung Un. (Of keen interest was the manner in which the left was irresistibly inclined toward favorable sentiments toward the non-white tyrant, Kim...especially in juxtaposition to their spastic, over the top antipathy consistently exhibited toward the White Russian, Putin.)

On the negative end of the spectrum is the unmitigated power and determination of the shadow government, or "deep state" as they have come to be maintain their death grip on hegemonic power no matter the cost or requirement. As the evil new world order sycophants Phil Mudd and Chuck Schumer have made abundantly clear, those exercising clandestine power will unhesitatingly resort to nothing short of cold blooded murder in response to those who would dare challenge their position of dominance.

In light of the nefarious deep state's long proven ability to carry out such chilling threats...our future is anything but cheerful and optimistic.

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  1. Not a single word about the Chabad Lubavatchers that control both Putin and Trump is extremely telling to me.
  2. AGREED! The major problem that I see in America and the world is that our young White children have been fed the poisoned indoctrination of the communist atheists all their educational lives and have "become our worst enemies" (Matthew 10:36). They will turn on us and turn us in, just as they have done in Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.
  3. Excellent report of the truth of what is happening to the soul of our nation. I would love to place this summary in the Townhall and American Thinker comment section. Others need to read this.

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