Let the Pardons Begin

In his relatively young presidency, Donald Trump has accomplished a great deal in terms of steps toward fulfilling promises he made while campaigning. On many fronts he has been thwarted and stymied by a combination of forces and factors that are formidable to say the least. So deeply entrenched and pervasive are the purveyors of corruption that in certain respects, it is impossible to neutralize their debilitating and subversive agenda.

There is a veritable army of worker bees ensconced in the bureaucratic maze that comprises the federal government. These legions of so called “civil servants” are galvanized in their reflexive devotion to the preservation of the status quo.

Nothing short of radical, sweeping policies of reform will ever produce the extensive house cleaning that would be required to restore the rightful and legitimate Republic as authorized by the United States Constitution. Trump has barely scratched the surface. Nevertheless...compared to past presidents of recent history...his achievements are nothing short of astonishing.

Quite obviously, the President has also engaged in certain actions that are gravely disappointing. His appointment of John Bolton to head up the NSA, his unleashing of Tomahawk missiles against Syria, and his predictable pattern of genuflection to the Zionist agenda are among the actions that make genuine patriots wince in discomfort.

On the positive side of the leger, however, are the notable steps he has taken in opposition to the heretofore unchallenged hegemony of the treasonous, globalist new world order. In short, Trump has gone beyond paying mere lip service to the precepts of nationalism. He has actually employed certain aspects of Constitutionally established executive prerogative that have effectively begun to put chinks in the armor of the myriad trojan horse enemies of the Republic.

As we continue to develop the thesis of this article, it is important that we outline the primary impediments to progress as concerns the objective of draining the swamp.


The Controlled Media...The Epitome of Illegitimacy and Criminal Empowerment

The controlled, or so called mainstream media, is the utter antithesis of what the founding fathers revered and envisioned...namely a vibrant, independent and free press. Indeed...big media functions in monopoly type fashion...being endlessly subsidized by surreptitious channels of funding that make possible a perpetual tidal wave of fake news and disinformation.

Of course, a pretense of plurality is maintained to render the false impression that variety and competitiveness are integral and central to the print and broadcast news media. In actuality...the notable players in the world of controlled media are all following the same basic script and storyline. While catering to different segments of the political spectrum...the various networks and flagship publications simultaneously maintain the broad confines and parameters within which the national mindset and conversation is ceaselessly contained.

Yes...the controlled, big media monopoly is light years away from being a free press. They are overwhelmingly statist, socialist, liberal and biased to the utmost degree. Simply stated...there is no justification for their current composition and mode of existence. They are the abject and undeniable enemy of the lawful republic and all who truly believe in limited, Constitutional government, and the bastion of Western Christian civilization that made possible its very existence. This evil monstrosity called the controlled media must be systematically dismantled if hope for our survival and the exaltation of truth is to once again become a reality.


The Deep State...The Fox Guarding the Henhouse that the Shadow Government Might Remain Empowered and Protected

In the age of Trump, America has been treated to a crash course in the reality of the existence and power of what is now being routinely referred to as the deep state. Amazingly...the cat is now out of the bag in terms of the stark acknowledgment that the “intelligence community” possesses the ultimate power within our contemporary American system of governance. They exercise exclusive authority and control over the vast data base of information that is routinely and continuously amassed under the ostensibly legitimate pretense that only through such invasive, Orwellian methods can we hope to be protected from shadowy, nebulous forces that perpetually seek our destruction.

When called on the carpet for their own criminality and self serving abuse of power and authority, the deep state operatives never fail to express outrage and indignation over the fact that anyone would dare question their integrity and dedication to the well being of the nation. They fancy themselves to be beyond reproach and above the law.

Additionally...they have a long, well known history of resorting to all manner of heavy handed abuse...including high profile political assassinations...in the outworking of their dubious agenda. They too, of course, must be cut down to size if there is to be any hope for the restoration of our lawful Republic.

The Criminal Fed and Its Evil Spawn Called Legal Tender

In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was foisted upon the nation through illicit, unconstitutional procedures. This private bank charter served to bring forth an unaccountable mechanism through which all manner of evil and corruption would subsequently proceed to be underwritten and financed. The Fed is the source and progenitor of legal tender...a medium that enjoys the sanction and legitimizing approval of government.

Multiple trillions of bogus “dollars” have been insinuated into the financial and commercial markets of the world in an elaborate, ongoing process whereby the masses of humanity are motivated, manipulated and managed. The Fed has never been audited and has paid nary a whit of tax revenues on its illicitly obtained, obscene multi-trillion dollar profits.

It is a criminal banking cartel...plain and simple. For a more thorough understanding of its machinations the book Creature From Jekyll Island is recommended.


What We Need Is a Stable Genius

Donald Trump enraged his detractors and enemies when he referred to himself as a stable genius. He did this in response to their ongoing efforts to falsely portray him as being mentally unstable and unfit to hold the office of the American presidency.

Untold numbers of socialists, liberals and outright communists are now suffering from acute manifestations of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). It is them...not the president and his supporters...who are mentally unfit and unstable. They are caught up in a state of collective, group psychosis wherein they have become convinced that Donald Trump is the ultimate embodiment of corruption, incompetence and evil. Reality and truth mean nothing to these maniacal shock troops. They are irreversibly convinced of their own virtue and superiority.

Being the devoted statists that they are...they have no hesitation or qualms whatsoever over the prospect of using the heavy handed power of government in the quest to impose their will upon the nation at large. In their highly biased viewpoint, theirs is the ultimate cause and crusade...and it must be achieved by any means necessary...even if that translates into mass murder and the very assassination of the President himself!

Of course...Trump has proven the correctness of his self assessment via his accomplishments and the manner in which he has tied the opposition in knots at every turn. There are many among the ranks of the traditionally minded who believe that Trump is sufficient in his acumen and understanding to successfully vanquish the vast network of enemies that threaten the total destruction of our nation.

Indeed...Trump’s comprehension of the “big picture” seems to be quite well developed. He has apparently played his cards close to the vest throughout much of his highly successful career as a real estate mogul, property developer, and celebrity showman. His foray into the political world has resulted in yet another notch in his belt in terms of climbing to the top of the heap.

Some...who have known him well for decades, such as Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, are thoroughly persuaded that he is entirely for real...a bare knuckled brawler who will fight to the death to save the Republic. Others who happen to focus more intently on the Jewish question and powerful role played by international Zionism in the steady march toward new world order tyranny...consider him to be in the hip pocket of the Jewish money barons. They point to Ivanka’s marriage to Jared Kushner and the President’s slovenly devotion to Israel and the interests of world Jewry as prima facie evidence that he is nothing more than a Zionist shill.

We would remind the reader at this juncture, that matters are seldom as simple and obvious as they might seem...and all are, at times, prone to tunnel vision and blind spots. Suffice it to say...God has not abdicated the throne of the universe...and all things are subject to his sovereign will and oversight. Therefore, as we continue to observe the often surreal circumstances unfolding in the world that surrounds us...may we be thankful and appreciative for any and all manifestations of truth that might portend opportunity for the outgrowth and advancement of that which is just and proper.

The fact that the minions of evil are becoming increasingly detached from reality is very beneficial to our immediate cause and objectives. Those who misjudge and underestimate their opponents are prone toward potentially fatal maneuvers on the tactical battle field. In that context, we can only hope that Trump will continue to make savvy moves on the metaphorical, three dimensional chess board.

Among such tactical actions would certainly be the timely exercise of those powers unique and fundamental to the office of the presidency. Included in that quiver of arrows is the power to issue comprehensive pardons...even in a preemptive context. Unlike such odious past holders of the presidential office as Obama and Clinton, who pardoned corrupt cronies and outright criminals...Trump has already wielded the power to pardon as an offensive weapon crucial to the balance of power equation.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The Hammond Family

Dinesh D'Souza

By pardoning Arpaio, D’Souza, and the Hammonds, all of whom were unjustly prosecuted, the President has demonstrated both an understanding of the purpose behind such an enormous grant of Constitutional authority...but has also transmitted an unmistakable message to his allies and compatriots as to his willingness to go to the mat in his battle against corruption, treachery, and injustice. His recent laudatory words regarding Paul Manafort suggest the likelihood of a pardon being issued to overturn the gross miscarriage of justice and prosecutorial misconduct that his former campaign manager has been subjected to.

Yes...Donald Trump has allowed sufficient time to elapse and has provided his enemies adequate rope with which to hang themselves. There can be no question in the reasonable mind at this time that the anti-Trump forces are determined to destroy him and his presidency at any cost. They have utilized their deeply entrenched fifth column to steadily lay the groundwork to overthrow the results of the 2016 election.

At every turn they have cheated and lied...using every conceivable dirty trick in the book. Former officials of the “intelligence community” such as Brennan, Clapper, and Mudd have issued forth steady streams of audacious threats, lies, and denunciations. Longtime Clinton crony and skilled legal hitman Robert Meuller has conducted a protracted star chamber tribunal as a central component of the massive disinformation campaign to accuse the President and his allies of the very offenses that the special prosecutor and his rogues gallery of operatives are, in fact, guilty of in spades.

It is now clear and undeniable that Trump’s enemies will stop at nothing in their obsessive quest to derail his agenda and hasten his destruction. For these and many other reasons...Trump should take to the bully pulpit unique to the presidency...and lay out the full blown case against his criminal, cutthroat, mortal enemies. He should revoke the security clearances of the entire cadre of subversive revolutionaries who have horrendously abused the vast powers of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, State Department, and the office of the presidency itself...to engage in an elaborate conspiracy to circumvent the electoral process and undermine the very nature of lawful, Constitutional government.

He should exercise the presidential prerogative to replace Jeff Sessions in the office of Attorney General...replacing him with a man who will fearlessly take the bull by the horns and proceed to clean out the Augean stables of the thoroughly discredited Department of Justice. The President should fire all U.S. attorneys who have signed on to the soft coup agenda and demand both a judicial and congressional investigation into the extensive plot whereby an unprecedented, highly sophisticated effort has been pursued to thwart a last gasp effort by the silent majority to make war against traitorous globalism...that the lawful Republic might be salvaged and restored. And finally, Donald Trump should make it clear and unmistakable...that he will no longer sit idly by and allow his friends, family and allies to be victimized by a corrupt and politicized Department of Justice. He should make it known that Manafort, Stone, Trump, Jr., and any others being brought into the cross hairs of Mueller’s illicit, shameful, and bogus “investigation” are immediately immunized from the injustices and indignities of political prosecutions or threats thereof.

Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Jr.

In sum...let the pardons begin...and if the insane left purposes to push the envelope to the point of civil war...may God grant those who love and honor the America of old, the ability to prevail over and purge the thinly veiled enemies of our once great, fast dying Republic.


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  1. Lincoln's War of 1861 was brought about through the Secret Societies that had been manipulating society for generations. John Brown belonged to one as did Lincoln and his RR "robber baron" boss. They needed the war to help them to destroy the Republic of our Founding Fathers and it did. Now, They Who Must Be Obeyed (TWMBO) are setting up America for another war or Martial Law to finalize their control. When you struggle against "Principalities" and not flesh & blood, you must have GOD on your side. Maybe YAHWEH has shown us mercy and more of HIS "long-suffering patience" and sent us Prez Trump to give us another chance, but I can't see how America deserves another chance. We stood by and allowed abortion, homosexuality, Race-mixing, anti-Messianics, ad nauseum into our society and we did nothing! I believe that it is time for that "safe place" GOD has prepared for us to be found and by that I mean secession from this unholy Union.

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