About That New York Times Op-Ed

Oh, New York Times...how do I hate thee. Let me count the ways!

Yes...if ever there were a publication worthy of abject, unrestrained hatred...it would certainly be the New York Times. After all, this voluminous daily newspaper is perpetually engaged in the production and generation of an avalanche of propaganda designed to subvert, and ultimately destroy, the foundations and super structure of Western Christian civilization.

While erroneously claiming to be a proud manifestation of the First Amendment model of a free press, the Times is in reality...a monumental threat to the continuing survival of liberty, the Constitution, and even the American nation itself! Yes...the New York Times leads the charge in the ongoing, ubiquitous war being waged against the traditionalist America of the founding fathers.

In fact, this flagship establishment newspaper is an integral component of a controlled monopoly media combine that serves in a central capacity in the headlong plunge toward a globalist new world order.

Carlos Slim

The Diabolical Role of Carlos Slim

A little known fact among the American populace is that in 2009 Mexican multi-billionaire Carlos Slim invested in the New York Times to the tune of 250 million dollars! Yes...this non-American Mexican monopoly man became the largest individual shareholder among owners of the legendary flagship establishment publication as a result of his massive infusion of revenue into the parent corporation of the Times.

Of great significance, of course, is the fact that Slim is an outright, unapologetic enemy of the traditional, conservative, Constitutional concepts and cornerstones upon which the American republic was originally established. Instead...Slim is the consummate statist, socialist, subversive operative whose consistent and unwavering focus is on the gradual and systematic dismantling of the lawful, Constitutional American republic.

Although Slim has been handsomely rewarded for his timely investment in the Times...his interest and motivation quite obviously consist of much more than basic greed and profit motive. Clearly...his intentions have been to impose his socialist, globalist proclivities and agenda on the unsuspecting American public.

Indeed...it would epitomize naivete to suppose that Mr. Slim’s influence and agenda were not overwhelmingly augmented and advanced by his financial interests in the iconic, exceedingly powerful New York Times. Yes...through the efforts and actions of Carlos Slim alone...it is virtually certain that America’s neighbor to the immediate south has exercised undue and profound influence on the outcome of American elections over the past decade.

And yet...we see no effort, whatsoever, to delve into an investigation of Mexican meddling in the American political process!

Worse Than Tabloid Journalism

Grocery store tabloids such as the National Enquirer are typically alluded to and referenced as the supposed embodiment of irresponsible, sensational, unreliable journalism. A common tactic employed in the process of discrediting a premise that serves to expose the lies that exemplify the controlled monopoly media, is to sneeringly and condescendingly suggest that the damning information in question has doubtlessly originated in the National Enquirer or one of the other popular tabloid publications.

Ironically, however, those same tabloid productions have actually come to be more credible and trustworthy, by a longshot, than corrupt publications such as the New York Times.

The Most Recent Case In Point

There are literally scores of ready made examples and illustrations of how the New York Times subverts the historic foundations of the legitimate American republic. In fact...it is probably the most useful source for those who want to monitor and track the pulse of the globalist new world order agenda as it rapidly unfolds before our very eyes.

In our current political circumstances, however, the Times has risen to more extraordinary levels of duplicity and manipulative deceit than ever before in its long and sordid history. The phenomenon known as Trump Derangement Syndrome is truly bringing out the absolute worst in the leading lights of the revolutionary, progressive left...and the late breaking op-ed piece purporting to be the work of a supposed member of the so called “resistance,” operating within the inner sanctum of the administration has significantly raised the bar in terms of gall, audacity, and outright guile.

Of course...the piece in question is utterly devoid of any semblance of credibility whatsoever. What it claims to be...namely, a disgruntled insider’s damning expose...is totally unprovable at best. In fact, it is so entirely predictable in terms of its content and progression...that it unavoidably begs the question of whether or not it is nothing more than a purely fictional product.

Personally...I sense in my gut that this New York Times op-ed is as phony as a three dollar bill...a cheap trick of smarmy, bogus, journalistic propaganda. It would seem that none other than Dinesh D’Souza concurs with this suspicion...having speculated in the immediate wake of the story’s release that it’s “blindingly obvious” that it is an “in house product written not by any Trump official but by a professional writer at the newspaper itself.” D’Souza went on to tweet that “this is the very definition of #FakeNews.”

Dinesh is probably as good a judge of such possible matters and propaganda techniques as anyone...given his creative and imaginative talents. Suffice it to say...if the New York Times has, in fact, resorted to such utterly underhanded methods...it serves to underscore a minimum of two astounding realities.

First...there is virtually no depth or unscrupulous level to which Trump hating mania will not compel its adherents to descend to. Secondly...the strong likelihood that the recent, “shocking” New York Times op-ed is a complete fraud, underscores in a new level and degree of intensity, just how urgent and imperative it has become that steps are taken to break up and dismantle the treacherous, treasonous, and ruthless monopoly that is the controlled, corporate, “mainstream” media.

The media monopoly in question is nothing short of criminally subversive in nature and only continues to exist and exercise its debilitating power via the sufferance and protective cover of a co-opted justice system at the federal and state levels of our nation.

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  1. Excellent statement, Rick! Keep fighting.
  2. The "mass media" has always been corrupted by They Who Must be Obeyed (TWMBO). It wasn't called "Yellow Journalism" for no reason back when it was just newspapers. Even earlier when they were using Pamphlets such as the Federalist Pamphlets and the Anti-Federalist Pamphlets to spread their ideas, they were controlled by the 'elite'. What we now have (if we can keep it), is an independent mass media known as The Internet and it scares the crap out of TWMBO. I look for much of the internet sites that speak out against TWMBO to be shut down or neutralized like they did Alex Jones. If we don't speak up for Jones, who will speak up for us? No, I am not a follower of Mr. Jones. I have met him several times over the years beginning with the Branch Davidian Massacre and see him as a "publicity hound", but he is spreading the word...among his other stuff. lol

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