The Deception of 9/11…Catalyst for the Irreversible Rise of Deep State Tyranny

With the arrival of the anniversary of the infamous events of 9/11/2001, thoughtful and realistic individuals can only be saddened and demoralized by the fact that what was arguably one of the most profoundly influential occasions in America’s history remains more cloaked and shrouded in disinformation and suppression of truth than ever! If anything...given the national fixation on political jockeying and maneuvering on the tactical chess board...thoughts and understanding relative to the momentous events of that horrific chapter of our history from seventeen years ago have come to be exceedingly foggy and diminished. In an interesting twist of irony...the new America that rose from the ashes of 9/11 has actually provided the substantive impetus for much of what comprises our present dire state of endangerment and crisis.

The Patriot Act, The Department of Homeland Security, and the Hegemonic Rise of the Deep State

9/11 served as both a trip wire and a justification for the unveiling and rapid passage of voluminous legislation that would forever alter the composition of the governing apparatus of the American nation. The so-called “Patriot Act” had long been prepared and was waiting in the wings for implementation along with the grossly misnamed “Department of Homeland Security.”

9/11 was the contrived event designed to create a favorable climate and atmosphere for the adoption of these two notable foundation stones for what was to begin emerging as the new America. The mere fact that Patriot Act legislation and the template for DHS had been meticulously readied long before 9/ and of itself proves beyond reasonable doubt that this single greatest terror act in American history was of a premeditated and deliberately engendered nature.

Yes...the leading shadowy operatives of what is now routinely referred to as the deep state...designed, set the stage for, and ultimately unleashed 9/11 as a false flag mechanism whose purpose was to instantaneously transform America into a malleable state which could subsequently be diverted into a trail blazing entity for the new world order.

9/11 was immediately blamed on patsy personas the likes of Osama bin Laden, the 19 supposed hijackers, and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. In a large context...9/11 represented the clarion call for and commencement of what would quickly become a veritable endless war against a nameless, faceless, nebulous enemy called terrorism.

In this newly emerging, haunted house type world...America and her people would have no choice other than to surrender their liberties and sovereignty to an all seeing, all knowing, utterly pervasive technocracy that alone...was supposedly capable of safeguarding and protecting the public.

Of course...all who haven’t had their heads buried in the sand have witnessed the rise of the hegemonic deep invisible construct that mocks legitimate Constitutional government while audaciously claiming to be its sole qualified and legitimate guardian!

Trump, the “Conspiracy Theorist”

The controlled monopoly media and the Trump hating establishment in general are particularly enraged by the fact that Donald Trump has dabbled, to a considerable degree, in so-called “conspiracy theories” and speculations. The video linked in this article reveals the 45th President’s understanding of the controlled demolition aspect of 9/11...straight from the horse’s mouth!

It is also very memorable that Donald Trump openly expressed doubt relative to the question of whether Barak Hussein Obama was born on American soil...even going so far as to offer a million dollar donation to the imposter in chief’s favorite charity if he would but produce a legitimate, bona fide birth certificate.

Trump has backed down from his “birther” activism since running for and assuming the presidency...unlike former Arizona sheriff and recent U.S. senate candidate Joe Arpaio...who significantly and incidentally...has received an executive pardon from the President in relation to the bogus and vindictive prosecution carried out against him by the Obama Justice Department.

Trump has also established and maintained a strong bond with Alex Jones who happens to be reviled as the most hated purveyor of conspiracy related truth in the entire universe...according to the incessant rantings and baseless allegations marshalled against him by the aforementioned monopoly media.

Of Russian Witch Hunts and the General Suppression of Truth and Justice

In a just and properly structured world...the defeat and eradication of treachery, deceit, and evil would be an absolute slam dunk! For starters...a legitimate department of justice would take note of the obvious criminality of such personages as the Clinton cartel, the nest of criminal usurpers in the FBI and the DOJ itself, the criminally bought and paid for office holders of the two major political parties, and the criminal level collusion and manipulation by the social media tech giants and the controlled monopoly media...and would proceed to hand down hundreds, if not thousands of indictments against these arch violators of the law and obvious enemies of the Republic.

Countless numbers of such corrupt and tainted parties would doubtlessly flee to and seek refuge in foreign lands. The rank and file of what still exists as a slight majority of traditionally minded, conservative, Christian, patriotic Americas would need to be called upon for the gallant defense of the Constitutional Republic as originally established by our American founding fathers.

Outright warfare and wholesale bloodshed would potentially be required to effect restoration of that which is legitimate and proper. could be a just and perfect environment which tragically and unfortunately...long ago ceased to exist.

Instead...our nation has degenerated to the extent that we are most certainly beyond the point of no return. 90% of Donald Trump’s votes came from Americans of the racial stock of those who founded the Republic, built it to the status of unprecedented greatness, and maintained a super majority percentage of its population until 1965.

Yes...older Caucasian Americans overwhelmingly continue to support the most conservative, traditionally minded candidates...while non whites are indisputably drawn toward government representation of a liberal, socialist and even openly Communist orientation. From the sheer standpoint of numerical consideration the nation has reached a tipping point where it will soon be impossible for any type of traditionalist...let alone a conservative white ever again be victorious in a national election.

In that regard, the Republic is already irretrievably lost with the only prospective hope being in the hypothetical realm of future balkanization and secession.

For the time being...we remain a geopolitical mishmash that is incapable of righting its otherwise fatal course of direction. So numerous, in fact, are the subversive, socialistic, statist forces within the vast labyrinth of governmental power...that it is virtually impossible to overcome the debilitating spectacle of what should be summarily recognized as a thoroughly discredited witch hunt...namely...the efforts of “Special Investigator” Robert Mueller and his ostensible probe into the charge of collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and the Russian nation.

The fact that Mueller was ever placed in his present capacity is itself a sick joke...given the fact that he is so tainted and dirty relative to his criminal conduct carried out during his former tenure as FBI Director. Under any objective standard of evaluation, Robert Mueller would be judged as unfit to preside over the type of investigatory apparatus that has clearly run amok in its determined, partisan effort to discredit, subvert, and ultimately overthrow the election to the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Lamentably...our national government is riddled with corruption, avarice, and criminality to the point where it has become a hopeless proposition to envision that truth and justice could ever again be restored and solidified in a foundational sense. Given the present trend relative to immigration and demographics...we have nowhere to go but downward in an uncontrolled spiral toward the abyss of chaos, destruction, and authoritarian dystopia.

The 9/11 Anniversary...A Gut Wrenching Reminder of our Desperate Plight and Circumstances

As we fully recognize the extreme proportions and vast extent of the calamitous conditions we presently find ourselves is all the more critical that we view 9/11 in a proper context and fashion.

The profuse anomalies and inconsistencies that comprise the official storyline and narrative of what allegedly occurred on that fateful day in the year 2001...only serve to underscore the extent to which our Republic is in a state of decay and disintegration.

A people who can so readily be induced to surrender liberty, deny damning reality that is literally hiding in the open...and allow for the perpetuation of the mythology that continues to reign supreme regarding the false flag event called 9/11...are arguably...undeserving of any fate and circumstances other than the ominous peril that presently encompasses us.

Without question...9/11 was to date...the mother of all conspiracies...a contrived, orchestrated day of dramatic events designed to create an irreversible paradigm shift in all of America’s dominant institutions. Sadly...the political theater that currently reigns supreme on the national stage only serves to ensure that there will be no meaningful progress in the exposition of the shocking truth of what really happened on 9/11/2001.

Unless and until we begin unraveling the Gordian knots of deceit such as 9/11, the bombing at the Murrah Federal Building in 1995, the high profile political assassinations of the 1960’s, and a vast many other treacherous deceptions foisted upon us by the shadow government...we can in no way harbor realistic hope of effectively dealing with the runaway conditions and circumstances that threaten our very ability to survive into the future as a free, secure, and prosperous people.

As John 8:32 instructs us... “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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  1. Revolution aka Civil War or secession? Maybe that is why They Who Must Be Obeyed allowed Mr. Trump to become President? They knew that if Killary Clinton got elected, there would be a popular uprising since We, the People, still have our guns, but with Prez Trump elected, they have at least 4 more years for we old farts to get older and die off while they have 4 more years to brainwash the youths. These reprobates have been doing this for hundreds of years and plan ahead for generations. Personally, I am "SALT" whose duty is to delay the corruption.

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