Where Do We Begin? Part 1

Complex circumstances have made it difficult to compose and post articles over the past two months. The last commentary rendered on this forum dealt with the profound ongoing results and implications of the sea-change, 9/11 event, and how it served as a catalyst for vast and far reaching corruption brought forth under the deceptive guise of ostensibly waging war against terrorism and structured, organized evil.

Needless to say...9/11 was the boldest endeavor to date, to engender deception and manipulative mind-control on an unprecedented scale. As in virtually all high-profile contrived and deliberately orchestrated events...9/11 was fraught with tell-tale anomalies. Indeed...it is difficult to find any aspect of the events of 9/11/2001 that isn’t riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies. Poking gaping holes in the official narrative of 9/11 is easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

Despite these facts, however, the party line concerning 9/11 continues to be dutifully parroted by all the institutions of officialdom while those who dare to point out the damning truth which quite literally, is hiding in the open, are scathingly and derisively denounced as laughable conspiracy theorists at best...and dangerous, hateful anti-government radicals at worst!

It should come as no surprise that those who would irresponsibly ignore the blatant realities of the gerrymandered travesty of 9/11/2001, would subsequently be delivered over to an ever increasing series of high profile methodically engendered crisis events designed to systematically erode the lawful Republic spawned long ago by America’s founding fathers.

Too Many To Track Or Tabulate

It is astonishing and mind numbing to witness the manner in which high profile, disastrous events unfold on the national or world stage...only to be displaced or supplanted by another catastrophe in rapid fire (pardon the play on words) fashion. It has truly gotten to the point where it is literally impossible to keep track of these extraordinary events!

The controlled media plods along in lock step precision...from one crisis...to the next...to the next...ad infinitum. Each and every time of course, the unwritten rules of the game are that no one is allowed to challenge or question the “official” version of what allegedly happened. To do so is somehow hateful, hurtful, cruel, or insensitive to the sundry victims of the tragic event in question.

Those who dare point to the ever-present cluster of anomalies and contradictory aspects of what is being bandied about as supposed news coverage and reporting are summarily denounced and condemned. A swirling, overwhelming “facts be damned” mentality inevitably accompanies the aftermath of such tragedies as the Mandalay Hotel mass shooting in Las Vegas or the Stoneman-Douglas School massacre in Parkland, Florida

Las Vegas...In A League Of Its Own

As a long-time student of conspiracy-laden phenomena engendered by rogue elements of the power structure...I was intrigued and captivated by the sophistication and efficiency of the October 1, 2017 mass shooting that occurred at the primary location of the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this bizarre occurrence, literally thousands of onlookers were keenly aware that multiple shooters were involved...and yet...this tragic occasion continues to be characterized as yet another “lone gunman” incident...the mountainous, gargantuan evidence to the contrary notwithstanding!

Of keen interest in consideration of the recurring phenomenon of high-profile mass killings that reek of inconsistencies, is the rapidity with which they are relegated to the status of yesterday’s news...barely worthy of mention save yet another plug in favor of draconian gun control measures. Clearly, we have entered a phase of the evolution of statist tyranny wherein the citizenry is to be targeted with such an incessant barrage of exposure to the traumatic and unthinkable...that the general reaction is to become numb and desensitized. Such a populace is prone to become putty in the hands of the nefarious, sinister forces who aspire to bring forth an airtight, well-honed manifestation of the brave new world construct long envisioned by the self-appointed elitist cabal.

Death To The Controlled Media

It is crucial at this juncture to note that the free press envisioned within the phraseology of the First Amendment is in no way analogous to the monopoly media that maintains hegemonic domination in today’s world system. In fact...that same monopoly media is the very antithesis and cut throat enemy of a genuine free press. For this reason, of course, if must be resisted to the ultimate point of being dismantled and destroyed.

Donald Trump has certainly hit the bullseye in labeling the controlled, monopoly media as being the embodiment and personification of fake news. They are subsidized, propped up and perpetuated via surreptitious funding and are utterly lacking in objectivity. They are crass, unapologetic purveyors of a flagrantly biased agenda...guilty beyond doubt of a criminally fraudulent agenda which plays a central and pivotal role in policies and protocol that routinely result in the massive destruction of human life itself.

These masters of deceit are the epitome of all that is hostile and injurious to the precepts of truth, decency, integrity, freedom and liberty. Quite obviously...they exist as a principle enemy of the Constitution, the lawful American Republic, and the truth-seeking people who comprise a significant percentage of the body politic.

The Visceral, Unbridled Hatred of Donald Trump

In all my life I have never witnessed anything to equal the utterly insane, all-consuming hatred of Donald Trump that has emerged as the dominating characteristic of the political left. This pathetic army of deluded shock troops embodies the textbook manifestation of irrational obsession and compulsive maladjustment. They are utterly blinded by their venomous rage and thoroughly enslaved by a twisted and contorted mental process that renders them hopelessly incapable of discerning or recognizing truth.

Although he stepped onto the political stage as an unlikely protagonist in the ongoing war between truth and the lie...or good vs. evil...Donald Trump has nevertheless emerged as a pivotal point man for such lofty causes as free speech, gun ownership, energy independence, national sovereignty, liberation from oppressive taxation and regulation, and the preservation of the historic demographic composition of Western, Christian civilization.

Suffice it to say that all which Donald Trump has come to be the champion of, happens to be the acute representation of that which the socialist, authoritarian left detests with very fiber of their collective being. Quite literally...they yearn to visit the most horrific destruction known to the depraved mind of callous, abusive humanity upon this enigmatic, brazen individual who has dared to singlehandedly put them in their well-deserved place.

They lust after the thought of his destruction. They hate him beyond the ability of words to describe or encapsulate. They would gleefully enjoy seeing him subjected to a torturous, ignominious death. Their insane, hateful rage knows no bounds. Regrettably...in light of the reality of the aforestated characterization...this evil force will only be stopped and defeated by the determination and willingness to employ lethal force in the interest of self defense against this murderous, deranged, highly organized, and limitlessly financed criminal element.

The Mid Terms and Beyond

The 2018 midterm elections have given us a preview of the dystopic nightmare that awaits us in the not too distant future. The flagrant theft of elections in scores of instances has resulted in the U.S. House of Representatives being flipped to Democratic control. As a result of this occurrence, a deranged gaggle of wicked office holders, including but not limited to Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Jerry Nadler are poised and ready to assume center stage capacity in the forthcoming congress set to convene in 2019.

All the aforementioned individuals would be summarily condemned and rejected by America’s founding fathers. There can be no doubt that the principled men who brought forth our Constitutional Republic would flat out refuse to recognize the legitimacy of such a rogues gallery of enemies to our once great nation.

Unless and until we are willing to rise to the courageous standards of America’s progenitors...we will never become emancipated from the wiles and devices of those who specialize in the abject betrayal of the very oath they have disingenuously sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. In fact...they are the ultimate representation of the very domestic enemies envisioned by America’s founders! Unfortunately, there is a down-side to the election of Donald Trump. A false sense of hope and optimism is frequently sufficient to prevent those uniquely capable of fighting for the restoration of the Republic from rising to the levels of individual commitment and dedication that would be necessary to effectively thwart and overcome the evil power of which we are speaking. Time will tell if this dangerous syndrome once again proves to be the Achille’s heel of a cause that has risen to a degree of urgency never previously experienced.

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  1. As salt slows down the corruption of meat, we, like "salt", are commanded to slow down the corruption of our world. Let us all do as we are led and fear not for YAHWEH is with us!

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