A Warning To My Enemies and Detractors – Part 7

It is no exaggeration to assert that from the time of the tragic war between the states to the very present hour of history...we have, in reality, been living under a de facto federal dictatorship. The Southern states were lawlessly and unconstitutionally invaded by the Northern military machine in total absence of a declaration of war. The thoroughly lawful and legitimate secessionist actions of the Confederacy were summarily condemned by the national government which twisted and distorted reality by labelling the Southern cause as mere rebellion and insurrection.

Horrific war crimes were subsequently committed by the Union leaders and their armies of foot soldiers. Upon Lee’s surrender at Appomattox the Southern states became, for all intents and purposes, glorified colonies to be maintained and brought to heel by brutal tactics of force, fraud, and aggression.

Not surprisingly...as America moved toward the turn of the century...she succumbed with increasing regularity to actions and policies consistent with socialistic and authoritarian premises and philosophy. As the decades and generations unfolded the central government in our nation became all pervasive and powerful...threatening to destroy and demolish any and all who might seek to stand in opposition to its usurpation and tyrannical actions.

The early 1900’s was particularly devastating to the prospects for the survival of liberty in the nation. 1913 witnessed the unlawful adoption of what have been called the three pillars of tyranny...namely the implementation of a Marxist income tax under the legitimizing authority of the questionable 16th Amendment, the emasculation of state sovereignty via the establishment of popular election as the method of selection for members of the U.S. Senate...a radical alteration of the Constitution achieved through the supposed legitimate passage of the 17th Amendment, and the restoration of the previously defeated, private bank charter under the guise of and enabling template set forth in the dubiously adopted Federal Reserve Act.

This trifecta of tyrannical power created the climate in which WWI, full diplomatic recognition of the Bolshevik butchers in Russia, the devastation of the Great Depression, the socialistic New Deal of the Roosevelt era, and the sweeping, global, sea change effects of WWII could menacingly and methodically come to fruition. (It is strongly recommended that the reader access the books, The Law That Never Was – Volumes 1 and 2 by Bill Benson, and The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin for compelling documentation that both the 16th and 17th Amendments were never lawfully ratified...as well as the fact that the Federal Reserve banking cartel was established through brazen fraud and criminality. In addition, The Forced War by David Hoggan should be read for a better understanding of global events leading up to World War II.)

Globalism in the Wake of WWII

The second World War was essential in the unfolding of Satan’s agenda for the primary purpose of effectively setting the stage for the gradual ascent of globalism and the overall institution of world government. As the dust settled and the smoke cleared at the end of the supposed war to end all wars...the climate was more conducive than ever before for the establishment and implementation of an advanced manifestation of statist tyranny.

Through the crafty mechanism of dialectic materialism, a highly complex and sophisticated web of deception was rolled out in WWII’s aftermath. The massive violence and death toll of the war made a profound and momentous impact on the psychological state of the nations of the world. Unfathomable quantities of ordnance and firepower had been unleashed on the people of the planet. Atomic mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan marked the official end of hostilities...but the murderous juggernaut of death had only just begun.

Through the deliberate policies of the Western, allied powers...the serial mass murderers of international Communism were allowed to bring a significant percentage of the world’s population under the brutal heel of Marxist tyranny. Almost immediately...America’s former Communist allies in Russia were suddenly cast in the light of our new-found, menacing enemies, while the nationalist forces in China were completely sold out by the American State Department resulting in the galvanizing effect of the empowerment of Communist forces on the mainland of the world’s most populous country. All the while, of course, the West continued to finance its supposed adversaries. A well documented example of this seemingly inexplicable anomaly is contained in the book, National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, by the late Antony Sutton.

Yes...while claiming we were bitterly opposed to the policies and murderous regimes of the international Communist combine, we nevertheless continued unabated in our subsidization of their failing, abysmal economies...even to the point of underwriting the building of their highly formidable military machines. Simultaneously, the American populace was kept in a never-ending state of fear and trepidation over the looming prospect of the outbreak of nuclear war between their own nation and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

The Cold War, as it was dubbed, became the most dominant factor in the collective American mentality throughout most of the ensuing three plus decades. The purported necessity of halting the aggressive march of the Red Menace created the justification for major military actions in Korea, Vietnam, and various other theaters of action.

The 1960’s were indelibly marked by the burgeoning anti-war movement...a phenomenon that derived impetus and momentum from the tactically hopeless “no win” modality under which the Vietnam conflict was executed and prosecuted. Clearly and undeniably...the military conflagration in Southeast Asia was designed to render an America torn asunder by factions hopelessly divided and at variance one with another.

The humiliation of defeat in Vietnam spawned an intentional psychological devastation from which America would long for recovery. Decades later...kneejerk, mindless “patriotism” would burst forth in the first Gulf War as the classic strawman, Saddam Hussein, became the target of the American led, so called coalition of the willing.

Years later...the astonishing spectacle of 9/11 gripped the nation and the world under the pretense and notion that a rag tag band of Middle Eastern terrorists had somehow managed to hijack and pilot advanced, state of the art jet aircraft into the skyscraping towers of the World Trade Center. Thus began a new 100 year war against terrorism, which in turn became the catalyst for major wars in Afghanistan and Iraq...not to mention the systematic evisceration of the hallowed American Bill of Rights.

All this and more were supposedly urgently necessitated in the interest of protecting ourselves from a largely nameless, faceless enemy that could strike at any time, under any circumstance, from any conceivable direction! A massive tome could easily be written in an effort to delineate the intricate, complicated labyrinth of manipulation and deceit that has marked the evolution of circumstances in the decades following WWII.

Suffice it to say...an overarching Luciferian intelligence has long been at work to lead us to our precarious present perch at the edge of the abyss of an abject, globalist, technocratic tyranny. A central and pivotal aspect of this agenda was the formation of the United Nations in New York City on real estate donated by the nefarious Rockefeller dynasty. The United Nations was the ostensible rational outgrowth of a world living under the seemingly plausible threat of thermonuclear annihilation. In reality, however, its actual diabolical purpose was to establish the template for what would ultimately evolve into a devilish system of global governance.

It was into this cauldron of post WWII deception and manipulation that I was born on October 10, 1957 in Miami, Florida...a significantly populous American city that would soon fall victim to a foreign takeover emanating from the small island nation of Cuba...a mere 90 miles off the shores of Key West in the Florida Keys.

Cuba, of course, succumbed to violent, Marxist revolution that resulted in the rise to power of Fidel Castro...the ruthless Communist dictator who ruled with an iron fist for almost fifty years. Quite obviously...the Cuban strongman could have been easily eliminated by the clandestine, deep state machine over the ensuing decades. Such was not in the script, however, and the bearded, bombastic tyrant was allowed to maintain his obnoxious position of power as an ever-present reminder of the lingering residual uncertainty of a thawed cold war and an unraveled, once terrifying Soviet empire.

The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis...Masterstrokes of Deceit and Manipulation

Although in my young life I wasn’t old enough to establish actual memories of these momentous, landmark events...I nevertheless find it of great interest that I was in such close geographic proximity to their occurrence. The Bay of Pigs was actually the result of the precise opposite of its supposed purpose. Allegedly...this gargantuan fiasco was all about the prowess of the United States intelligence apparatus being marshalled on behalf of the anti-Communist freedom fighters who sought to take back the island nation from Castro and his Marxist henchmen.

Instead...it was an insidious chapter of treacherous betrayal. After unifying and providing logistical assistance for diverse anti-Castro factions...America’s clandestine operatives reneged on their promise to back them up with air power and fire power. Instead, the hapless counterrevolutionaries were set up for the kill...thus ensuring that no further meaningful threat to Castro would be forthcoming. In typical misleading fashion, the controlled media spun the story in a manner belying supposed incompetence on the part of such entities as the CIA and their related partners in crime.

The Cuban missile crisis evolved when Castro purportedly appealed to the Russian bear for tangible, lethal assistance in staving off actions by the JFK administration. The Soviets reportedly transported nuclear weaponry to Cuba which, in turn, led to a naval blockade by the American Navy and a subsequent, surreal moment when the world seemingly teetered on the brink of the long feared nuclear holocaust. In this tense moment of international drama and intrigue, the Soviet dictator Khrushchev blinked...and the young and charismatic American president emerged with augmented and burnished foreign policy credentials.

All of this intrigue and suspense only served to further solidify the unquestioned permanence of the overnight Cuban takeover of Miami...whose Anglo-European population was subsequently and systematically dispossessed of their city and culture. In my own childhood I experienced and witnessed the tragic reality and consequences of such a massive and spontaneous migration...one that was, in fact, engendered by deliberate and subversive policies on the part of traitors both within and detached from the halls of government.

To add insult to injury...in 1980 Miami was inundated by a second massive wave of Cuban migrants during the waning days of the presidential administration of Jimmy Carter. Unlike the initial influx in the immediate wake of Castro’s takeover, consisting of the upper crest of Cuban society...those possessing the means of escaping with substantial assets...the Mariel boatlift involved the emptying of Cuba’s prisons and insane asylums. Yes...hundreds of thousands of Cubans flooded South Florida...a great many of whom were classifiable as the dregs of the Cuban population.

From Tennessee to Florida...and Back to Tennessee

My mother and father grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, attending East High in the turbulent early 1940’s. My Dad graduated from high school and promptly joined the U.S. Navy. He was en route to the Pacific theater when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki...events that hastened the end of WWII. For the remainder of his two year hitch my Dad served as part of the occupying American force in Japan. His time was spent, primarily, in the Japanese city of Sasebo where he wound up being befriended by a kind and appreciative Japanese family.

Upon returning home my parents were wed and began attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where my father pursued and achieved an engineering degree. Upon his graduation he landed a job as an electrical engineer with Florida Power and Light in Southwest Florida. His career with FPL spanned close to four decades when he elected to take early retirement in West Palm Beach at the age of 62. His decision to retire early was prompted by the need to provide care for his elderly mother and in-laws who were all suffering with varying degrees of onset dementia.

My parents had a new house constructed at that time with extra living space sufficient to comfortably accommodate the needs of my surviving grandparents, all of whom lived in the loving and protective care of my Mom and Dad until the time of their respective deaths. Personally...I had been thankful to break free from the environment of South Florida when in 1981 I transferred with Belk Department Stores to manage a store at the Town Center Mall in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Although my tenure in the field of retail management didn’t last very long...I was thrilled to find my ticket out of a South Florida setting that was growing increasingly precarious and inhospitable. I have very often related to friends and associates how even in the early ‘80’s when I was on my way out of Miami...a bumper sticker was popular which read, “Will the last American to leave Miami please bring the flag?”

Yes...it was an unusual and challenging experience to grow up in a major American city whose founding, Caucasian population was rapidly eclipsed and supplanted by a massive wave of Cuban refugees fleeing the terror and tyranny of Communism. Of course...had America’s own national government not facilitated the strengthening and explosive growth of the international Communist menace...a Marxist overthrow of the Batista regime in Cuba would have never occurred.

It should be recalled that the detestable and subversive New York Times was busy hailing Fidel Castro as the George Washington of Cuba as he instigated and carried out his revolutionary activities from his rural enclaves of power. Miami, of course, became known as Little Havana...and in the wake of the Bay of Pigs debacle it was obvious that the hundreds of thousands of Cubans that had inundated South Florida were slated to become a permanently dominating presence.

Although my personal exodus from Miami initially led me to the Carolinas...it wasn’t long before I made my way to Tennessee...thus travelling full circle in my return to the geographical point of my family origins.

Conversion and Counter Revolution

Not long prior to my move to Rock Hill, South Carolina, I had undergone a dramatic and emotion laden conversion to the Biblical Christian faith. The specific date was July 4, 1979...and on this memorable occasion I completely and desirously surrendered to the will and purpose of Almighty God.

For years prior to what was to become my own personal “independence day” I fought and struggled against acquiescence to the will, way, and word of God! For a long time I had lived in the delusion that I could somehow justify the selfish pursuit of my own desires, lusts and passions...and that the God of the universe would allow me to get away with such behavior and conduct.

On countless occasions I had been delivered from self-induced circumstances that could have easily resulted in my own untimely demise. In some respects...I took for granted that my life was under a mantle of divine protection and preservation, while simultaneously refusing to offer up the requisite commitment, sacrifice, and dedication that was surely owing to a sovereign, loving, merciful and omnipotent God.

In 1979 I was finally smitten and heavy laden with guilt and conviction over the manner in which I had transgressed and denigrated the law and righteousness of the God of scripture. In the wake of my extraordinary conversion experience I could truly relate to the words of 2 Corinthians 5:17 wherein we read, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.” Yes...a curtain was lifted in a manner that provided me with a newly defined and envigorated purpose for existence...namely the mandate set forth in Ecclesiastes 12:13 which states: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God, and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.”

In many respects...it seemed ever so simple. Very quickly, however, I came to realize that what I had now embarked upon was to rapidly become an existence marked by myriad challenges and complications. Furthermore...it came as a great surprise to me that the professing, organized Christian world was predominantly characterized by apathy, indifference, and a shocking absence of zeal and dedication. In fact...I came to realize that finding hard core Christian believers, committed to the full spectrum of truth, rivalled the difficulty of pulling hen’s teeth!

A Crash Course in Reality

I consider myself to be most fortunate in the sense that from the outset of my Christian life, I was able to recognize the paramount significance of ferreting out truth in all matters...great and small. In 1 Thessalonians 5:21 scripture commands us to “prove all things” and to “hold fast that which is good.” Indeed...truth that is fortified by evidence, is of the ultimate level and degree of significance for those seeking to walk worthily in the calling of ambassador and servant of the King of kings.

What should be such a simplistic and elementary premise, however, proves to be exceedingly difficult and complex concerning its outworking in the real world. I soon  came to the realization that even among those professing Biblical Christian faith...truth is routinely trumped and overridden by tradition, materialism and the love of money. Such a grim diagnosis and reality, of course, helps explain why the modern church has come to be so impotent and irrelevant in the face of the increasing dominance of wickedness and treachery in our contemporary culture, society and nation.

In the early stages of my newly beginning Christian life...I quickly discovered that very few of my supposed brethren were desirous of plunging headlong into the real-world, long raging war between good and evil. Instead, they were overwhelmingly inclined toward the preservation of the status quo in the overarching interest of maintaining a pronounced comfort zone of affluence and absence of conflict.

As a new believer, I was motivated, inspired, and challenged by the plethora of Biblical examples of those who rose to the ceaseless challenge of resisting and overcoming evil in the outworking of their destiny and calling. Like a young David, I was incensed at the manner in which the blaspheming Goliaths of our time railed against and denigrated the righteousness and truth of the God of Israel! At the same time...I was shocked and incredulous over the unwillingness of those claiming to serve Christ to step forward in determined opposition to the forces of evil.

Instinctively and intuitively, I recognized the odious spirit of compromise that has come to typify what passes for the church of Jesus Christ in our modern world. As time progressed in my own adventurous sojourn...I began to comprehend the extent and degree to which such compromise and the rejection of hard core truth had become the absolute order of the day. Yes...the deck has become totally stacked against those who would dare to throw down the gauntlet against the pervasive wickedness of our present era.

The words of Jeremiah 5:31 were fittingly apropos in describing the spirit of our time. The passage states, “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” Yes...just as in the days of Jeremiah the prophet...modern day ecclesiastical leaders and prognosticators were engaged in the age old offense of dispensing lies in the name of truth...all the while employing sleight of hand deceitfulness as a means of maintaining earthly power and influence.

Of course...an integral part of this damnable equation involves the willful ignorance and acquiescence of the rank and file membership of the congregation at large...kept at ease and in a perpetual state of false peace via the absence of a proper and truth based message of challenge by their exploitative, self serving leaders. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to find myself estranged and uncomfortable in the midst of the lukewarm, compromised, effeminized, truth rejecting contemporary church.

Very early on I found great comfort and assurance in the words of Ezekiel 22:30 which read as follows: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” It bolstered and strengthened my faith to know that mine was not the only generation to be marked by a seeming indifference to truth bordering on the incomprehensible!

Storming the Gates of Hell

Matthew 16:19 instructs us that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. It has always been central to my faith and understanding of truth and the word of God, that those who walk obediently in a divinely ordained calling possess the ability and capacity to be both invincible and indestructible! David and Moses provide two compelling examples of the phenomenon of which I speak.

Of profound importance is the matter of God’s timing and the corresponding reality that he will prevent sought after conquests and victories from being born out of season. David slew Goliath...but then had to endure the protracted and merciless onslaught unleashed against him by Saul and his misguided allies. Moses zealously slew the Egyptian taskmaster only to succumb to the urgent necessity of a rigorous and challenging exile of forty years.

This latter example is of particular interest to me with the dawning of 2019...given the reality of my own 7/4/79 conversion date and the immediate commencement of what has proven to be an arduous, uphill struggle to orchestrate and fulfill a calling most unique and extraordinary by contemporary standards.

By Way of Review

In part six of this series I reprinted Nord Davis’ four page letter to Dan Gayman dated December 7, 1988. The purpose of that communique was multifaceted. For starters, Nord wanted to effectively sidestep the direct, unambiguous inquiry Dan had made in his 12/2/88 letter regarding the matter of nefarious accusations about me that had been circulating throughout the religious right grapevine. Dan Gayman harbored no suspicions or notions, whatsoever, that I was a federal agent/informant or a bank robber.

Having a wide network and array of contacts, he had for months been encountering various manifestations of these absurd insinuations and knew fully well that Nord was the crafty and conniving source of what was intended to be an escalating phenomenon of damning and debilitating proportions. In a style that was uniquely his own, Dan proceeded to put Nord on the spot by, in effect, challenging him to either “put up or shut up.”

Of course...Nord could do neither. To “put up” would be impossible since his slander against me was based on pure, unadulterated fiction. Equally improbable was the prospect of Nord opting to “shut up.” It was simply not in his DNA to demur on any matter great or small. Throughout the entirety of his career as a self-styled pamphleteer and would-be savior of the nation, Nord had ceaselessly indulged in the practice of issuing forth a level of verbosity and long-windedness that typically registered a dizzying effect on his readership.

Furthermore...he genuinely thrived on conflict and could scarcely resist the opportunity to further muddy the water. Thus...Nord proceeded to turn up the heat relative to his ongoing effort to assassinate my character, while at the same time, seizing the opportunity to obliquely threaten Dan regarding his own reputation and base of financial support.

I have reprinted Nord’s letter to Dan for the purpose of showcasing this textbook example of some of the classic methods of deceit and disinformation. As we critique the letter in question, the reader will marvel at the level of willful treachery that for Nord was mere second nature. My long history of dealing with him led me to the inescapable conclusion that he was a veritable spontaneous, artesian well of such tactics and methods.

Nord began his Pearl Harbor Day, 1988 letter by publicizing and emphasizing the fact that Dan Gayman was, at the time, in the cross hairs of considerable controversy of his own due to his testimony in the recent criminal sedition trial that had been held in federal court in Fort Smith, Arkansas. These legal proceedings were of immense historic proportions...even to the point of hearkening back to a previous, shameful chapter of American jurisprudence when during the WWII era, numerous defendants in various trials were hauled before the “bar of justice” to face criminal sedition charges! Those proceedings ultimately resulted in a severe black eye for the federal government, with all charges ultimately being overturned or dismissed outright. In the process however, the lives and reputations of Roosevelt’s harshest critics were dragged viciously through the mud. The 1988 sedition trial had similarly ended in a humiliating defeat for the federal government wherein even the infamous reputations of the multiplicity of defendants couldn’t disguise the fact that the proceedings were nothing more than a frontal assault on the hallowed and cherished rights to freedom of speech and association.

Richard Butler 1918-2004

Louis Beam

The Fort Smith sedition trial featured such marquee defendants as Aryan Nation founder Richard Butler, long time KKK leader and aficionado Robert Miles, Aryan Nation ambassador at large and charismatic firebrand Louis Beam, and assorted members of the defunct and defeated revolutionary group that had come to be known as the Order. The gist of the prosecution’s case revolved around the premise and allegation that the network of defendants had knowingly been engaged in a loosely coordinated campaign to make war against and overthrow the national government. The trial dragged on for 3 months and eventually became somewhat of a comedy of errors for the prosecution, which in retrospect, was guilty of fumbling and stumbling into assorted tactical blunders.

Kirk Lyons

Eventually...on April 7, 1988 the jury returned verdicts of unanimous acquittal enabling the highest profile defendants to walk out of the courtroom as free men. The flamboyant Louis Beam even seized upon the occasion to launch his new publication that was aptly and sarcastically entitled, The Seditionist. Among the noteworthy beneficiaries of the verdict was Attorney Kirk Lyons who had provided representation for defendant Louis Beam. The Black Mountain, NC based lawyer went on to fight on behalf of Branch Davidian survivors in civil litigation that followed in the aftermath of the 1993 tragedy in Waco, Texas...as well as mounting a long succession of efforts on behalf of parties fighting in the courts for the cause of preservation of Southern heritage.

Although acquitted in the Fort Smith trial, the defendants who were members of the order were returned to their respective assigned prisons to resume serving exceedingly lengthy sentences. In bringing up the Fort Smith trial, Nord was clearly attempting to make Dan Gayman squirm and feel the heat. After all...Dan had been subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution as part of the fleshing out of the narrative they were seeking to advance. Indeed, considerable controversy had been swirling throughout the religious right regarding the fact that Dan Gayman had provided testimony “for the government” at Fort Smith.

In reality...Dan provided nothing of substance or benefit for the feds. Being in possession of, and having carefully read his rather abbreviated testimony, I found nothing that could be reasonably construed as injurious to the defendants, either individually or as a whole. Of course, my close association and alliance with Dan placed me in a position of being compelled to defend him and provide justification for his actions. Of great significance, in this regard, was the overall body of information that I was in possession of in terms of general background information. Suffice it to say...the vast majority of observers and onlookers were totally devoid of highly significant details and information.

Many individuals and onlookers were inclined toward a “rush to judgment” mentality engendered largely by the previously allude to controversial 1987 resolution put forth by the Missouri based Church of Israel. This resolution came about as a result of the Church having become a perceived hotbed and haven for a wide variety of individuals involved in a multiplicity of causes connected in some way, shape, or form to the freedom/truth movement at large.

One such person was Bruce McCarthy who was an exceedingly gifted expositor of what is known as the “money issue.” Bruce had actually been in residence at the Church of Israel for a considerable time period and was very persuasive and influential in his own right. His command of this specialized sphere of knowledge was second to none...as was his humorous and winsome manner of imparting advanced understanding to those partaking of his teaching methods. In sum...Bruce rendered an easily comprehended presentation of the otherwise complex subject of lawful money vs. fiat currency and all the profound implications of such foundational truth. His message was fraught with historical supplementation as well as consistent, accurate Biblical doctrine.

Despite all the positive dimensions of the Bruce McCarthy message...his appeal nevertheless extended into the ranks and realm of a distinctly rebellious and potentially aggressive ilk of individual and following. Quite naturally...Bruce’s teaching would invariably segue into corresponding truths concerning such matters as the God given right to travel, the invalid nature of government mandated drivers and marriage licenses, and the inherent wickedness of the Federal Reserve controlled monetary system that reigns supreme in modern America while manifesting a classic embodiment of the phenomenon of a “false balance” as is referenced in Proverbs 11:1.

In the 1987 Resolution the Church of Israel had officially and formally separated and distanced itself from a variety of entities, individuals, and causes such as the non-licensing movement, the burgeoning community of those protesting and fighting against the federal income tax, organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, and persons maintaining affiliation with efforts that exhibited sympathy and affinity for personalities and symbolism associated with historical Nazism and the Third Reich.

Dan Gayman was attempting to purge his church of the peripheral presence of an undesirable element that threatened to besmirch his own reputation, as well as attract the unwanted attention and potential persecution on the part of federal law enforcement. Nord, of course, was keenly aware of the thorny nature of Dan’s attempted house cleaning and the fact that accusations were being routinely bandied about to the effect that he had become coopted in the process and was now functioning as a surreptitious asset of the feds.

My own relationship with Dan Gayman had become very close with meteoric rapidity beginning with our initial introduction to one another at a meeting he held in Maryville, Tennessee in the summer of 1987. My story was one of having cut my teeth in the movement centered upon resistance to the illegal, unconstitutional, Marxist income tax. Having experienced first hand the manner in which a significant majority of those drawn to this crucial theater of resistance to tyranny were nevertheless, largely unwilling to pursue the crusade against such evil in an appropriate Biblical manner...I was a natural complement to the position Dan had staked out earlier that year.

Unlike a great many who felt compelled to fight against the excesses and abuses of government...I understood and recognized that to a substantial degree...God was using them as a means of chastising and arousing the awareness of his people as to their own lukewarm and mediocre standard of performance and dedication. I was a ready made candidate to become a standard bearer of his repentance vs. rebellion message and Dan wasted no time in extending a warm and compelling overture toward me and my fledgling ministry efforts. Very quickly, I became a prominently featured preacher at the national festival gatherings of the Church of Israel and for a relatively brief season of time, enjoyed the full support and backing of Dan Gayman in my efforts to raise up a local manifestation of the church of Jesus Christ in Western North Carolina...right in the heart of Nord Davis’ jealously guarded “turf.”

Dan’s unreserved endorsement and support was of enormous benefit to my organizational endeavors and served to simultaneously chafe Nord to an extraordinary degree. All of this circumstantial backdrop, of course, constituted a major component of the outright hatred and jealousy that Nord reflexively and spontaneously projected toward me and all that I sought to accomplish toward the advancement and exaltation of hard core truth. Thus...it was quite logical and natural that Nord should try to discourage and intimidate Dan Gayman away from the stalwart manner in which he had supported and placed confidence in my determined efforts.

Splits, Divisions and the Roller Coaster Effect

The period spanning the late ‘80’s to the mid ‘90’s was chock full of profound events and occurrences...both within my own sphere of contacts and interactions...as well as on the national and international stages. Much to my disappointment and regret I began to experience an evolution of circumstances that were resulting in a gradual distancing from me on the part of Dan Gayman. Nord’s relentless efforts to turn him against me were doubtlessly of some effect, but also of significance was my sincere attempts to push for consistency and integrity in the manner that Church of Israel positions and policies were outworked and applied.

Also of particular consequence was the fact that in late 1989 I turned down an overture delivered to me by Lowell “Corky” Smith, acting as an unofficial emissary for Dan Gayman, to move to Schell City, MO and become a full time asset of the Church of Israel. The offer would include housing, suitable financial remuneration, and a primary task of travelling throughout the nation in an evangelistic, ambassador capacity. A motorhome would be provided for this proposed mission and, overall, it was quite flattering to have such an opportunity extended to me by an individual and ministry so well established. Nevertheless, I instantaneously informed Corky that I would have to humbly refrain from acceptance given the fact that I was certain that my calling was to pursue the raising up of a church effort in Western North Carolina.

The occasion of my being tendered the unofficial offer through Dan Gayman’s surrogate was an observance of the Feast of Tabernacles that I was sponsoring in late October 1989 in Jennings, FL at a campground near the Florida/Georgia state line. Dan and his wife Delores, along with Corky Smith and his wife Karen were present for the week-long event which was attended by members of small congregations I had established in Western North Carolina and South Florida.

The event was very successful and enriching for all in attendance and I was greatly appreciative to Dan for his participation and all it provided in the way of depth and inspiration. In the ensuing months, however, I came to recognize that my turning down of his overture was in fact the beginning of the end of what had come to be a strong and mutually advantageous relationship. In retrospect, it became increasingly apparent to me that it was, in certain respects, necessary for Dan to harness the energies and autonomy of one such as myself. In his defense...it is extraordinarily difficult to establish and maintain a large and sprawling ministry endeavor.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

To this very day, Dan Gayman continues to consistently hold forth under the auspices of the Church of Israel. He has maintained a consistent track record of Sabbath observances and festival gatherings for literal decades and has certainly achieved incalculable positive results in terms of maintaining a global outreach of hard-core, controversial Biblical truth. Yes...there have been assorted and many instances of strife, contention and division within the realm of his oversight. He has endured the heartbreak and disappointment of defecting family members and harsh criticisms emanating from a broad plurality of sources and directions. Despite these challenges and hardships, however, Dan Gayman continues in his 82nd year...to stand firm in his dedication to the defense and proclamation of skillfully marshalled truth relative to the subjects of race and the matter of the accurate identity of God’s true Israel people in the world today.

In my own evolution and development I was greatly blessed and benefitted during the 1987-1990 time period via my close relationship and interaction with Dan and the Church of Israel. To the extent that we parted ways on difficult and strained terms, I am at peace with the steadfast reality and comfort provided by an understanding of both the merciful nature as well as the all encompassing sovereignty of the God of Israel. We are all subject to the exacting realities of the laws of cause and effect, as well as the principle of reaping and sowing.

The late 80’s were a snapshot in time that seemingly was ripe for momentous developments and advances within the ranks of those on the cutting edge of hard-core truth within the body of Christ. I believed then...and remain convinced today...that greater heights could have been ascended to through the unique synergy that existed between Dan Gayman and myself. He was (and doubtlessly remains) enormously gifted and was endowed with a compelling degree of charisma and subsequent ability to impart truth and inspiration.

One can only conjecture as to what might have come to pass had we remained closely aligned in the building up of the church of Jesus Christ. Satan, of course, delights in the divisions and disputations that arise and play out in the midst of those who claim to be a manifestation of the remnant of God. Thankfully...the power, strength, and omniscience of the God of Israel is such that the terms of Romans 8:28 (And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose...) never cease to be extant and operative within our midst.

A man’s earthly sojourn can seem long and drawn out in certain respects, while simultaneously reflecting the characteristic set forth in James 4:14 which reads, “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” While my path diverged distinctly away from Dan Gayman and the Church of Israel at the dawning of a new decade...it would nevertheless become indirectly interwoven at a later time corresponding with the intriguing and unique events of Y2K and 9/11 in the years 2000 and 2001. Further information concerning that time period will be provided in a subsequent installment of this series.

The Turbulent 90’s

In the early 1990’s my attention was drawn toward a small town in Casey County, Kentucky, named Liberty. A friend whom I had recruited to the patriotic/Constitutional cause in Fort Myers, Florida in 1984 happened to have grown up in Liberty and had moved back there after his retirement. Phil and his family visited me periodically in North Georgia in the late 80’s and early 90’s and kept telling me what a great place Liberty was to the extent that I became motivated to go check it out in person.

I had remained steadfast in my dedication to the pursuit of building a Christian covenant community and had concluded that North Georgia was unlikely to be the place for the fulfillment of such a visionary quest. Thus...one morning I set out for Liberty to check out, first hand, whether or not my friend Phil was accurately portraying what he claimed to be a hidden treasure of a location in the Bluegrass State. I proceeded to make the roughly 6-hour drive from Epworth, Georgia to Liberty, Kentucky and rolled into town mid-afternoon on a fair and sunny weekday.

Almost immediately, I spotted a real estate office owned by a local businessman named Howard Haggard. I walked into his office...introduced myself, and asked if he knew of any large tracts of land for sale in the nearby vicinity. When asked, “How big?” I responded with, “Oh...at least 500 acres.” Mr. Haggard then asked if I could wait 20 minutes or so while he went to “check on something.” I assured him that would be fine and off he went. Shortly thereafter he returned and proceeded to tell me about a 700-acre tract of land that was in fact for sale, and would I like to go look at it. I responded in the affirmative and we headed out to Hurricane Ridge Road so I could scope out what proved to be a very beautiful and interesting piece of property.

Sheriff Carl Meece 1941-2013

The land in question was situated on both sides of the paved road, had lots of water flowing from creeks and springs, and had a desirable balance of wooded and cleared areas. It was actually owned by the county sheriff...a man named Carl Meece who was known to be highly effective in maintaining law and order throughout the territory. The entire 700 acres was available for $235,000 and Sheriff Meece was willing to consider some degree of owner financing with a meaningful down payment. I expressed appreciation to Mr. Haggard for showing me the property and told him I would make haste to get back in touch to let him know if there was serious interest on my part.

Earlier he had ducked into the county courthouse, where proceedings were in session...in order to see if the Sheriff was genuinely interested in selling the land. It seems that casual mention had been made not long before my arrival on the scene along the lines of the Sheriff saying, “Howard...why don’t you find me a buyer for my land on Hurricane Ridge Road?” And, then...presto...along I came making inquiries as to the availability of a large tract of land.

As I drove back to North Georgia I marveled at how I had so quickly stumbled upon what would certainly make for an opportune location to pursue the development of the Christian covenant community concept. At this juncture, I would simply need to sufficiently arouse the interest of various associates in order to put together an adequate team of investors. As it turned out...it was easier than I anticipated to achieve that goal. In fact...within little more than a week I had come up with $50,000 from four individuals and we were off and running on what I proceeded to dub Project Liberty.

Overcoming Suspicion and Intrigue

A short time after my initial foray to Liberty, Kentucky...I was able to broker an agreement whereby the 700 acres owned by Casey County Sheriff Carl Meece would be purchased by the Church of the Remnant for $50,000 down with the remaining $185,000 being payable in several subsequent installments. The paperwork for the transaction was to be drawn up by attorney Tommy Weddle who was both the Sheriff’s personal lawyer as well as the official county attorney.

On the proposed date of the closing for this rather significant real estate transaction I was probed rather pointedly by Mr. Weddle concerning my actual intent for usage of the land. As it turned out, local officials were highly suspicious that the church entity that was pursuing the acquisition was somehow a front for a more objectionable purpose...namely, the installation of a landfill project! I was quite amused at such a notion and suspicion and categorically assured Sheriff Meece and County Attorney Weddle that no such clandestine intent was even remotely being contemplated. Nevertheless, the county attorney did issue a verbal caveat that if by chance I was not being truthful, that they would not hesitate to “hometown” me in a future legal sense. (I have always wondered what such a process as “hometowning” someone would consist of.)

As I read the proposed contract I did have a certain uneasiness regarding certain peripheral provisions of the agreement such as a prohibition of the allowance of “noxious weeds.” I pointed out a handful of areas within the body of the proposed document that needed to be revised and we agreed to return a short time later upon notification that the modified agreement was ready.

As it turned out...as I was returning to Liberty several days later with my close associate and most trusted confidant Keven Ahlgren...it dawned on us that the date was 9/15/93, which happened to be precisely 3 years to the day after the confrontational meeting in Hanging Dog, North Carolina that had derailed a previous land development project involving former members of the church group (see Part 6 of this series).

Upon our arrival in Liberty that day I noted the appropriate changes in the contract, tendered the $50,000 down payment, affixed my signature to the document, and shook hands with Sheriff Meece, County Attorney Weddle, and realtor Howard Haggard in acknowledgment of the transaction that had just been consummated.

Now...it was time to commence the hard work that would be required to bring the envisioned project of building a community of like-minded parties to full fruition. Unfortunately...I was ultimately slated to experience the hardships and complexities of translating such an objective into reality. Nevertheless...I was determined to pour all my talents, energies and resources into the noble undertaking at hand.

*             *             *             *             *

Author’s Note: Early on in this series of installments it occurred to me that the project would most likely evolve into a book of an autobiographical nature. Indeed...such has become the case as I am increasingly compelled to provide rather in-depth detail regarding conditions and circumstances that have comprised and constituted the narrative and its far-reaching implications that I am herein seeking to provide and convey. It is both useful and necessary for the reader to be aware of the nuanced aspects of the overall story in order to appreciate the seriousness and significance of the “warning” theme that ultimately serves to form a thread of continuity throughout the story as a whole.

In sum...the premise inherent within the title of the series (A Warning to My Enemies and Detractors) is founded upon the supposition that the author is “called and anointed” in the service of the God of Scripture. Though impossible to prove via empirical evidence, it is the opinion being advanced and fortified herein, that overwhelming circumstantial factors can, and in fact, do offer a sufficient basis for the advancement of the claim of such noteworthy status and credentials. In this light and context, it will continue to be the sought-after objective to render an account inclusive of as much detail and perspective as possible.

In Scripture God issues grave pronouncements against parties who would seek to inflict harm or injury upon those specifically engaged in the execution and advancement of his prescribed agenda. The theme of this series incorporates a not-so-subtle claim to being among such a specific classification of individual, and it is timely to now make mention of the fact that I have only scratched the surface in terms of rendering accounts of unfortunate facts and circumstances (often lethal in nature) that have befallen those who have made it their goal and intent to engender hardship and destruction upon me and my family.

I am humbled by the long sequence of events and occurrences over the past four decades that seemingly point to the reality of divine protection and the corresponding outworking of the principle set forth in Romans 12:19 wherein we read, “...vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” I hasten to reiterate that my propositions are based purely upon circumstantial evidence and I take nothing for granted.

I relate in all too familiar a fashion with the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 7:24 wherein he states, “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?”...being all too familiar with my own glaring faults and failures. Fortunately...I know with absolute certainty that the God of Scripture is exceedingly merciful as well as being, at times, harsh in the execution of his judgments.

My purpose in rendering this historical account is to absolve myself of guilt and responsibility relative to the results that might be forthcoming to those who ignorantly set their hand against the outworking of the quest and objective to which my life is consecrated...namely to seek after a city whose builder and maker is God (Hebrews 11:10). In this vein and spirit...by the grace of that same great and glorious God...I will continue in my effort to bring forth the corroborating facts to form the basis of what I believe to be an exceptionally unique story and testimony...that of an individual determined to embrace and apply the full spectrum of truth in the process of seeking to live one day at a time and serve the King of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ!

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  1. There is no doubt that America is under YAHWEH's curse and deserves all that is happening and all that will happen. When any Nation legally murders their unborn children and supports homosexuality, Judgement will follow as surely as the sun rises every morning. When YAHWEH promised in "2 Chronicles 7:14 New International Version (NIV) 14 If my people, will call upon MY NAME [true translation], will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land", I believe HIM! HE will make a "safe place" for HIS People in the Days of Judgement when the Satanic Forces make war with YAHWEH's People. I, too, grew up in Florida and saw the Cubans first come to Florida and witnessed the change. I moved to Tennessee and later to Georgia, but always returned to visit family and attended the Feasts in Vonore, Sweetwater, and Madisonville.

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