Steve King…Principled Giant Among Craven, Cowardly, Moral Midgets

The present spectacle regarding Iowa Congressman Steve King is revelatory and instructional on multiple levels. At issue are supposedly “racist” comments made by the congressman in an interview with the New York Times. King allegedly identified with and defended “white supremacy” as he purportedly mused over the consideration of why in the world people would ever be inclined to find the concept in question to be offensive.

Iowa Congressman Steve King

Suffice it to say...Steve King has been grossly and completely misrepresented in the unfolding of this contrived hyped up drama...and the reason for this unconscionable injustice is painfully obvious to anyone possessing even a sliver of objectivity in their analysis and overview of the daily news. You see...Steve King happens to be the only elected representative in Washington, D.C. who has exhibited the willingness and courage to deal forthrightly with issues of paramount and unequalled importance.

Yes...Steve King has dared to venture into the realm of subject matter which inevitably leads to the topics of the demographic composition of America and the vital necessity of preserving European cultural supremacy in the ongoing struggle for America’s survival.

Other People’s Babies

Prior to the recent hatchet job on Iowa’s 4th District representative, he was most despised and feared for a bold statement previously made in reference to the need for Americans...the majority of which are of Caucasian be dutifully responsible in maintaining their demographic standing on the continent their forefathers conquered and built into what is arguably...the greatest nation in all of history!

Yes...King dared to point out the obvious fact that simply replacing a diminishing white population with a massive influx of non-white immigrants and third world refugees will in no way serve to fortify or maintain even a glimmer of the long-standing greatness of Western Christian civilization. And now...Steve King is being subjected to a demonization campaign of astonishing proportions.

I Have A Dream

Fittingly...on the occasion of the horrendous national disgrace of the honoring of the ultimate fraudulent American hero, “the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” is both timely and appropriate to advocate for the issuing forth of truly justified praise and recognition of a genuine, courageous, truth-telling leader of the unparalleled stature of Congressman Steve King!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

In a sane America...the MLK national holiday would be deposited on the ash heap of our nation’s history and Steve King's fellow office-holders would move speedily and decisively to propose appropriate and well-deserved recognition for a stalwart peer who puts them all to shame and has more integrity and courage in his little finger than the sum total that they could all cumulatively muster between them!

Fear and the Rejection of Truth

The plain and simple reality is that those who have jumped on the bandwagon to falsely accuse and destroy Steve King are themselves deserving of harsh judgment and condemnation. Quite simply...they are driven and motivated by fear and trepidation...which in turn, are the driving forces behind their shameful rejection of the truth as to the inherent superiority of Eurocentric culture and civilization throughout the history and present day configuration of the world in which we live.

Make no mistake about it...those who cower in fear at the prospect of being labeled a “racist” or a “white supremacist”...and who are, in turn, unwilling to unapologetically laud and exhibit appreciation for the momentous achievements and sacrifices of their racial ancestors...are nothing short of a stench in the nostrils of a sovereign and truth-exalting God.

Fear and the wholesale rejection of truth are sins of the highest degree and the God of scripture will ultimately judge and spew out of his righteous mouth...these lukewarm specimens of modern mediocrity. In conclusion...let it be forcefully asserted that Iowa Congressman Steve King is most certainly a principled statesman of the highest caliber and degree, who sadly and lamentably, must suffer the indignity of being slandered and denigrated by a bevy of moral midgets and ignoramuses who aren’t even worthy to carry his shoes!

Steve King in 2020!

If only Congressman King would dare to take the most appropriate action that could be entered into at present...and announce that he will be seeking the office of the presidency in the days ahead. It is clear and undeniable that he alone among elected officials is willing to deal with issues pertaining to culture, demographics and race. Indeed...he dares to tread in areas even Donald Trump chooses to side step. Of course, he could simultaneously make it clear that his ultimate support would be channeled behind Trump’s 2020 re-election the point of categorically endorsing the President in the course of the forthcoming election cycle. In pursuing this tactical course Steve King would be accomplishing the following. He would actually make Trump’s circumstances more favorable by making him seem “less radical.”

Additionally, he would be positioning himself for 2024 when even if Donald Trump wins re-election, he will be prevented by term limitations from continuing on in the presidency. Who knows...maybe along the way Congressman King could even be brought up to speed concerning the nefarious, un-American aspects of international Zionism...and could truly embrace a genuine, America-first policy agenda. For now, however, let all sincere, truth-seeking individuals, who desire to be faithful to that which our Christian, European forebears established at the price of the lives, fortunes, and sacred honor...pray for and offer staunch, tangible support for a public servant who stands head and shoulders above all his peers...the truly honorable Congressman Steve King.


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  1. A white person doing anything other than obsequiously begging forgiveness for his/her very existence is enough to condemn him in this day and age. Its encouraging to see someone as high profile as Congressman King standing for truth in any form, let alone a topic that so readily triggers pavlovian, vitriolic ridicule as white identity.
  2. When we allowed the term "antisemitic" to be made into the worst thing you could call someone, I knew it wouldn't be much longer until "Racist" would be right up there with "antisemitic". Our enemy, the Edomite/Khazar, anti-Messiah, Pharisee Judaic Talmudic, knows that the Caucasian Race is their eternal enemy and must be destroyed if they are to rule the world under Satan's reign. As always, their downfall will come when their arrogance and depravity finally reach a tipping point with YAHWEH and with HIS People. Our mission is to continue to inform the people of The Truth and to do this we must never falter in our will!

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