In Memory of Dave Harper (1942 – 2019)

In Memory of My Beloved Friend and Christian Brother...Dave Harper

On August 27th, 2019, Dave Harper was murdered in his Bessemer, Alabama home by a young black thug with a lengthy criminal record. Stephaughn Jerrod Joseph was soon apprehended not far from the crime scene. In the wake of this murderous assault, he had stolen Dave’s car and managed to run it out of gas on a nearby highway. Police saw him walking on the roadside and apprehended him after a brief chase. He has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bond.

Dave Harper was one of my closest and dearest friends and was considered to be an honorary member of my family. He was dearly loved by all my children and his tragic death leaves an enormous hole in our lives. I drove to Bessemer in late June to take him to the Nationalist Solutions Conference at the Montgomery Bell State Park. After the event I drove him back home and we had a great opportunity to visit and reflect on the successful and inspiring nature of the conference. Dave was planning on coming to Ocoee in September for a lengthy visit and to begin making preparations to move permanently to the area. I now regret not having tried to do more to expedite his move.

In early 2019 Dave suffered a heart attack followed by triple bypass surgery. He was 77 years old and had recovered well post-surgery. He was filled with kindness, joy and optimism and never failed to inspire and uplift those spending time in his presence. He had an extraordinary sense of humor and used it to bring cheer and happiness everywhere he went.

Dave grew up in Alabama and was a product of his time. During his life he witnessed the tragic demise and degeneration of our western, Christian culture and civilization...and it grieved him ever so much to see the downward spiral of the nation and state he so dearly loved. He was enormously burdened to advocate for revival and restoration, having spent much of his life in pursuit of such lofty goals and objectives. Dave loved and lived for the cause of truth. He was irrepressible in his determination to share precious nuggets of spiritual, biblical, political, historical and all other categories of truth with all privileged to make his acquaintance.

My friendship with Dave resulted from his having been a faithful listener to my Voice of Liberty broadcast on Worldwide Christian Radio (WWCR) in Nashville, the largest American shortwave station in the nation. We became the closest of friends and it breaks my heart to consider that he is gone, and that he was subjected to such tragic and horrible circumstances at the end of his life. Dave was the epitome of gentleness and lovingkindness. He truly exhibited and embodied the Fruit of the Spirit as referenced in Galatians 5: 22-23. Yes...Dave is in the presence of the Lord now, and for that I give thanks and praise. The details regarding his death, however, make me more determined than ever to fight for the restoration of sanity and the preeminence of the law of the God of Scripture.

To those reading this tribute, whether you knew Dave or not...please accept this challenge to press and fight on in his honor and loving memory. In so doing, we can seek to do justice for the overarching cause of truth that served as the foundation and inspiration for his very life and existence.


Click here to view Dave Harper's Obituary.

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  1. Hi Rick, Sorry to read this tragic story about your friend. I do remember noticing him at the conference. This is another example of why our people have to join and support our cause...
  2. Mr. Harper sounds like a good man and a better friend. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. He will be missed in our struggle to save America.
  3. Rick, THANK YOU for this amazingly accurate, heartfelt and Biblical perspective on the passing of this wonderful man. Weeks later I still am unable to fathom the loss which we who loved him are experiencing. Your personal retell and the additional information which you provided on this amazing human being only makes my sense of loss more profound and more bittersweet. However, this is precisely what I need because, of all of his friends, he considered you and your Family as HIS FAMILY. I knew him for such a brief period of time and so, I hunger for more knowledge of the man that so quickly became like a brother to me. Thank you, Rick, for adding to the picture of a man I wish I had known longer, but am deeply grateful that I had the great blessing, through you, to have met at all. This written tribute to Dave Clayton Harper coincides with the verbal tribute you gave at a recent conference which I attended. Many there knew him, and those who did not know of his passing were stung to tears by how, and in what manner, his precious life was taken from him, and from us! May God Bless you, Rick, and your beautiful Family, because I know for a fact that The Tyler Family offered this man his greatest comforts and treasures in life! May he remain always within our hearts and in our prayers, and may he intercede for us before The Throne of The Father and in The Beatific Vision!

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