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Steve King…Principled Giant Among Craven, Cowardly, Moral Midgets

The present spectacle regarding Iowa Congressman Steve King is revelatory and instructional on multiple levels. At issue are supposedly “racist” comments made by the congressman in an interview with the New York Times. King allegedly identified with and defended “white supremacy” as he purportedly mused over the consideration of why in the world people would…
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A Warning To My Enemies and Detractors – Part 7

It is no exaggeration to assert that from the time of the tragic war between the states to the very present hour of history...we have, in reality, been living under a de facto federal dictatorship. The Southern states were lawlessly and unconstitutionally invaded by the Northern military machine in total absence of a declaration of…
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Where Do We Begin? Part 1

Complex circumstances have made it difficult to compose and post articles over the past two months. The last commentary rendered on this forum dealt with the profound ongoing results and implications of the sea-change, 9/11 event, and how it served as a catalyst for vast and far reaching corruption brought forth under the deceptive guise…
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The Deception of 9/11…Catalyst for the Irreversible Rise of Deep State Tyranny

With the arrival of the anniversary of the infamous events of 9/11/2001, thoughtful and realistic individuals can only be saddened and demoralized by the fact that what was arguably one of the most profoundly influential occasions in America’s history remains more cloaked and shrouded in disinformation and suppression of truth than ever! If anything...given the…
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About That New York Times Op-Ed

Oh, New York do I hate thee. Let me count the ways! Yes...if ever there were a publication worthy of abject, unrestrained would certainly be the New York Times. After all, this voluminous daily newspaper is perpetually engaged in the production and generation of an avalanche of propaganda designed to subvert, and ultimately…
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Alex Jones Walks the Point in the Battle for the First Amendment

In his latest stroke of thoroughly entertaining audacity and bravery...let’s just call it “Mr. Jones Goes to Washington”...the gutsy and flamboyant Infowars founder has demonstrated afresh why he sets the pace and leads the pack in the world of independent, alternative media. Jones, of course, has been targeted and attacked in unprecedented fashion by a…
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