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Qualifications for Office

The game of politics is all about perception…the vast majority of which is of a false and fraudulent nature. In order to ascend to high political office one must be perceived as being capable and qualified. A good politician must be smooth and articulate. He must be adept at fostering an image of being competent,…
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Martin Luther King…Saint or Sinner?

When Martin Luther King’s birthday was transformed into a national holiday in 1986 it was necessary to simultaneously seal his FBI file for fifty years! Had the file been opened to public inspection there would have never been a King holiday. Instead, everyone would have known all the gory details about his whoremongering, his Marxist…
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Conspiracy Denial Disorder: America’s Foremost Mental Malady – Part 1

You walk outside into the sunshine on an otherwise beautiful afternoon. Even though you fail to take notice, something is sorely amiss in the skies overhead. From one end of the horizon to the other are the lingering evidences of a considerable number of jet aircraft that have been crisscrossing the sky…leaving in their wake…
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Understanding Conspiracy – Part 1

Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. (Oxford Dictionary) As a rule, conspiracies are not funny. All too often they are deadly…sometimes to an extraordinary degree. If You Can’t Discredit the Message… …discredit the messenger…the saying goes. It is this precise methodology that is routinely employed in the ongoing…
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The Sham Called “Presidential Politics”

There is a new reality series that is rapidly becoming the most extensive and noteworthy of its genre. It is called “Presidential Politics” and it is entirely fitting and apropos that established reality TV star Donald Trump would be the marquee headliner of the burgeoning viewing phenomenon. "Presidential Politics" is much like professional wrestling. The…
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