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The Stranger Within My Gate

The Stranger within my gate, He may be true or kind, But he does not talk my talk-- I cannot feel his mind. I see the face and the eyes and the mouth, But not the soul behind. The men of my own stock, They may do ill or well, But they tell the lies…
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What Would the Founding Fathers Do?

What Would The Founding Fathers Do? Years ago there was a popular WWJD phenomenon that arose in American culture. What Would Jesus Do? This was the ponderance engendered by the simple, yet clever, sequence of letters. The intended result was to stimulate people to filter everything through the prism of consideration for what the reaction…
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Qualifications for Office

The game of politics is all about perception…the vast majority of which is of a false and fraudulent nature. In order to ascend to high political office one must be perceived as being capable and qualified. A good politician must be smooth and articulate. He must be adept at fostering an image of being competent,…
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The Sham Called “Presidential Politics”

There is a new reality series that is rapidly becoming the most extensive and noteworthy of its genre. It is called “Presidential Politics” and it is entirely fitting and apropos that established reality TV star Donald Trump would be the marquee headliner of the burgeoning viewing phenomenon. "Presidential Politics" is much like professional wrestling. The…
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