Beyond Infowars

Many who have followed the 2016 congressional campaign of Rick Tyler and all of its related and far reaching implications are also familiar and affiliated with the ongoing work and phenomenon of Alex Jones and the Infowars outreach mechanism. Indeed...Jones and his ever evolving media empire have undergone phenomenal growth in tandem with the rising Trump tide. In fact, it is arguable that a certain percentage of Trump’s success can be directly attributed to the vigorous and enthusiastic support that Jones has placed squarely behind his candidacy and the corresponding defense of the billionaire tycoon’s reputation. And now...astonishingly...Trump has won the presidential sweepstakes and is poised to be sworn in as the nation’s 45th chief executive on January 20th.

All the while, the nation continues to witness an insane series of antics designed to thwart Trump’s assumption of the office of the presidency. Legal challenges to the vote count, attempts to extort members of the electoral college, preposterous allegations of Russian hacking altering the election outcome, calls to have Trump declared unfit and incapable to perform the duties of his office in accordance with provisions of the 25th Amendment, and even not-so-vague appeals for Trump’s assassination...have all been taking place in rapid-fire sequence since the November 8th election. every turn...the powerful and persuasive voice of Alex Jones can be heard systematically dissecting and beating down the never-ending tidal wave of anti-Trump hysteria. All the while...of course...the Infowars audience continues to grow by leaps and bounds...and, with it...the numerical and financial strength of an entity that is rapidly becoming the most influential force in the world of alternative, non-establishment media.

Questions Abound

Despite all the obvious good that is synonymous with Alex Jones and Infowars, there remain a great may causes for concern and suspicion. In a very real way...from a superficial standpoint of evaluation...Jones, Infowars, and the Trump ascendancy are too good to be true. And...for those who have been schooled in the necessity of reading between the lines and peeling away the layers of the onion...the subject at hand is fraught with subtle anomalies and red flags. Among the matters of interest are the very origin of Alex Jones, his proximity and connection to the shadowy Stratfor Institute, and his telltale unwillingness to deal accurately and forthrightly with issues pertaining to the volatile, yet ultra-consequential subjects of race and the Jewish/Zionist question.

Suffice it to say...the dialectic construct of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis is an indispensable weapon in the arsenal of those who labor to establish a pervasive and hegemonic new world order. Such an effort would certainly be well served by a controlled opposition apparatus, possessing the skill and sophistication of Infowars and Alex Jones.

Why “Beyond Infowars”?

Whether or not Alex Jones falls into the category of conscious, controlled is certainly undeniable that he stops notably short of hardcore, Biblical truth. Yes...he routinely pays lip service to Christianity and the Bible...but then very quickly exhibits a proclivity for the profane and the carnal that serves to call into serious question the authenticity of his profession of faith. is certainly warranted and justified that we place Jones, Infowars, etc. under the microscope of scrutiny in order to discern and ascertain the extent of their legitimacy. Yes...for those who appreciate the significant levels of truth granted exposure through the efforts of Alex Jones...yet...who realize that there are great and profound subjects being sidestepped...we hope to bridge the gap and fill the void through this facet of our own educational endeavor.

Please stay tuned for more timely input!