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I Have A Dream: About the Billboard Campaign

A major component of the subversive agenda to destroy America involves the creation of false heroes...and no greater or more profound manifestation of this phenomenon exists than the gargantuan fraud of the Martin Luther King national holiday. Yes...America has been sold a massive bill of goods in the promotion of the scoundrel King as some…
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The Billboard Strategy

Outdoor advertising is effective...otherwise, billboard signs wouldn’t be ubiquitous throughout the nation. There is even a program underway in the billboard industry in which the word UBIQUITOUS (which means pervasive and omnipresent) is being placed on signs in giant black letters. Yes...this form of advertising is unique and has potential for noteworthy results. With its…
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Do Something Radical

You may have never considered yourself to be a radical person...but the times we are living in require ideas and actions that by contemporary standards seem...well...radical! An astute political figure once stated that extremism in defense of liberty was no vice while moderation in the face of tyranny was no virtue. As we look around…
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