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TPWNW front coverThe President Who Never Was

For many years the office of the American presidency has been debased to the status of a mere puppet or figurehead. Certainly, as far back as the administration of Woodrow Wilson, the president had become a hand- picked commodity operating under the control of an elite cabal of power brokers. As the saying goes... you have kings...and you have king makers. The latter category is comprised of the membership ranks of an internationalist cartel bent on establishing a global super state.

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TS front cover

A Biblical Case for Territorial Secession

The contemporary Christian finds himself in a uniquely difficult position.

While certain of our predecessors in the faith have faced more dire and threatening conditions during their era of existence, we have the unusual challenge of living in a time of great technological advancement. Such a reality poses enormous hardships as well as significant benefits. We are confronted daily with a host of alluring opportunities that vie competitively for the expenditure of our time.

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Black Invention Myths cover

Black Invention Myths

Perhaps you’ve heard the claims: Were it not for the genius and energy of African-American inventors, we might find ourselves in a world without traffic lights, peanut butter, blood banks, light bulb filaments, and a vast number of other things we now take for granted but could hardly imagine life without.

Such beliefs usually originate in books or articles about black history. Since many of the authors have little interest in the history of technology outside of advertising black contributions to it, their stories tend to be fraught with misunderstandings, wishful thinking, or fanciful embellishments with no historical basis. The lack of historical perspective leads to extravagant overestimations of originality and importance: sometimes a slightly modified version of a pre-existing piece of technology is mistaken for the first invention of its type; sometimes a patent or innovation with little or no lasting value is portrayed as a major advance, even if there’s no real evidence it was ever used.

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The King Holiday and Its Meaning

On August 2, 1983, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill creating a legal public holiday in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Although there had been little discussion of the bill in the House itself and little awareness among the American public that Congress was even considering such a bill, it was immediately clear that the U.S. Senate would take up the legislation soon after the Labor Day recess. The House had passed the King Holiday Bill by an overwhelming vote of 338-90, with significant bipartisan support (both Reps. Jack Kemp and Newt Gingrich voted for it), and the Reagan administration was indicating that the President would not veto it if it came before him. In these circumstances, most political observers seemed to think that Senate enactment and presidential signature of the bill would take place virtually unopposed; few anticipated that the battle over the King holiday in the next few weeks would be one of the most bitter congressional and public controversies of the decade.

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The Common Sense and Constitutionally Sound Positions of Rick Tyler

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Traitorous, treasonous, criminal government -- Help bring criminal government before the bar of justice for the following crimes against "We, the people!"

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Not Yours To GiveNot Yours To Give

A story about Congressman Davy Crockett.

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bor-cmThe Bill of Rights and the Communist Manifesto

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PriceThe Price They Paid

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The Blind Men and the Elephant

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