Make America White Again Broadcast Network

Update on Broadcast Network Plans - January 2017

In September 2016 we announced the forthcoming launch of the Make America White Again Broadcast Network and, shortly thereafter, began playing a variety of Christian and patriotic music as a lead up to when live programming and commentary would ensue. Unfortunately, during the interim time period we have lost the services of the dedicated server through which the live stream was being routed. This particular piece of equipment was pushing the envelope in terms of age and duration of service and, regrettably, it gave up the ghost and left us incapable of moving forward with broadcasting intentions at the present time.

Needless to say, the importance and timeliness of this project is more acute than ever. For this reason we appeal to any and all who recognize the potential effectiveness of this work to consider helping us to obtain a replacement server that the formal launch of the Make America White Again Broadcast Network might move forward in the not too distant future.

September 2016 - Ed. Note: The following article has been prepared to accompany the formal launching of the Make America White Again Broadcast Network, which is anticipated to occur between the dates of October 10th and October 15th. It is being posted now, in a preliminary context, as part of a preview of some of the efforts that will comprise and constitute activities in the run up to the November 8th election date.

We are extremely enthused and excited to welcome everyone to the newly launched, groundbreaking broadcasting endeavor...the Make America White Again Broadcast Network! Yes...we are going on the offensive to the maximum degree possible in a determined effort to liberate our fellow countrymen from the shackles of brainwashing and mind control that have been insidiously and ruthlessly foisted upon them by a sophisticated network of highly trained and well remunerated change agents!

What has been done to the American public is beyond criminal in nature. Deliberate social engineering and cultural subversion have been orchestrated and executed for a period spanning multiple generations. Television, radio, and print media have long constituted a propaganda triad that has been skillfully employed to set the stage for a permanent and debilitating transformation of the lawful Christian Constitutional republic established by the American forefathers.

With the advent of contemporary technology the little people now possess the means of striking back against treacherous deception with the broadsword of truth. What a vast many people fail to comprehend is that hardcore truth, properly proclaimed at the appropriate time, has the power and potential to eviscerate the mountain of lies that have heretofore been used to keep us in bondage. The science of logic proves, empirically and unequivocally, the validity and superiority of truth. A medium such as the Make America White Again Broadcast Network will serve as a delivery mechanism for truth that simply cannot be ignored.

Why the Controversial Approach?

Many well-intentioned individuals ask if it would not be better and more effective to avoid terminology and phraseology that, to many, comes across as shocking and unnerving? The answer, of course, is absolutely not! In his typical fashion, Satan has effectively manipulated people into a reactionary frame of reference that prevents them, on the surface level, from being able to practice the important technique of correct thinking. The Make America White Again message is the most profound example of the phenomenon of which we speak.

Breaking Down the Most Powerful Political Phrase of Our Time

What is it that makes the words the Make America White Again message so powerful and electrifying? The simple answer to this foundational question is that they succeed in crystallizing truth relative to a subject...namely, race...that is the ultimate hot potato of our time!

Through the previously referenced illicit tactics, an almost universal form of mental and psychological conditioning has been artfully practiced against the Caucasian population at large that has rendered them essentially incapable of processing rational thoughts of and reactions to the subject matter of race.

As a result of this amazing reality, white Americans have come to exhibit an inexplicable level of indifference as concerns the interests and well-being of the racial group to which they belong. a rapidly escalating number of cases, they actually move beyond apathy and indifference to the point of becoming zealous aids and accomplices to those who overtly seek to implement circumstances and policies that are openly hostile to the fundamental interests of Caucasian Americans. All the while, of course, non-whites are applauded, commended, and rewarded for viewing everything through the race-based prism of consideration and loyalty to that which is in the best interest of their own racial grouping.

What we are dealing with, quite obviously, is a double standard of the most advanced degree. And...such a double standard can only be maintained and perpetuated in the absence of normal, instinctive, and rational thinking. Thus...the architects and enforcers of this abnormal construct are hard pressed to prevent white Americans from engaging in critical thinking relative to the subject of race. The Make America White Again message instantaneously threatens to implode the precarious house of cards that is necessary to keep intimidated Caucasians from exercising simple logic.

For presumptuously asserts the pivotal fact that America its relative recent history...a white country! Yes, a scant 50 years ago, America was 85-90% white...thus qualifying it to have been accurately identified and referred to as a white nation. There was nothing controversial about this obvious demographic reality. Clearly...those who relish the deteriorating circumstances and plight of whites in America do not want anyone focusing on this indisputable fact of recent history.

Yes, this subject must be suppressed in order to avoid disclosure and discovery of the unjust, dishonest, and immoral manner in which the racial identity of America was subverted and transformed.

Stolen Inheritance Through Displacement

The shocking truth is that via the fraudulent alteration of foundational immigration law...the will and intent of America’s founders (who were all Caucasians) was usurpatiously undermined...resulting in the categorical theft of the inheritance rightfully belonging to their own biological descendants. Whites are now being rapidly relegated to an impotent and neutered status on the land mass that was so capably and impressively civilized and developed by their rugged and innovative ancestors.

The Make America White Again message compels people to deal with the heretofore suppressed fact of the nation’s former whiteness. Once the mind control matrix is broken, certain logical realizations and conclusions become almost inevitable. It is precisely such an occurrence that defenders of the present reality must at all costs avoid!

The Make America White Again message provides the potential answers and solutions to virtually all the problems that threaten our demise as a nation. The formula in its beautiful simplicity goes as follows:

Firstly, a white super majority existed in America from the moment of her founding until the mid-1960’s. By all objective standards of evaluation America represented the pinnacle of cultural advancement and practical achievement.

Secondly, that lawful and legitimate America (we are choosing to defer analysis and discussion of the historical events of the 1860’s) was willfully and criminally altered toward the end and objective of rendering white Americans an eventual minority in the nation founded and thoroughly dominated by their biological forebears. An obvious byproduct of this transition has been the disruption and near destruction of the tranquility, civility, and greatness of the sovereign American nation.

Thirdly, the abusive process by which white America has been brought to the brink of total chaos and destruction simply must be exposed and rolled back in an urgent and determined effort to rebuild the foundations and luster of a bygone era. Renaissance and revival are the operative goals that must be avidly pursued.

A saying has been coined which goes as follows: “Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.” The Make America White Again message represents the apex of truth because it dares to point out the scrupulously avoided fact of recent history that America was, for close to 200 years, a bonafide white nation. The Make America White Again message dares to state the obvious truth that, if America could be made white again, overall conditions in the nation would overwhelmingly improve.

The beauty of the Make America White Again message is that it compels men to think and ponder its vast implications. The phrase itself makes no specific advocacy as to how the goal it advances should be executed and achieved. allows the imaginations of men to kick in and hypothesize as to how America would benefit and be blessed by the restoration of a white super majority.

To those who are severely afflicted from a lifetime of Pavlovian conditioning, the Make America White Again message is more than they can cope with. Their reaction and response is visceral and irrational in the extreme. Through the exhibition of their insane response to a mere phrase, those who seek to resist the power of the Make America White Again message actually accomplish the opposite of their outwardly expressed intentions. By irrationally lashing out at the Make America White Again message they only strengthen its mystique and power.

The Make America White Again message is like a 2x4 between the eyes. It simply cannot be ignored as it forces the taboo and verboten subject of race into a front and center position within the realm of the national discussion of matters controversial. Once out of the bottle, the truth genie simply will not be forced back in to the narrow and restrictive confines that have been used to negate its otherwise overwhelming power!

Ultimately, our salvation...both temporal and eternal...are inexorably linked to the unleashing and proliferation of truth. God’s truth and his law have a great deal to say regarding the critical subject of race. The modern organized church has actually functioned as a gatekeeper, whose mission consists of preventing otherwise sincere Christian believers from accessing the urgent truth regarding racial matters...the truth which happens to be hiding in the open. Of course, to serve as an obstacle to truth while professing to be a disciple of he who claimed to be the abject and unmitigated double mindedness.

The Make America White Again message uniquely possesses the potential to cut to the quick of truth resistance, regardless of its form or composition. is self-evident that the subject so vehemently suppressed is obviously of greatest importance and significance. And...once again...there is no subject more abrasively, abusively, and even violently opposed than the Make America White Again message!

Storming the Gates of Hell

Matthew 16:18 states: “...and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” You see...the truth...bold and bare knuckled is to assume the role of the battering ram whose job it is to beat against and eventually break through the gates of Satan’s ultimate evil stronghold! Once we shatter the gates of hell, we will then be on course to storm the enemy citadel in a “take no prisoners,” “pull no punches” manner. In short...we have it within our power to turn the enemy to flight...that our blessing, inheritance, and favor in the eyes of our covenant God might be restored.

The modern medium of the internet is much analogous to the Gutenberg press in the years leading up to 1611 and the sea change arrival of the authorized English translation of the word of God...the Holy Bible. The city set upon the hill simply cannot be hid...and its light and power will permeate and subdue all that surrounds it or purposes to impede its advance. Through the historically momentous coming to fruition of the internet phenomenon, the Make America White Again Broadcast Network stands poised and determined to unleash a torrent of uncensored, unrestrained truth the likes of which the world has not yet seen.

We encourage as many as have been given eyes to see and ears to hear to join with us as we carry this profound message of power, deliverance, and ultimate restoration to a world otherwise hell-bent on self-destruction.

In us work toward making America white again by supporting and advancing the outreach of the Make America White Again Broadcast Network.