Tennessee Secession Now!


A Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Territorial Secession

While the number of people who realize that the federal government has become irretrievably corrupt is growing by leaps and bounds, opinions vary as to what the answer is to this dreadful dilemna. There certainly is growing consensus that solutions are unlikely to be achieved through the ballot box. Voters have become increasingly cynical relative to the prospect of electing enough upright and principled congressmen and senators to bring about genuine change for the better.

The primary problem, of course, is that most of what the national government does is beyond the scope and parameters of the U.S. Constitution it is obligated, by oath, to protect and defend. The inherent nature of government, in general, is to grow and expand its power and influence...oaths and obligations to uphold the Constitution notwithstanding.

The nation’s framers were all too familiar with the problem in question. In their own critical hour of testing and challenge, they were forced to take up arms against tyrannical government. Because of the courage and determination they exhibited, liberty was able to grow and flourish as the new American nation blossomed forth. In the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers provided guidelines applicable to future contingencies wherein the need might arise to deal with the challenge of reoccurring abuses and excesses.

In reference to abusive, power-hungry government, the Declarations states: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce under absolute despotism...it is their right...it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” Leading up to this profound and powerful statement, we find the words, “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.”

Yes...the people have the absolute right to take steps necessary for the restoration and preservation of Constitutional governance! The somber question ultimately arises as to what specific steps and procedures are warranted and expedient in pursuit of such critical objectives.

A Possible Remedy Within the Constitution

In Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution, a provision is set forth for the calling of a convention of the states to restrict the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. This Constitutional provision certainly affords considerable potential for the restoration of just and lawful governance at the national level. Under the right circumstances, in fact, it could doubtlessly get the job done in splendid fashion.

The very real problem, however, lies in the fact that, in many respects...we have simply deteriorated to such an advanced degree...that the hypothetical remedy in question is a matter of too little, too late. In short, the problem lies in the fact that far too many of the states that presently comprise the ranks of the Union are insufficiently oriented, in their own makeup and composition, to the precepts of the Bible-based liberty upon which the Republic was originally established.

Specifically, the liberal states of the geographical Northeast are virtually an altogether different species from the conservative Southern states. Forging a winning reform alliance with them would necessitate such major compromise as to render the finished product scarcely superior to that which we presently struggle to endure. It is with this thought in mind that we proceed to the only real solution to the problem and challenge of escaping the tyranny of the federal government.

Secession...The Only Real Solution

The subject of secession always leads promptly to discussion regarding the tragic events of the 1860’s and the historical event inaccurately referred to as the Civil War. In reality, the Confederacy was militarily invaded and subjugated by brute force. The Southern states had reached the conclusion that the Union, as originally established, had proven to be usurpatious and unworkable. Like the original 13 colonies, they had come to the realization that only through the mechanism of formal geopolitical separation could they hope to move forward in an acceptable future framework of existence. One by one, the states that would comprise the Confederacy took action in their elective assemblies to dissolve the legal bonds between themselves and the national government.

And then, an astonishing and horrific development ensued! With callous disregard for logic, truth, and justice...the industrial North laid siege to the agrarian South. Exhibiting an abject refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the South’s secessionist action, the North proceeded to perpetrate unprovoked, unwarranted, and unlawful aggression against the South. In a classic and unrestrained example of the “might makes right” mentality, the Northern armies prosecuted vicious and rapacious tactics against the Confederacy...eventually driving them to surrender and capitulation at Appomattox.

In retrospect, many now are persuaded that the South should have responded by going on the offensive in the initial phases of the conflict. Their thoroughly valid reasons for exiting the corrupt and abusive Union were only legitimized in spades by the ensuing genocidal war crimes carried out by the Northern military apparatus. Far from being a refutation of the validity of the formation of the Confederacy...the egregious conduct of the North only served to underscore the complete necessity of geopolitical severance.

As Jefferson Davis said...”A matter settled by force is a matter not settled.” And, indeed, the War for Southern Independence and autonomy remains an unsettled conflict. In fact, the debilitating circumstances that necessitated secession on the part of the South have only festered and worsened for the past century and a half, which has brought us to a point of far greater urgency than that which our ancestors faced.

Will the Iron Fist of Tyranny Come Crashing Down Again?

It is interesting to pose the question of how secession will be responded to in our present era. In the 1860’s we lost in excess of 500,000 white men through the profuse bloodletting that took place. One can only wonder what the contemporary federal government will attempt in response to secessionist action on the part of individual states or territories. Will they rush forward, once again, with brutal and violent policies? Will they do what evil tyrants are so prone toward, and seek to make a terrifying example of those who dare to rise up in defiance to statist tyranny?

Regardless of what the response and reaction might consist of, a secession campaign represents the only true hope for our future! The neo-Confederacy must be made up, ultimately, of those present states or portions thereof that pass a basic litmus test of compatibility with Christian, conservative, and Constitutional precepts. Only by vigilantly maintaining a high standard of virtue, can we hope to incur the provision of divine favor that is necessary for survival in a hostile and predatory world. As the founding fathers expressed...man will either be governed by God or tyrants. Our proper choice, in this regard, should be obvious.

Why Not Tennessee?

If we fail to go the way of secession, our inevitable fate will be abject bondage and tyranny. History has proven that the Anti-Federalists were justified and prescient in their concerns. Centralization and concentration of power always leads to excess and abuse. Man simply cannot be too meticulous or dutiful in his quest to guard against the reflexive tendency toward tyrannical excess on the part of government. The status quo has gone so far beyond the pale of reason and legitimacy that profound and dramatic corrective action are both urgent and mandatory.

The secession phenomenon must have a point of genesis and commencement. Tennessee would seem to be the most logical flash point for such history-altering activity to occur. The following points of observation are relevant in this regard:

First...among conservative Southern states, Tennessee retains the highest percentage of Caucasian representation in its population base.

Second...Tennessee’s rich history features the distinction of being known as the Volunteer State...an inspiring reference to the amazing character of our great ancestors who made inordinate sacrifices on behalf of liberty at the Alamo.

Third...we are the native soil of men such as Crockett, Forrest, and Jackson...individuals who, in their own critical hour of history, set the standard for rising to the occasion and holding the line against immeasurable odds.

On a practical and tangible level, Tennessee also weighs in with readily observable attributes and characteristics. Geographically, we are centrally located in what would be likely to evolve into the New Confederacy. Our topography, climate, and natural resources are all favorable and constitute a strong allure for the attraction and drawing in of potential future inhabitants of a desirable nature and quality.

Although we can never expect to find or experience perfection on this side of God’s eternal kingdom...Tennessee is probably as good as it gets. We are in a special state...with a unique and special history...in a special nation that yearns and groans for healing and restoration.

May God grant us the grace and vision to articulate, extrapolate, and implement an inspired secession agenda in the days upcoming!