What Would The Founding Fathers Do?

John Trumbull's painting, Declaration of Independence, depicting

Years ago there was a popular WWJD phenomenon that arose in American culture. What Would Jesus Do? This was the ponderance engendered by the simple, yet clever, sequence of letters. The intended result was to stimulate people to filter everything through the prism of consideration for what the reaction and response of Jesus would be to any given situation, circumstance, or challenge. For a season WWJD adorned everything from household knick-knacks to articles of clothing. Over time the WWJD fad faded away...but many vividly recall its one time prevalence.

Referencing this past occurrence creates a convenient segue to what we hope will also become a pervasive influence throughout contemporary American culture and society...that being: WWFFD. What Would the Founding Fathers Do? Such a contemplation is truly fraught with profundity and potential. It is ultra timely, as well, given the fact that we are perilously close to the proverbial “point of no return” relative to the alarming decline of our once great and inspiring nation. We have drifted so far from our historical moorings that our founding fathers would scarcely recognize what we have become!

Indeed...modern America has thoroughly rejected the sacred and inviolate truths upon which the republic was founded. The founders expressed a firm reliance upon the providence of Almighty God...whereas present political leadership has totally rejected the authority of Scripture. While none other than the great sage, Ben Franklin, reminded his contemporaries that a sparrow could not fall to the ground apart from God’s knowledge and, therefore, how could a nation come to fruition without His direction and favor...today’s leaders arrogantly presume to be able to chart their own independent, secular course of direction. In so doing they foolishly ignore the law of reaping and sowing as set forth in Galatians 5:7. Yes, God is not mocked...but instead, He is a jealous God (Exodus 39:14) who will visit wrath, judgment, and justice upon a rebellious and wicked people. Though multitudes are oblivious to this reality, modern America is under harsh judgment being meted out by the righteous and Holy God of our fathers. Deuteronomy 28 explicitly spells out the curses that will inevitably befall those who reject the law of God as set forth in Scripture.

The founding fathers...men of keen intellect and devout faith...fully recognized their solemn duties and obligations to a sovereign and merciful God. They would be utterly appalled and ashamed of what their descendants have allowed our blood-bought republic to pathetically degenerate into!

Dishonoring Their Sacrifice and Memory

The average American today is guided by the path of least resistance, the love of the world, and ultimately the love of money. The founding fathers, on the other hand, pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor toward the fulfillment of their noble cause. They were men of means who were heavy laden with integrity and vision, placing greater value and importance on the future of their children and subsequent generations than their own temporal comfort, security, affluence, and well being. It is both shocking and disheartening to consider how far we have drifted from the standard of diligence and discipline they embodied. The Fifth Commandment mandates the honoring of both father and mother and links obedience to this divine imperative to longevity in this life. It is both clear and undeniable that when we thumb our noses at that which our forebears considered sacred and inviolate, we are engaged in the egregious sin of dishonoring father and mother. The premature shortening of our earthly sojourn represents a form of capital punishment for this abhorrent offense. For this compelling reason it is vital and urgent that we not be glib and cavalier regarding the subject at hand.

Our forefathers were men of honor and sobriety who possessed great vision and understanding. They were able to comprehend the needs of the present based upon an advanced working knowledge of history as well as great familiarity with the word of God. Blackstone’s Commentaries On the Laws of England (the unrivalled authoritative source pertaining to matters of legal significance in that era) was in large part a verbatim, systematic rendering of Biblical law as set forth in the Old Testament books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

When confronted with the massive and overwhelming body of evidence as to how far removed we now are from the convictions and policies of the founders, the modern scoffer reflexively resorts to the sloppy tactic of improper historical revisionism...typically citing questionable accounts, if not outright apocryphal claims as to the supposed irreverent, immoral, vulgar or profane conduct of various of the nation’s framers. This Gore Vidal-type nonsense and methodology fails miserably under fact based scrutiny and evaluation, but, never mind such inconvenient reality. You see...theirs is not a genuine quest for truth...no matter the cost or conclusion...but rather a feeble and pathetic effort to justify errant, self-serving suppositions. In the final analysis, willful denial of the original purpose and intent of the founding fathers is a potentially deadly exercise that will surely hasten the demise of a nation and people who have drifted perilously distant from their historical moorings and foundations.

Embracing Their Example

It is exceedingly grim to consider the extent to which we have strayed from the standards of our founding fathers. Their conduct and actions were formulated and based upon Biblical truth and authority. Subsequent generations (their posterity) have been rendered ignorant through the phenomena of apathy, ignorance, and varied processes of subversion. As a result, the wisdom, knowledge and example of these towering historical figures has been rejected and abandoned in a pervasive and widespread manner. In light of this lamentable reality, those intent upon doing that which is right must acknowledge oversight and error. We must turn back toward the courageous example of the founders and seek to emulate their behavior in the face of those present day forces of abuse and tyranny that meaningfully threaten our survival. It is toward that noble purpose and objective that the WWFFD educational effort and the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign is unrelentingly devoted.

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